Thursday, December 27, 2007

Neal, Neal, Neal

Just click the arrow twice for the video to play.

Just a Day....

I love this picture! It was so cold and a bit windy and with that combination it bites. Not sure what Michelle was thinking, but it must have been a happy thought. Brad is looking like he is wondering about all this white stuff, Clark is pretending it is not cold and acting pretty cool. I am not sure what Laurel was thinking, but she is one of the best pucker-ers I know.
Just a cute a picture.
We were all waiting for this momma deer to bite someone, but instead she waited for the boys to pose.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cross Country Skiing

If you you were to be looking through old boxes of pictures at your grandparents house from way back when, I bet you would all come across a picture just like this. I think this is a pretty cool picture. The black and white finish screams "old time"!
But no, these pictures were taken just last week in Waterton. Clark and some friends went cross country skiing and it looks as though they had a great time. Clarks motto these days, "I like the snow, but I don't like the temperature". I think that sums it up quite nicely.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

"Baby, It's Cold Outside"

I am always so amazed at Laurel's singing and performing talents because this is so not me, it totally skipped a generation. The Cardston Theater put on a Christmas program tonight starring alot of the kids from the summer theater and you are in luck because I remembered my camera AND remembered how to use it!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Little Michelle is 17 years old!!!

Can you even believe it? My 4th child is 17? Way too weird!

She always wants a strawberry cake and if I don't forget, which is weird I know, she gets one. I remembered this year, well, I asked her what kind of cake she wanted, and was suprised that I had to ask. I don't know what has happened to me these past 18 months........hopefully I will be back to my old self early next year. I want "me" back. Anyway, back to the strawberry cake. I live in a small town as you know and for years there was only one grocery store, IGA. There are two now, Extra Foods as well. Usually between the two I can find what I need..........pretty much, except for a simple box of strawberry of cake mix and a container of strawberry frosting. Is that too much to ask for? Apparently in Cardston it is. So I bought a cherry chip cake mix and strawberry mousse for the icing and strawberry ice cream. It was pretty and pink so all was well.

Let me think, where was I and what was I doing when I turned in Hawaii going to Kaiser High School, going to the beach in Waikiki or Bellows in Waimanalo, oh and a bat girl for the high school boys baseball team. Yah that was me walking out to the home plate area picking up the bat after the hit. Sorry I don't have the picture for you. Maybe a bit weird but I did get to go to Maui for a tournament, can't beat that!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Leon Nicaragua

Brad didn't serve in this area, but it was a spot he had always wanted to see and are glad we made the three hour trip. The city is very quaint and the streets are dirt but seemed more narrow than other towns. This cathedral was built in 1747 for the Spaniards to see while sailing and is the biggest cathedral in Central America. There are alot of cathedrals in Leon as well as 7 volcanos on one horizon.

This is the burial place of the famous Rubén Darío:
Nicaragua's Bohemian Poet
The most famous of Nicaragua's sons, Rubén Darío remains relatively obscure in the English-speaking world. Renowned as the Spanish language's greatest poet and as a father of modernist verse and prose.

Born January 18, 1867 in a humble dwelling in Metapa, Matagalpa (today Ciudad Darío), Rubén Darío showed signs of talent at an early age. Although the child resisted a formal education, he began reading at the age of three and was composing verse by the age of 10. This attribute earned him the title of El Niño Poeta --the boy poet.
Since most efforts to school Rubén ended in failure, he was sent to Managua, where he was given a position in the National Library. Here he continued his studies of both classical and contemporary literature and was able to virtually memorize the dictionary.

Prize-winning Poet
Darío's first published poem appeared in a Rivas newspaper when he was 13. At 14, Darío was received by President Zaldivar of El Salvador and awarded an attractive 500-peso grant to support his talents.
The young poet squandered the money in one night of champagne revelry at a San Salvador hotel with newly found friends. On hearing of this antic, President Zaldivar sentenced the intemperate young visitor to nine months at a strict boarding school. Here Darío not only studied French, but also became acquainted with Parisian poetry.
Upon his release, young Rubén was again brought to the Presidential Palace, this time for a celebration of in honor of Latin American liberator Simon Bolívar. Darío presented his "Ode to Bolívar," considered the literary event of the year in Central America. Again the teenage poet was awarded 500 pesos, which he disposed of in much the same way as the previous. This time he didn't allow his hangover to detain him and he fled the country the next morning.

