Monday, December 31, 2018

Goodbye 2018!

Look at these little cousins! 
 Camryn, Jack, Thea (Lou Lou's granddaughter who is just over 2 weeks older than Sloane), Sloane, Hank and Quinn.  All blonde and blue eyed except for Sloane.  She has deep dark brown eyes!
 I know it looks like Quinn has brown eyes, but it's the lighting. 
Quinn landed on her leg wrong, poor thing.
 She ended up having a small fracture just above her knee .  The soft cast was a little bothersome, but it healed really quickly. Like, maybe a couple of weeks. 

 The girls wanted to build a snowman so grandpa got his coat on and helped. 
 We decided to head back home for a couple of weeks after Thanksgiving because I missed my house, my friends, my Canadian world. While we were home though, we missed Camryn's first dance recital.  
Look how festive and beautiful!
 I have a group of friends and we get together for each other's birthdays to catch up on life and have fun. We see each other at church and at different activities, but it's not often we get together with just the 5 of us. Shauna was given a week at a Timeshare just outside of Kalispell and we kind of invited ourselves (well, Kaylynn did, to be exact) for one night before her family joined her.  
We had a lot of fun. We had treats, played a "get to know each other" game, chatted till late/early and had a little dollar store gift exchange party. 
The next morning we celebrated Kaylynn's birthday with more gifts.  Kaylynn got to choose where she wanted to eat lunch and luckily it was Mexican! We did a little shopping ( I wanted to get ugly Christmas sweaters for Mark and I for our ward party) at various stores with our last stop at Costco. Kaylynn always needs her cheese and milk because it is WAY cheaper in the states. 
 Shauna, Dixie, Santa, Marilee, Kaylynn and Barb. 
Barb snatched Santa away from his chocolate treat station to pose with us and as you can see, he was happy to oblige. 
 And here are our Ugly Christmas Sweaters! 
Mine actually is very cute and totally en vogue with the tassels! 
But guess what? I forgot to wear my black tassel earrings! 
For me to even wear something "fun" like this was really outside my conservative box, but it was fun and I was even in the running for the contest.  Of course, I didn't win because it's totally not ugly! 
Mark didn't win either, but he did match Barb's husbands sweatshirt. 
(We shopped together and Barb thought it would be funny.  It was) 
 "Neal!  What did you do!!!!?"
That is exactly what Shalese said to Neal when he walked upstairs before the party. 
She. Was. Flabbergasted! No, that's not the word. 
She. Was. SHOCKED!!!!
Actually, that it the wrong word too. 
Needs to say, she was not impressed. At. All! 
Shalese loves his beard like Kelly loves Brad's beard. Ya gotta admit Neal looks pretty legit Western!
 There was a change of plans for the party though....
About a week before the party Royce's hay barn burned down. It's hard to tell from this picture, but you can get some idea how big the barn is by the vehicles in front. He had the big square bales and apparently there was a little too much moisture when the hay was baled and there was internal combustion. With a fire like this you just have to ride it out and let it burn it's self out.  
And look what I had forgotten about, Neal's dimples! 
I love him clean shaven, but then I'm his mom. 
 Jack and Hank both have birthdays in December so we celebrated with a
 party and take out Cafe Rio! 
Always a good choice! 
 Hank loves his grandpa!
 Jack turned 4 on December 18th and Hank turned 2 on December 29th. 
 I'm pretty sure Brad is more excited than Jack about the Paw Patrol puzzle we got him...

 And it's time for Christmas! 
 Do you see what this is? Six containers of the Hatch cinnamon rolls.  
Yep, I have had these for as long as I can remember and it would not be Christmas without them. I'm sure hoping that my kids will keep up with the tradition because they would be the fourth generation!
 And here you have it! Cinnamon rolls galore! 
We started the "fish pond" tradition this year with the grandkids. 
Grandma and Grandpa put a toy on the end of a fishing pole and the kids go fishing.  I'm not sure what the kids thought about it, but as the years go by it will be something they remember.  Our kids loved it when their grandma and grandpa Cahoon did it.  I think the trick is to get one decent prize for each of them instead of little silly ones.  Live and learn right? 

