Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas Surprise!

Look who surprised us for Christmas this year!
Yep, wasn't expecting them until after Christmas.


 Camryn is keeping me (grandma) company while I make a huckleberry pie for our Christmas Eve dessert. If you have never had huckleberry anything before then you need to make a trip to Montana and pick some.  You can buy them, but they pretty much cost an arm and a leg. 

 I made the dough for our traditional Christmas morning breakfast and then I had the girls do the rest. 
They gotta learn to keep this 4th generation tradition going.
 They did a spectacular job and I have to say that I think this year was the best year ever.  They were delicious!

 Camryn LOVES Rio.  Oh my word.  No fear at all. 
She squirms and giggles and kicks her little legs when Rio comes around. 

 Clark was so looking forward to just hanging on the couch while listening to family sounds this year. 

 Camryn also loves the water.  This is her first big girl bath.  Jordan and Michelle don't have a bathtub in their place so this was a real treat for Camryn. 

 Campstool of all campstools from what I hear. 

 We don't have any hills to speak of in our yard except when Neal plows the snow into a pile. 
We had a little hill so Jordan is "skiing the bump".

 Gotta have a side by side in these parts.  Neal is pulling Laurel and Mark. 

 It will be really fun to use in the summer for trips to the creek. 

 Michelle's first snowman. 

 I wasn't feeling too well over the break so when I woke up from a nap these guys were decorating cookies. 
 Clark was taking this task pretty seriously. 

 Looks like he is praying over his cookies right? 

 Laurel folded these napkins into Christmas trees and they turned out spectacularly for our Christmas Eve dinner

 Grandma Cahoon spent the evening with us. She loves Neal, but she would really love to shave that beard off. All my boys have beards.

 We took a drive to Waterton just before sundown. 

 I mean, really.  Piggy tails? 

 We had a big Cahoon gathering at our place after Christmas with 4 generations.
Here are first cousins (3rd generation) Michelle and Bethany with their first babies, 7 weeks apart.

 So, something huge happened this holiday season. 
Neal played Ticket to Ride and loved it!  
Jordan loves this game so we bought him his own game for Christmas. 
A very happy son in law! We played it every single day the kids were here.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Our second grandchild! 
Da da dada!
Brad is a dad and Kelly is a mom! 
We had bookend grandkids this year.  
Camryn was born in January 2014 
Jack was born in December 2014

I love this picture.  It says a lot, don't you think? 

From what I can tell.....Brad's cheeks, Brad's nose, Kelly's mouth, Kelly's eyes? and the toehead blonde from both of them. 

Charlie and Jack.  I bet they will be great pals.

 This is the best one yet....

 Its not the same hat, but it's the same hat. 
Davey, Davey Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier!
Little Brad about 26 years ago. 

 We haven't seen little jack yet.  The other kids came home for Christmas, but now that they are gone, we are heading down to Utah just as soon as we can! 
I need to hold that little boy! 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Summer Hiking

So, at the beginning of summer this year I decided that I was going to try and do a hike a week.   
I know I didn't reach my goal, but I sure went on a lot of hikes.  
One of these days I think I will document the number of hikes I did and the miles I hiked. 
This post is a mish mash of little hikes Mark and I did this summer. Not on the same day of course. 
I have another fun hike that me and Lou Lou did that I will post another time. 

 Redrock in Waterton.  

I like to make Mark pose for the camera.  He's getting pretty good at giving me a relaxed smile. 

I cannot wait for next summer and its only November.
Path to Crandell in Waterton.  Indian Paintbrush, Michelle's favorite wildflower.

Mark really enjoys fishing.  This is Crandell Lake.  He takes his pole and I take my camera. 

After we finished our hike to Crandell Neal met us by the boat dock before we went on a ride in  Grant's boat.

Bear's Hump... of course. Can I just say that steep is steep?  Cold is cold.  Windy is windy.  Sometimes things are exactly what they are.  We hiked Bear's Hump at the beginning of the summer and it was, well, steep. Short and steep. 
I am always so surprised at how out of shape I feel when I do this hike.  But guess what? It wasn't any easier at the end of the summer after all the hikes I did so 
that's when I decided that steep is steep. 

This is a random picture I took at Cameron Falls in the early summer.  I had just figured out how to make water creamy and soft looking and then with this fisherman there I think the photo is extra neat. 

This is the cool thing about where we live...we are 1/2 hour from Waterton and about an hour from Glacier.  Because we live this close and because the summer evenings stay light Mark can work until 4 or 5 we can jump in the car and find a small hike to do. 
This is in Glacier at the visitor center and the start of the Hidden Lake Trail. 

I can hardly believe this was just a couple of months ago. 

You see mountain goats a lot in Glacier, and bears and Big Horned Sheep in Waterton.

Hidden Lake.  This is a 2.7 mile roundtrip hike. You can hike to the lake as well which is another 3 miles or so, but a lot of people stop here at the overlook. 

Right across the road at Logan Pass is the start of the Highline Trail hike.  
This hike hugs the steep side of the mountain where you can hold on to a cable if you choose. This trail goes for miles and you can even stay in a the Granite Park Chalet overnight if you want. 

So now we are in Many Glacier starting a hike to Apikuni Falls. (1.7 mile RT)

Back in Glacier near St. Mary's Lake on our way to Baring Falls. (.08 miles RT)

I would love to do these same hikes in the early summer because the waterfalls will be larger because of spring run off. 

Babb in the summer can be a rocking place.  Thronson's is a great little store with most anything you need, especially American candy bars!

And then this little antique store is the best little hidden gem this side of the rockies.  There are treasures to be found here.  If this place is open on our way to Glacier or if I am doing a "Babb run" for mail ya gotta always always stop in here. Ask Clark, Laurel, Michelle and Mark...they have all found treasures here.