Darío was to spend much of his life away from Nicaragua, mostly in situations of financial uncertainty. It was in Chile in the mid-1880s where his first full-length collection, Azul… (Blue…) was published.
This work's importance was recognized immediately in Spain and Latin America. Azul… was a gust of fresh wind when compared to the repetitive, monotonous poetry of the time. Darío was proclaimed the spokesman of the "new school" --modernism-- and Azul… started a literary revolution.

During his turbulent lifetime, Rubén Darío visited many countries, including France, Italy, England, Morocco, Hungary, Germany, Brazil, and Argentina. He made many his home, working as a correspondent in Chile and Spain and serving as Nicaragua's diplomatic representative in Paris and Madrid.

Darío was one of Nicaragua's most notorious drunks. Over the years, he developed a taste for high living, champagne, and exquisite dining. However, he was known to often steal away from the most formal official banquet to share a bottle of cheap Nicaraguan cane liquor, guaro, with old friends. No doubt this overindulgence helped lead to the early death of the nation's greatest poet. Darío passed away on February 6, 1916 in a humble abode in his mother country. His remains were laid to rest in the León Cathedral, in the city where his poetic voyage began.

"My pick is working deep in the soil of this unknown America, turning out gold and opals and precious stones, an altar, a broken statue. And the Muse divines the meaning of the hieroglyphics. The strange life of a vanished people emerges from the mist of time." --Rubén Darío

This cathedral had a number of bells, but his one was the prettiest with writing on it and the two stone statues on each side.

Sorry the picture is a little dark, but here we all are!

The inside of the cathedral is known to be a replica of the vatican. It was very ornate. When we approached the cathedral there was music playing, we walked in and felt the "awe" of it and then it stopped. A graduation ceremony had just ended, darn!

Friday, December 14, 2007


This may seem like a funny post, but I found these signs different and interesting and afterall, isn't that what we do on vacations? Take different and interesting pictures? Inside MacDonalds it looked exaclty like ours, they even had the play area for kids which Neal go for it Neal, we'll see you after we eat.

Daniel Ortega, he won the election again. His billboards were everywhere and he even had a campaign song for his election. Brad has explained why he won, and if the other two candidates (which were basically on the same page) had been united Ortega would not be in power. Hope the church survives, he tends to not be very nice.

Neal was so excited to use the pool and Michelle (ok, me too) was dying to lay out and get a tan so when we woke up one morning to see this sign the kids (ok, me too) were not too happy about this sign outside the elevators. We had a little trouble figuring it out though, but we did. "No swimming after 1:00pm". We comprehended that just fine. Thank you very much.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

San Juan del Sur

The roads were great leaving Managua but the closer we got to our destination(3 hours away)the roads got progressivly worse. The potholes were so deep and so frequent and so all over the place it was ridiculous. I really thought we were going to get a flat tire in our nifty Suzuki mini-van. We later turned in that silly van for a Toyota Prado which is equivalent to a Land Cruiser. Brad had warned us not to get the mini-van because it screams tourist and he was right. On our way out of Managua we were pulled over by the police probably because of our huge stickers on the front. Anyway, we could not understand him and he could not understand us but after all was said and done he made about 22 bucks that I bet he pocketed. Whatever, we were free to go. Whew! The next time we were told to pull over we just kept on going. No police car to follow us, no stop for them.

How do you like that fish Mark ordered? It is white snapper and it was delicious. Eskimo ice cream is huge in Nicaragua. These little carts are everywhere and we took advantage of them a few times. Food was the last thing on Brad's mind durng the trip so sometimes the ice cream was our meal.

San Juan was very pretty and we enjoyed the beach for a short time.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Here He Is!

Seeing your son for the first time after completing a mission is one of the best moments ever!

Brad met us at the hotel after a 3 hour bus ride and 1/2 hour taxi ride. We were all waiting with cameras in hand to capture "the moment" and here it is. It was the most wonderful moment ever. That evening was a devotional and dinner for all Elders and Sisters who were completing their mission. This is Brad with his mission president and wife, President and Sister Fraatz from Guatemala.

I have so many pictures to share so I think I will try and post a few everyday. Nicaragua is very beautiful and tropical when you get out of Managua and into the small towns. It is a very poor country but the people are happy. The living conditions are very minimal which makes you realize we all have "too much stuff".