 Ah yes, speaking of tradition. This is the third year Mark and I have put this saran wrap ball together for the kids. They love it and we love putting it together for them. It's huge and expensive!

  Mark and I donated before the end of the year and got these free t shirts. 
This was Mark's first time and I think he's hooked. 
I believe I am up to around 4-5 gallons since starting to donate over 20 years ago.

This is what Instagram figured out for me this year.  My most "liked" posts and I'm really happy with the results.  A lot happened in 2018! I love my family, I love hiking, I have loved working in the temple for 4 years and I love my daddy.  I miss him! 

Friday, December 21, 2018

Laurel Cahoon Ceramics

When we bought this little house in Farmington 3 years ago we looked forward to spending more time with the kids and grandkids. We would be in Alberta when the weather was good with the option to come to Utah in the winter, off and on. It's been good in a lot of ways, but especially this winter. Honestly, I don't know what a few of our kids would have done without us! 
They definitely would have survived, but us being here and available morning, noon and night was kind of a blessing for us.  It is nice to be needed! 

 The house is a very old home, built in the 30's and is an original Hess home, a major pioneer family in Farmington. There is this little old garage that was just a storage place, but look at it now.  It's Laurels Pottery Studio and it's perfect! The cabinet in the back is from the kitchen at the Cahoon Homestead in Leavitt and the cabinet to the right was built by Laurel's great grandpa, Elden Holbrook Hatch, my grandpa. My father has had it for years and when he passed away this summer we knew this studio could use it.  Laurel has done a lot of work on this space herself.  It used to have an old rickety metal garage door but she took that off and built these barn doors as well as insulated most of it.  Mark finished the last side this fall and when the weather gets nice, he is going to put in a solar tube to let the light in.  
Laurel found this pottery wheel and we gifted Laurel an old used kiln a few years ago that I snatched online in the knick of time.  I wasn't even sure if it worked, but it does and it has been a gem!  
 So big news is that Laurel was in three different "pop-up" shops in Salt Lake this winter. 
This is her first one and was at the Publik Coffee House in downtown SLC  and doesn't it look great?  
She was busy day and night creating, firing, glazing etc. 
 Yes, she made everything you see here. 
 These were very popular so yes, she increased he price from what you see here and they still sold.  
Perfect ornaments or gifts toppers, or employee/co-worker gifts. 
 These are intentions stones. 
Put one in your hand, set your intention, put it in your pocket and whenever you touch it you are reminded of your intention to do. 
Her second show was at Red Butte Gardens at the University of Utah. 
She was a little low on items because a lot of them were still in the kiln, but I was able to, while still very warm/hot, get them from the kiln, pack them carefully in bins with bath towels and take them to Red Butte.  Laurel unpacked them and right away a woman came by the booth, picked one up and mentioned that it was warm and Laurel told her that some of the items had just come out of the kiln.  
 If you notice this little handleless mug was in her first two shows and didn't sell and on Christmas morning I found it in my stocking!  I've never been a tea drinker, but I'm starting and I love this mug! 

The little clay creations in the shelf are match strikers.  You put the matches in the pot and then strike the match on the bottom because it hasn't been glazed. She sold them all, or was it most of them?  Ether way, they were very popular!

The wood is from the old barn at the Cahoon Homestead in Leavitt.
Her last show was at Salt and Honey, a now permanent building in Salt Lake.  Every week they switch out a lot of the booths for different vendors.  Everybody has a 3x3 space. 
Laurel also makes cards that are hand stamped that she makes from scratch, like, she literally carves the design out of a rubber pad.  
She has a fun little project up her sleeve and these items are part of it.  She also has some of her larger pieces in a permanent art gallery! 
Laurel has been really enjoying her time in the studio and it shows. 
"This girl is on fire....". 

Friday, November 23, 2018

Holiday Time!

