Thursday, May 10, 2018

Hiking in Snow Canyon

It was great fun to hike near St. George with some of my hiking friends, Mark and David.  There really are so many places to explore. Red Rocks, White rocks, slot canyons, petroglyphs, arches....


Arches are fun! And so are braids. 
And apparently it's fun for Mark to take pictures of me taking pictures. 

My friends! This fun group was in St. George the same time mark and I were so we met up for an afternoon. 

 After my fiends left, Mark, David and I hiked to some petroglyphs and a slot canyon. 
Here we are at the start of our hike. 

Kind of "Flintstoney" right?  
Plus, we did not color match to each other OR our surroundings.  LOL

It was fun trying to interpret the markings. 

 After searching for the slot canyon we finally found it and it was really cool. 

Oh, we had fun in the slot.  

We went to the lava tubes afterwards and were a little disappointed.  We thought you could go in and explore, but no way so we took photos from part way down looking up. 
Mark and I just might venture down south-er for some more southern Utah hiking.  
I know Clark would love it! He goes all the time and knows lots of cool places to explore. 

Thursday, March 29, 2018


Well, we went to Hawaii again!
Can't help it. 

We had our share or malasadas and acacia bowls. 
Honestly, like multiple times. 
 Did a session at the temple we were sealed in just a few months shy of 37 years ago. 

We also found a sweet spot for shell searching and look at this find beside my toe.

And did some hiking. 
So between going to the beach everyday, eating all the yummy foods and hiking what else could you ask for? 
It is our kinda vacation.We aren't very adventuresome as far as destinations, but as long as we both agree we are happy. 

Friday, March 2, 2018

Huge Hiking Blunder!

So, guess what?  I FOR SURE hiked OVER 200 MILES last year.  If you want to be specific with my summertime miles, then yes, I did not reach the 200 miles, (it was 191. 5 miles) but when Mark and I were in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago (new post coming) he asked if I added our last years hikes in Hawaii to my hiking list/mileage and realized I had not! 
This post will be a quick addendum to my 2017 hiking mileage.

LULUMAHU FALLS (bamboo forest)
2.5 miles

MAKAPUU LIGHTHOUSE (paved the whole way and ocean breezes)
3.2 miles

KEALIA TRAIL (good workout, steady climb)
2 miles

EHUKAI PILLBOX (fantastic view of beach)
2.1 miles

LAIE FALLS (not worth the miles)
7.5 miles

PUU MAELI ELI TRAIL (another pillbox destination)
2.1 miles

NAKOA TRAIL ( humid and real jungle like)
5.4 miles

KA'ENA TRAIL ( in full sun)
6 miles

Total miles in Hawaii was 30.8.
Total miles hiked last summer was 191.5.
Total miles hiked on legit hiking trails last year in 2017 is
222.3 miles in 2017! 
No pictures because they are on my Hawaii post from last year. 
Boring, I know! 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Sometimes I just gotta get out and drive somewhere and this is what happens. 

This was taken from our balcony on a very crazy windy day!

Monday, February 12, 2018

My Baby Boy Is Married!

Neal Hatch Cahoon and Lindsay Shalese Cook 
were sealed in the Cardston Temple on February 2, 2018.
Did I mention it was so so so so cold? 
There was no wind (and thank our lucky stars for that) but the temperature was something like 
negative 17. Kudos to Shalese for making it look like a summer day in her beautiful wedding dress!

When Michelle was born we named her Lindsey Lee Cahoon and after bringing her home the name just didn't sit well with us.  We love the name, but it just didn't feel right. Fast forward 27 years and we now have Lindsay in the family, although Shalese goes by Shalese and not Lindsay.   

Our family is getting bigger! 

And for now, until another baby or marriage comes our family is complete. 
No announcement, I'm just saying this family picture could be it for awhile. 

Lou Lou and her boy Seth spent the whole day with us which was nice.  
I wish I could have spent even 1/2 hour with them, but the mother of the groom needs to be attentive. 

Sloane and Camryn. 

Baby Hank

Camryn just loved all of the buttons on the back of Shalese's dress.  
And Jack was pretty taken with the bride and her dress as well. 

Because it was so so so so cold we all huddled into the reception center next to the temple waiting for our turn for pictures with the professional photographer.  

Such handsome boys. 

I don't know what Brad said, but by the look on his face and the grooms', I'm sure it was a "guy" kinda comment. 

I just noticed that Jack is still very interested in Shalese's dress. LOL

Neal has some pretty awesome guys that he calls friends. 
Kaden is his first cousin, Mason is a new cousin...

Nate is a neighbor and these two really have a good time time together.  Brock has been around since we moved to Leavitt. 

  Parker and Neal met when Neal was working in Utah a couple of years ago and they hit it off instantly. He drove up for Neal's wedding and Neal is driving down to Utah the end of April for Parkers wedding. 

I didn't want to miss out on spontaneous fun so I invited myself to the selfie party between the family dinner and the reception.

Instead of a "Jack of all trades", our "Jack of all faces" keeps us entertained...

Sweet interruption of Hank. 

"All done". 

Peek-a-boo Sloane, we see you!

A wedding in the middle of winter really was a sacrifice for Michelle and Brad.  Michelle's baby was still so little and Brad was recovering from ACL surgery 2 weeks prior. 
 Clark hooked Brad up with this stretcher bar thing-a-ma bob. 

 This is just the funniest thing to me. 
Lunch and a movie. 

 Quinn Colleen Bledsoe

 Kissing after people clanked their glasses. I think it's an annoying tradition myself. 
The family dinner was Cafe Rio so as you can tell the meal was a tad messy so that's why Neal and Shalese look a bit awkward.