Monday, November 26, 2007


San Juan del Sur is a famous surfing and tourist hot spot in Nicaragua and we're going to be there on Saturday, yea! We take off tomorrow morning to fly out of SLC early Friday to spend the week in Nicaragua. We are all so excited to pick up Bradley from his mission that we can hardly stand it. Two years can go by pretty fast. He says it is the cool season with rain and temps being in the 80's. Ummm, right now at 9am it is -7C. I think we can handle some "coolness". We will be back December 12th with our boy along with some fun photos to share and a tan. That reminds me, I need to find my Maui Babe suntan lotion, now where can that be?

Hold on, before you go I need to comment on Dancing last night. I liked the results. Marie was destined to go with that last dance she did, what was she thinking? I kept waiting for "the doll" to really get in the groove and after it was over I wondered what I had just seen. I thought it was just weird. Mel B was the best, but I was very happy about Helio and Julliann, they're just so cute. Now on to Dance Wars in Jan. Still don't know what to think about it, but if it reality TV I'm there. I love watching people, airports are the best.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have the best husband in the whole world! Let me explain.....or maybe i don't even need to. I think you have all figured out by now that we are living our lives in a manner that we were not expecting. Does that make sense? " yah, let's to move to Canada and live in the basement of the house you grew up in with your mom upstairs, it will only be only for 6-9 months and then we will be in our new home". "Oh, and one more thing...I want all the baseboards and trim done and every single light switch cover in place". I know, you are all laughing, but that's ok, I think it is pretty ridiculous too looking back. So to my point.............I have not been on my best behavior at all times. After 26 years of marriage which means running the show of my own home pretty much, I have had difficulty living in someone elses home with someone else in it. I was telling Mark this morning that no woman should ever have to share a kitchen with another woman unless they are polygamists. Am I right? So I have had crying spells, complaining moments, and guilty feelings. And you know what? Mark still loves me! He feels bad and thinks it is all his fault. How is that for a great husband. It is not his fault, he does not need to feel bad or guilty or anything. We are in this together and that is the best part of this whole experience. What if one of us was were not on the same page? Ewe, let's not even think about it. I know he is doing everything he can and working so hard to make it happen as soon as possible. He is the hardest worker I know. Patience is a virtue? Can we just skip that virtue all together? Who thought of that word anyway? If we all cross it off "the list" then can it just go away and then we won't have to learn patience, it's just way too hard!

So in a nutshell, I am very thankful for a husband who loves me for me, no matter what because according to my kids, I am a liitle weird on top of everything else.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Laurel is Home!

It's break time and we are all happy!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Splish Splash

Neal had his first overnight scouting activity without his dad being there and he had a blast! The Deacons Quorum met at the church to load the quads up on the trailer and then drove to the "community pasture" ( back in the day this area was church owned I believe for the use of the ward to use to sustain their cattle and use the land as recreation as well, I think) to unload and get to the campsite before dark. Neal was looking forward to this activity all week and boy was he prepared. He was afraid that the bears might be hungry before hibernation so he brought a whistle, an LED light for the campsite, and a "bear banger", which was a cap gun.......come on, he is only 12! The dollar store was all out of loud horns, darn! He came back muddy and happy, but the best part was the great report I got from his leader. He said Neal obeyed all the rules and showed responsibility with his quad. Whew! Little boys can be wreckless at times. Which reminds me....I bet you were wondering and pondering and thinking how an activity with boys can be without a mishap or two. Wonder no more. Mark went out with the bishop (he has the cute little red cap on. I am trying to get used to men and boys wearing these funny hats that hang down at the ears like girl braids) this morning to meet them all for breakfast and to hang out for awhile. All the boys, at one point were coming up this hill with the leader(a boy)going way too fast. Mark was at the top waiting and watching and was not happy with this boy because he was going way too fast and really got after him when he got to the top. Some of the other kids were then watching from the top, looking to see this double cab truck with this huge trailer, get to the top as well. But this one kid (same one as mentioned above) was still on his quad, going full throttle, backing up and BAM! right into the back side of Marks truck! Mark saw the whole thing and this kid didn't even look behind him, just thought he would go for it . Those of you who know Mark knows he is pretty mild mannered, but I guess he layed in on him good. He didn't even get an apology. So now the bishop has the unpleasant task of approaching his parents about payment and the behavior of their son, I hope he doesn't wear that little red funny looking girl braid hat!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sneak Peak

We picked up our cabinets yesterday, whoo hoo!! We ordered them through HD in Kalispell for almost half the price and with $150 delivery anywhere in the US how could we go wrong? We met the truck about 10 miles from the Babb PO pretty much just off the side of the road. When the gal called to confirm the delivery date she mentioned that a truck would be in our area........I thought, "uh, I don't think so, have you looked at your map?" The cabinets came from Denver and after our delivery, the truck was headed to Billings, is that in our area? I guess so? It's all relative I suppose.