After seeing this picture of Camryn dressed up for Halloween at her preschool class, how can we not want to jump in the car and head to Utah! 

 Isn't the McDonalds bathroom scary?!

Look at our bunch!
Five grandkids in 5 years! 
 Trick or Treating without snow is so so dreamy, just like our California days! 
Hank is super excited! 
I'm not even sure he made it all the way to the door. 
 Laurel is dressed as Holly Golightly....

A few days after Halloween we headed to Disneyland with Jordan and Michelle's family. 
We invited ourselves and look forward to doing that again when I'm not sick with a cold and a rotator cuff ailment. 
On our way down I wanted to stop by to "see" my parents. 
 I miss my daddy!
We had a day before hitting Disneyland FOR THREE DAYS STRAIGHT so we visited the Newport Temple grounds and as you can see, the weather was perfection! 
Look at little Sloane. A big three year old!
And Camryn, the forever "princess" poser.  Always! 
Ya gotta always "pop the knee"!
And then the beach! Camryn had a blast in the ocean. 
Not sure what she is doing here, but, sure, hang down for a picture! 

Oo LaLa!  (Quinns Sleeves fell down. LOL) 

When taking a selfie someone quite often offers to take a picture of you. 
Pop the knee and suck in!
Heart time with Laurel. 
And would you look here. We were just blocks away from Baja Fresh!
You bet your bottom dollar we had dinner here. Hello!?
The first Baja Fresh was started by a friend of a friend and was right across the street from our chapel in Newbury Park, CA.   A lot of stores were opening up and Mark really wanted to buy some stock, but the stock never went public and then Wendys bought the franchise. We weren't even sure Baja Fresh existed anymore so this was a super sweet surprise! 
The Happiest Place on Earth! 
Look at Quinn's binky glowing. 
Joy on everyones faces. 

Jordan wants to make his girls tough so he insisted Camryn go on most every ride she could. 
Even Star Tours. She liked it. This picture was taken before the ride started. 
See my Minnie Mouse shirt? 
 Got it at Target and it made me feel like a legit DisneyLand goer. 
It was really fun being with the kids because we were able to watch the little girls while Jordan and Michelle went on a few rides alone. The days were long, but we all held up like troopers. 
When Jordan and Michelle take their kids to Disneyland they mean business and make the most out of every single minute. 
 Because we had three day passes, one of the days you are able to get to the park before it opens to the general public. It was really nice to just walk on a lot of rides, after strategic planning.  7am baby! 

The Christmas parade was really magical. The girls loved it! 

The girls were able to meet Ariel and a couple of other princess and have a little conversation with them.  It was really cute. 
 Ok.  I am not a fan of scary rides. I'll go on a few roller coasters but to go on Guardians of the Glalaxy? Um, I do not think so! This is in California Adventure where Tower of Terror used to be and I wanted no part of it, but earlier in the day I heard Jordan tell Camryn that sometimes we have to do hard things even if we don't want to or might be scared. Nice one Jordan! 
I. was. so. scared! 
I was expecting to being spit out on a rail outside the building from 1000 feet in the air and straight down and I wanted no part of it.  ( I was picturing the ride at Lagoon in Farmington, Utah which does the drop). But the words to Camryn from her dad rang a little true so I decided to be big and brave. Look how brave I look!!! I was holding onto Marks seat belt for dear life and only opened my eyes when it stopped (before plunging to my death) and freaked out when I saw daylight in front of me.  Oh my word!
 I remember Disneyland having all sorts of these figures all over the park, but sad to say that this was the only one I saw. They better keep this guy or else. 
 Day three and we were all pooped! 
It was such a fun trip to southern California even with a sore shoulder and a cold!
Disclaimer: It may sound like I'm on Jordans case.  I'm not at all.
He works hard and plays hard and I'm just not used to that.  The change was nice! 
Thanksgiving was an in-law year so it was pretty quiet with Clark, Laurel and us. 
It certainly was delicious though!