Wednesday, June 10, 2020

It's My Birthday!

Before I start my post I want to mention a really super cool phenomenon that will not happen again for another 1000 years.  
If you take the year you were born and the age you will be turning this year and add them together, you will come up with the number 2020.  Scientists can't even figure it out.  
Now on to my birthday.
Some people love to celebrate a "birthday week" with all the things, gifts, gatherings, special outings  and then a celebration on the day. I have never really understood why that is so fun and after this year with 6 days of birthday attention, I can safely say that I still don't understand it. I only want the one day with one celebration, one cake along with a day of feeling remembered, loved and appreciated. That's all. Just one special day, just for me. Don't get me wrong though.  I loved "all the love" I received this year and  have to admit that I kind of started the whole birthday marathon. 

Turning 60 is kind of a big deal and because of the quarantine thing I really had to put on my thinking cap.   I posed my thought of riding 60 miles for my birthday to Laura and she thought it was a great idea!  She said that she would join in and as time went by and more bike riding with these gals, more said that they would love to do it too. So here we are, just about ready to head out on our 60 mile ride!
And wouldn't you know it, I got a flat tire, running over a paper staple of all things less than 10 miles into the ride. We ended up having to put on a whole new tire and a new tube because my stock tire was giving Paula and Barry problems.  Popped a replacement tube and had to round up another one, blah, blah, blah then I was on my way. 
I figured it would be fun to have a little party at the stake center during our break.  We had chocolate cupcakes, water, carmels and then I had chapstick and kleenex for everyone.  Your lips get dry and your nose tends to run while riding so they all appreciated the fun thought. 
Oh my!!!!
Five years ago I only knew one of these ladies and now look at me, laying across their laps with a party hat on!  Five years ago in this very parking lot I pulled up in my car ready to go on a hike with a group of ladies I didn't even know and now look at me!This is my first summer biking with them, which I never thought I would do, and it has been so fun! 

Two other ladies got flats too, so Barry was busy helping us out.  Laura made sure that her husband, Barry, would be available for this very reason. He was a life saver.  And if Laura did not have an extra tire at her house, my birthday ride would have been kaput for me, the birthday girl!  I now have an extra tire and tubes in my garage. Lesson learned. 
Mark "rode" along side us between Cardston and Magrath which was a big help too. Neal happened to drive by while checking the roads for work so that was fun!!
We all did it! 
What a day, what a ride, what an adventure! 
The route started at the Hawks Nest lookout about 8 miles west of Waterton and ended in Magrath.  Thanks to Laura for figuring out the route and all the logistics with meeting up, leaving cars in Magrath etc. for pickup at the end and getting us to our home destination. 

The next day we had dinner and Neal and Shalese place, complete with a homemade cake from Shalese's sister, Shelby. It was delicious and chocolatey! 
The quarantine has put a cramp on our hiking with the border closed and Waterton opening up slowly, but we managed a walk around Linnett where a lot of wildflowers were just waiting to be photographed. 

And then, it was my BFF group party a couple of days later.  Holy Cow!  I considered cancelling it because, well, it was a bit too much attention and celebrating, but so glad the party went on.  We had such a good time. We went to Waterton and had dinner then drove everywhere that was open and just chased and chatted and chatted.  Oh, we had Big Scoop for dessert.  Always a must! 
It was a good good birthday celebrating with family and friends and 60 miles on the seat of a road bike.  Who would have thought!?

Thursday, March 5, 2020



On our way home from Hawaii we stopped in to visit with Brad and Kelly and their cute boys.  It had been almost 6 months since we had seen newborn Tom (when Clark and Stephanie were married in early September) and my oh my had he grown!
San Diego from Coronado.
Their fancy golf cart is the preferred choice of transportation on the island. 
We enjoyed our tour around the island, complete with a look see of the house where, Frank Baum,the writer of The Wizard of Oz lived at one point.  We even saw a man on a bike with a front basket carrying a little dog.  I mean, what are the chances? Of course, it reminded me of Dorothy and Toto.

It was fun to spend time with the boys, Jack and Hank. 
One day we took a ferry ride to San Diego and toured the USS Midway. 
It was worth every penny and we highly recommend it. 
Had to thank him for his service!