We went with the brand KraftMaid and I think we made a great choice. A friend of ours actually did the homework on them. His dad was a perfectionist cabinet maker so he knew what to look for in ordering his own cabinets. Yea, one less thing we had to learn about before going ahead.
We decided on Cherry with a Black Glaze. The cabinets look red in the bright light and more deep brownsih/red when the lighting is darker, a nice compromise. The picture on the bottom is more true to life, but they are even a bit darker than that. You can see the black glaze more in the top picture, it just gives the wood more depth and character. The cabinet is now tucked back up nicely in it's box waiting for the day it can be hung......don't ask!
I know I didn't blog about DWTS this week and I even cheated on Tuesday night. I was on the phone with Lou Lou and she gave me the blow by blow. See? I was right, I knew Cameron would go. I think he deserved to stay one more week, but knew he would go because Marie has such a following. I predict she is next.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Yeehaw and Giddy Up!

The annual Ward Rodeo was last Saturday (way different than our annual ward beach parties in California!)

It was combined with another ward, one takes care of the food while the other ward takes care of the rodeo events. As you can see there were quite a few horses in the arena will all ages riding. One event was holding an egg in a spoon as you rode around the arena , last one holding the egg won and another where you paired up with each person holding the end of about 4 squares of TP while riding with out ripping the TP. You know, the basic relay events but on a horse.

They also let a couple of pigs loose and all the kids went crazy trying to catch them. Who caught one of them? Neal. They also let three chickens out to catch and guess who caught two of them? Neal again. It was fun to watch and Neal had a blast.
His bus driver, Rod, who trains horses for a living, let Neal ride his horse which was great for him. We keep mentioning to Rod that when he finds a "good old horse" that we can handle to let us know. Somehow I think he might be wondering if city folks can take care of a horse. I think we can, don't you?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

See Jane Dance, See Jane Wave Goodbye

It was time for Jane to go no doubt about it. Next? Maybe soap opera star, that would be my pick. I think that he is better than Marie but I think Marie has more of a following. Can you believe the drama each and every week? I almost want to tune in to see what is next rather than to find out who gets booted.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Oh My Gosh!

Was I sounding not too positive on my last post? I was not meaning to sound like that at all. I was saying it like it is. I am a happy person and really looking forward to my new home sometime next year, as long as we ( somebody) is working on the house I am totally good to go. And no Suz, it is not all the bathrooms, very funny!!!!! We are only finishing five of them, whatever!

Here is an update though....the guy who borrowed our trailer never picked up the windows, the supplier wasn't ready, of course until the minute the trailer borrower pulled into our yard returning the trailer. So he picked it up this morning AFTER he finished framing out our stairs! YEA!!! Then who else showed up today? The soffit and facia guy, YEA!!!! We are totally on a roll. So to celebrate Mark and I are taking off to Kalispell for another drywall load. He will be at Home Depot and I will be at Costco, TJ Maxx, Target, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy( oh wait, take that back, we don't really like Best Buy....way too hard for returns) and Ross. Michelle has a list of books she wants me to get for her, the ones about the vampire.

Well I gotta go and get my temporary crown put back in. The girl said to stay away from toffee so I did, I chewed gum. Good bye!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

See For Yourself

Building a house has NEVER been ANYTHING I have EVER wanted to do.......EVER! But here I am building a house in pretty much the middle of nowhere. I don't mind the living in the middle of almost nowhere, it's fine....for now! ( click the photo to see the white house waaaaay out there)

So there are problems with building a house in the middle of nowhere, such as ....getting help to build your house. Let's see, we moved up here to Alberta July 17th, 2006 and broke ground in early September. Ok good. The foundation is dug, the footings are poured, the basement walls are up, the subfloor is on and then we STOPPED! Why you ask? The wind! Yah, the wind never seemed to let up and then our builder guy thought that it was a good time to stop. What? Excuse me? Stop? Did we hear you right? Yah we heard him right. So by April we are 6 months behind. Our builder guy helped for awhile longer with the roof trusses and some of the framing and then POOF! So here we are trying to basically build the house ourselves with help from here and there.

