Saturday, August 1, 2015

July Hikes...Bertha Falls, Bertha Lake and Forum Lake

Started out the month of July with a hike (BERTHA FALLS) with my main man. 
It's a pretty popular hike that you can do in about an hour and a half. 
 Right at the start of our hike this baby woodpecker came out of nowhere at a horizontal flight to this tree and just about flew into Mark's head. It think we may have witnessed his first peck ever because he was pretty gentle and soft.  I suppose he was getting the motion and then he will work on the strength. That's my guess anyways.

 You gotta take a picture in front of the falls right?  
I figured I'd wear my Canada shirt for Canada Day. 

I'm sure mark gets a bit tired of me taking pictures whenever we hike or go to the creek or go kayaking, but he doesn't show it.  It took me a lot of tries to get this silly shot. 
 See Mark on the rocks? 

 Okie Dokie, this is a week later and now I am hiking to Bertha Lake.  From the falls to the lake is another 3 hours and an incline that triples so there were a lot of switch backs at one point of the hike. 

 Super steady incline for sure.  Although this hike was about 3 miles shorter than the Iceberg Lake hike, it took the same amount of time, about 5 hours. 

 Yah, that's me laughing at Lou Lou because it was funny.  Lou Lou tripped on the rocks going up and then look what happened to her walking stick.  Bummer. I wouldn't laugh at anyone else so i guess it's a twin thing. 
 And no, we did not plan our outfits at all! But we do shop together so.......

         This is the Orange False Dandelion and I think they call it "false" because my guess is that it never blossoms and you can totally tell why they call it orange. 

 This is a Spiraea.  They come in white or a pink like this one. 

 Our destination!

 Queen's Cup

Dixie is always up for an adventure with the twins. 

                    I had to ask for a picture.                                  Am I the only ready?  Apparently. 

                                            This one is a regular picture, but look at the next one.  
                 It reminds me of those of jibjab cards you can create on line.  Or maybe siamese twins?  

 This is Upper and Lower Waterton Lake(s) and this isn't even from the top of the mountain. 

 See that line in the center of the photo? That's the trail we are headed for. 
And this is another type of woodpecker. It was much smaller with no red on it.  It seemed to be a baby as well. Tis the season.

 Val-der-ree Val-der-ah Val-der-e-e-e-e...
Pearly Everlasting

The is Lou Lou and Cyndy Zemp, a new hiking buddy.
We are on our way, but first had to stop at the falls. 

This is a Perry's Townsendia.  Weird name for a flower if you ask me. 

Indian Paintbrush come in lots of colors.  You see the coral or red color mostly, but I had never seen a pink one.  They can be purple too.

Pretty sure this is an ordinary clover that you see in most every pasture/field around, but I thought it was really pretty close-up.  

Ok.  This little flower right here was a fun find.  It is called the Subalpine Yellow Monkey and it was the first time I had ever seen one.
I really do not like photographing yellow flowers.  I might need to try using my flash next time.  The Red Monkey flowers are very similar in shape, but these yellow ones are much smaller. 

It's fun to do hikes for the first time because the destination is always a surprise. 
Almost there.  If I was on a horse I would say, "hold your horses". 

But first another picture.  You might think that I love taking pictures of bumble bees, but they just seem to be around a lot.  When I was little my nickname was Lee Lee the Bumble Bee so I suppose this is apropos. This is Wild Heliotrope.


And here we are!
This is a fairly small lake and so pretty.  I love how these lakes are up against a wall. 

 One of the best things about doing a hike is stopping to eat.

 And last, but not the least, the Nodding Onion.

I wasn't able to to do my hike-a-week this month because the kids came home, but we did manage a hike to Bear's Hump with Laurel and a walk around Linnet Lake so at least I was out and about in nature.  I don't want to discount the Bear's Hump hike at all because it is a legit hike even though I've done it tons.  It's a short hike with a spectacular view and man is it steep. Ok, it's not super steep, but it just never gets easier from the spring to the end of summer. Steep is steep no matter how many times you climb it and a slice of pie is a slice of pie no matter how you cut it. There are a lot of things like that in life, it is what it is and you can't change it no matter how you try. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June Hikes...Summit, Apukini Falls and Iceberg Lake

Last year I decided to try and do a hike a week.  I'm not sure if I reached that goal, but I am on a roll so far for 2015. 
Our first official hike was to Summit Lake in Waterton and was 5 miles roundtrip with a few hairpin turns and cascading waterfalls crossing the trails due to it being June.  

Mark and I saw a moose here a few years ago when we did this hike in mid September. 

There was quite a bit of snow on the last leg of the hike ...due to it being June.
(Hi Lou Lou)

This is the start to Apukini Falls in Many Glacier. This hike is 2 miles roundtrip which is about twice as long as Bears Hump in Waterton and 1/2 as steep. 

I am totally embracing the sweet lines on my face. 
55, that's right baby!

Again, due to it being June the waterfalls have more water. 

This hike in Many Glacier was 9.7 miles round trip and it was worth every step. The end of the trail was soooo pretty. Just you wait and see. 
The weather could not have been more perfect. Clear blue skies and perfect temperature. 
See the jagged rock mountain yonder?  
That's where we are headed, me, Dixie and Lou Lou. 

There was a fair amount of Beargrass
this year and in two years the Beargrass should be at it's peak.

This is a small lake before Iceberg. 
Not sure of the name, but I'm guessing it's formed 
from runoff. 

I hear there are glacier chunks in this lake even at the end of summer. 

Lou Lou was having fun with my phone.

And I with my little camera. 
I didn't bring my nice camera so these pictures plus the iPhone pictures are just for viewing here. I thought I would give my hiking buddies a break from me taking pictures of wildflowers every 50 steps and plus my lens is a heavy one, but I think I may have to carry it for the rest of the summer because I would have loved to get a better picture of the lake. 

Dixie was having fun watching us take selfies. 

It looks like she caught Lou Lou in a funny selfie conversation. 

The color of the water was just this pretty. This picture doesn't do this justice, but believe me it was kind of a mini Alaska scene.  
Wall Lake in Waterton is nestled against a rock wall like this too. 

This is my Glacier hiking t shirt.
It says "The mountains are calling and I must go" (John Muir).

On our way back.  
9.7 miles is a long ways and it's neat to see how high we were. 

Dixie and Lou Lou looking back on where we have been.  
See the jagged rock mountain yonder?  
That's where we were.