If you ever need to make banana cream pie for 109 people, here is your recipe straight form the ships cookbook! 
This bike ride was a highlight of the trip as well. It was a fun 4 days with the family.  Brad and Kelly are great hosts for entertainment, sightseeing and delicious meals! 
And about 3 weeks after we got home, we were on Corona Virus lockdown with the world! 

Wednesday, March 4, 2020


And we're off... for a month long stay this year! 
But first, a layover in LA and a stop at the See's Candy kiosk. 
This is our favorite beach.  It was the first beach we went to when we were engaged and it's the one beach we always have to visit.  It can be windy and cloudy, but on a perfect day, it's great.  
Oh, what beach is this?  Bellows
We decided to rent a place in Hawaii Kai so we could be more centrally located to enjoy Waikiki and North Shore without too much driving.  When in Waikiki we happened upon this ice cream shop that was fun for Mark.  The first day on his mission to the Philippines was a stop at Magnolias for a treat.  
And then there is always Ted's.  Always Ted's! 
And the Paalaa Kai bakery for theses Snowpuffies. 
Kerrie is the best hiking guide around.  She always make it a point to take us on a couple of hikes and they never disappoint.  This was up in Kalama Valley, just a ways from our rental. You have to be sneaky though because it's kapu (stay out), but if you know when and how and don't get caught, it's a fabulous hike for lookouts over Hawaii Kai and Waimanalo on the other side of the ridge. 
Waimanalo and Rabbit Island. 
You can't go to Hawaii and not go to the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet. 
We did the Makapuu Lighthouse hike a couple of times.  
This is Malaekahana beach near Laie.  We went to gather some little pods for Laurel that look like little paint brushes and were treated to this full rainbow! 
Because we were staying In Hawaii Kai, it was a must to go to Hawaii Kai Ward for church. It was daddy's idea to put the words to Aloha Oe in all the hymn books so it was fun to open one up and see this. Our last Sunday was a blood drive in the parking lot in Koko Marina right across the street form the church so I hurried home to eat a good meal and got there just in time.  I'm A+ FYI.  
What would a trip to Hawaii be without a picture of Chinaman's Hat? 
Kerrie led a hike with a pretty big group on the Old Pali Highway to the Pali Lookout on a rainy wet day and it was so fun! 
It wasn't cold, just wet. You can't tell but I'm sopping wet.  

I gotta get her up to Glacier for some hiking one of these years! 
Back to the kapu (stay out) hike and this time we were able to get pictures on this hang gliding launch pad. We are standing on a cement block, but one wrong move and.....
See the cement just to the right and that straight down drop? 
Hikes in Hawaii are best taken with someone who knows the way. 
 Remember, this hike is not a public hike so the paths are not marked. 
I thought it would be fun to get pictures of the three places I lived during the 4 years or so I lived here. 
This is on Kawaihae Street.  Six months at this place. 
1283 Kaeleku Street in Kalama Valley in Hawaii Kai.  
I believe we rented here for maybe a year until we bought "a unit" below. 
6770 Hawaii Kai Drive.  We had a unit in the low rise area you see here, but in the back. Behind us was a pre school. Lou Lou decided one day to throw a firecracker into the play yard.
 She thinks it was me, but I know it was her. I mean, who does that? 
Kerrie always does a full moon hike to Makapuu Lighthouse and we just made it!  

Mark didn't want to hike in the Hawaiian rain to the Pali Lookout so we drove there one day to check it out. We hadn't been there in almost 40 years and we were lucky to have a view! 
On the rainy hike we came up the old road through the fence that says no entry. LOL
You can see the Pali Tunnel just to the left. 
The road is not used anymore and is now a tourist destination.  
Look at this old bench.  Mark is "hitching a ride".
We always go to the same places to get our fix of treats and Leonards bakery in Waikiki is no exception. 
I thought I would do some natural artwork while eating my malasada. 

And then our last day in Hawaii was Lou Lou's first day! We could not have timed it worse! 
They usually stay in Waikiki and we usually stay at North Shore, but this year the tables were turned.  We met up for about an hour for dinner at L&L after their Costco run. 
We had heard some talk of the Covid-19 just days before heading home and were happy to have made it without delays or check points like SF Airport was having.