One guy to do the plumbing, one guy to do the electrical, another guy to build the stairs before the electrician can even start, another guy to pour the basement, somebody to do drywall hanging, another guy to mud and tape, another guy to do the soffit, facia and acrylic stucco on the exterior. Oh sure we have people to call, and call again, and call again. Oh yah, they want to help, but the big question is when? Oh next week? That would be great, see you then. No show. Oh can I borrow your trailer to get windows for another job I am doing? and then I will finish your stairs....still have not heard from him. Not even a thankyou. He just dropped off the trailer and vamoosed it outta there.

So when any of you friends and family from our past life ask us how the house is coming, I cringe inside when I hear Mark tell them we almost have the drywall hung. What is that? It has been 16 months and we are only to the drywall stage? Uh, yah.

Ok, a girl who has been living in her mother inlaw's basement can dream a little can't she? And so if I click my green polka dotted rubber boot heals together three times and repeat, "I want to go home" do you think it will work? Don't answer that!!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Laughing Afterwards!

I found "Dancing" so funny last night. These people really get into this stuff don't they? The judges were on their feet, clearly shocked and I thought Carrie Ann was going to break down right then and there. Hello? It is only a game.....I was suprised that Sabrina went home, she clearly should have been in the final if not the champ. I wonder why she did get voted off. Well, for me, I didn't like the dress or the dance particularly, could that be the reason? Maybe we are tired of her always being on the top? It is nice to see the others improve each week because you can identify with them more. I also think that maybe they shouldn't pick celebs to dance on the show if they are already performers on stage singing and dancing for a living. Do you vote each week? Are you wondering of I do? Or maybe you don't even care if I do or don't , but for those of you who do wonder..............?

I don't vote and I have only voted once or twice on AI.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hello Laurel?

Are you there? I mean on your blog! I go to it everyday and not just once. I know you are a college gal and I also know your block English class is over which means..... you have a little more time. Do a new blog entry just for your me ok??

Love, mom

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I know halloween is a few days away but now it feels like it. My swap package came in the mail today and I love it. Look at the fun things Lisa from Sprinville gave me (not the pumpkin of course, but the stick in accessories. We will carve the mouth next week). I cannot wait to try the Screamin Yellow Popcorn recipe she sent. It is a family favorite and I have a sneaky feeling it is going to taste like Screaming Yellow Zonkers!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

" a lift" then "a drop".....

Yep I am talking about "Dancing With The Stars". I was knitting during the show so of course my head was down when I heard the thump. Looked up and there she was flat on the floor, good thing she had a dress that didn't go up. I enjoyed "billionaire man" dancing to the "I Dream of Jeannie" theme song, it is such a happy tune, but my favorite is of course my new favorite as of last week, Jennie. Can't wait ( well, I can wait) to see Jennifer Lopez up on stage.......can she not just admit she is pregnant and be done with it?

Monday, October 22, 2007


As you all know, Laurel loves to sing! She was not able to squeeze any kind of choir into her schedule this semester which was very disapointing to her. I mentioned to her that she could join the ward choir..............!
Well, she called last night and was SO SO SO happy............she will be participating in the choir for the Rexburg Temple dedication in February! I know how exciting a temple dedication can be when you live near a temple. I was able to be a part of the Hawaii Temple re-dedication in 1978. I was chosen from the Bishop in my ward to serve dinner to the first presidency on the BYU-Hawaii campus. President Romney needed another napkin and who got that for him? Me! I did more than that, but that was a big deal to me way back then. I remember sitting next to my mother during the dedication and seeing her cry. It was a nice moment. I am glad my kids have seen me cry more than one time, I think it is a good thing. My favorite song to this day is, "The Spirit of God". I love the alto part, I learned to sing alto from sitting next to my mother every Sunday and singing the hymns. Another nice memory. I can sing that song with the book closed, I just love that!
I know Laurel will have the experience of her life being a part of the Rexburg Temple dedication. I am happy because she is happy!

Friday, October 19, 2007

VBall Boy

See Neal? He is the shortest, but boy can he pack a punch! He loves volleyball and it shows. Every ball goes where it should and his serves are great. It was so fun to see him play yesterday and visit with some moms from the school.
They do things differently here because of the distance between schools, or the possibility of bad weather.......they practice twice a week and then have "tournaments" once a month. All the teams travel to the same location and they do the red robin rotation so every team will have a chance to play eachother. Our guys might not have matching uniforms and look a bit scruffy, but we beat the rival team whose uniforms were spiffy..........Cardston Elementary!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"was that a lift to you"?

I think Carrie Ann was a little over the top last night with the lifts. What do you think? I bet if you go over all the dances from the past years you will see little tiny "lifts" like last night. Right on for Len making up for the low scores from Carrie Ann. I did enjoy "billionaire man" but my new favorite is Jenni Garth. Is it OK to change favorites? My favorite couple is "mister race car driver" and Julie Ann. I wonder who will go home.................Well, I cheated "Dancing" doesn't come on here until 10 pm so to watch it and then wait for the last minute to see who was eliminated I went online and found out. I'm glad "boxer man" is gone, he needed to go. Who was your favorite last night?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Just Getting Stuff Done

Things have been pretty busy around here lately, which is super good. Missed "Dancing" on Monday due to..............more shopping in Kalispell. We never seem to get everything done in those one day trips so from now on we are either going to plan on staying over night or take clothes just in case we miss the border. If we leave by 7:30pm then we are good to go, but after way. Home Depot was being a little slow loading up our lumber due to a guy with a slight attitude so we missed out on our run to the border, but did find a quaint little cabin in East Glacier. It was 1 hour from the border so we decided to sleep there and make a short drive in the morning so the kids wouldn't miss school. Neal doesn't mind at all, but Michelle? no way! We picked up the usual household items, toilets ( I know, we have 6 bathrooms, don't ask me why, but then why not?) lumber for the deck, a vanity for Michelle's bathroom, a faucet, doors and misc. stuff.

So what do you think about these boots? Are they not cute? Costco for $17, I could not pass them up. They had blue and white polka dot ones too. I have been keeping my eyes open for stylish rubber boots ( gum boots is what Mark calls them) for those days when it is slushy and muddy. This was MY fun purchase this trip to Kalispell.

Yah I know, I missed a great "Dancing" on Monday. I saw the previews on Tuesday and was sad I missed Monday. Wayne's time was up, and my billionaire man is still in, yea. I know he won't win, but he is my favorite until he gets booted. Not sure who will take his place......

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

No Sadness Here

I was so shocked but oh so happy that model man was booted. I think Wayne should have gone for sure but model man doesn't have the fan base I guess. I know I am not a fan.

Yea, billionaire man is still in!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Check Check Check

Scheduling flights ( tricky because we are picking up Laurel from school then driving to SLC to fly out, homecoming in our old ward in CA,Laurel flys home from LA early so she can get back to school, and adding Brad to our return trip) for our trip to Nicaragua to pick up Brad.....CHECK

Flights booked.....CHECK

Rental car reserved (mini van...those WERE the days).......CHECK

Hotel room reserved (who would have thought they have a Holiday Inn in Nicaragua).......CHECK

Shots ( tetnus because we are building, Hep A and B cuz a website says so)................CHECK

Monday, October 1, 2007

Still Like the Billionaire

Another week with the dancers...let's see....well first off, the hand on the chest with Marie was a bit too much for me and a lot of leg stuff goin on there too. She is safe for sure. My least favorite guys are still my least favs, the model and soap opera man. I really liked the race car driver and I really like his partner, she is just so good. Cheetah Girl was very very good again. Wayne? I think he might just go home, but will for sure be in the bottom 2 with the billionaire. They never give billionaire man good scores and I am not sure why. I liked his dance tonight, and the song? I really liked it. Jane is just so pretty isn't she? 56 years old? I liked her style of the mambo tonight, she has her own elegant style no matter what dance she does. Spice Girl was good too. Jenni Garth seems just like a normal mom so I enjoy watching her too. She might be in the bottom three. I think billionaire man is going home.......but I loved the song. I think they need to market the songs on a CD. I would buy one. How about you?

Saturday, September 29, 2007

On the Road Again....

First off, I was pretty suprised that the billionaire was in the bottom first. Then I got to thinking that why wouldn't he be.....he is an unknown. But I was glad to see that the model left. I don't think another week would have changed her abilities much. So I'm thinking that the millionaire goes next. Stay tuned.

Yep, Mark and I went down to Kalispell on Thursday to get another load of stuff for the house....this trip we picked up a couple of toilets, 2 pedestal sinks ( one exactly like we had in Thousand Oaks, we love it), more drywall, insulation, faucets, shower heads, a whirlpool tub, a bath tub for Michelle, 3 pocket doors....Today we have the plumber, the electrician and labor help!!! Don't ask me when we think we will move in, I am just glad we are moving forward and we are not the only ones working on the house! We are super close with the kitchen cabinets....just looking for oak wood flooring that is on the medium to darkish brown stain. Not so much red, so if any of you out there can help me out, let me know.

Anyway, we thought that if we got an early start on Thursday morning we would be able to "get everything done". I don't think so. Our many carts were pretty much all loaded when we found out about a promotion...10% off your order ( starting the following day) up to $2,000.00, so we decided to stay the night with a savings of 200$, why not. But then we learned that Lowes was having a promotion where if you opened up a credit card you would get 10% off your whole order up to $5,000.00. Well Home depot will match Lowes so I signed up for another HD credit card. Did you know that you can apply for up to 6 (six) credit cards at HD? PLUS, American Standard was having a special, if you spend $1,000.00 you get a $100 HD gift card. OK! Then there was a special with the other bath products with a $250 gift card with a purchase over $2,000.00. OK! PLUS, with the better prices in the US we saved about $3,000.00 with driving to the US. The only downside was that we wore the same clothes for two days. We stopped at Target to get a few personel items like mascara, blush, eye liner, deodorant, a comb, a small shampoo, a hair clip, hairspray and a very cheap foundation, oh and two toothbrushes. I wonder what the check out girl was thinking............?! There are some things a girl cannot live with out

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

King of the Road

I just love that song, so because of that I really enjoyed the billionaire last night along with the boxer. His style was different, don't remember the song but I must have liked it as well. I was a little dissapointed with Wayne. I thought he would have been a little more comfortable. He will get better with time I think. My least favorite!!!! the model, ewe!!!! Soap Opera star did nothing for me either and , oh, the race car driver was pretty good too. The "Bewitched " song was different. If it had to be the guys, based on performance it would be Wayne. My least favorite overall would have to be the model...never seen him before and he is not cute. But who will get voted off? It will either be Marie or the supermodel. Probably the supermodel.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

GOOD Morning!

This is what I see when I am watching for the bus and washing the morning dishes by hand (just thought I would throw that in).

Monday, September 24, 2007

Ladies Night

If it had to be one of the ladies who would you pick? I liked Jenni, enjoyed the elegance of Jane, the Cheetah girl was very good, Mel was very good as well. Josie? cute but don't think she is completely out of the woods......I kinda think it might be Marie. I know tomorrow are the guys and this all could completely change..........I am super curious about Wayne...remember that song," Daddy don't you walk so fast"? Heard it on XM last week. Wow that took me back to maybe......the early seventies? Dina, I bet you would know, help me out!

Who do you think might go on Wednesday? I'd love to hear what you all think.

Happy Birthday Nealster!

Does Neal look older to you? He turned 12 years old on Saturday so you know what that more Primary!!! He completed his Faith in God award which was great, he worked hard on it. It kinda of reminded me of scouting actually, you know, behind every Eagle Scout is a mom?

Another important thing that happened, he also received the Aaronic Priesthood. Our neighbors came and also our home teacher and his wife, she just loves my Neal! So in honor of turning 12, he was able to attend his first youth activity, Stake Standards Night! Yep, they mentioned the dating, the modesty, and the "P" word as Neal puts it. He said the Bishop talked about it in his interview too. Oh he is growing up so fast.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Do They Look Equal To You?

Yep, it finally happened.................the Canadian dollar ( Loonie) hit a high today......$1.0006 to our American dollar. It quickly fell to 99.86, whoopie. So basically it is equal but prices on items are not. We live about 2 1/2 hours or so from Kalispell Montana where things are booming big time . They have a shopping center with, get this, a Target, a Ross, AND a TJMaxx right next to each other which is connected to Home Depot. Across the street? Lowes and Costco! We have been going down "to the states" to buy building materials and appliances for our home and have found that alot of things are half as cheap and plus there is no state tax in Montana. When crossing the border we pay the GST (canadian tax) and duty ONLY if the items were not made in the US or Mexico ( that kind of stuff usually is). Clothing is a different story. So with the gas prices the way they are it is still worth the time and gas to buy our drywall, appliances, kitchen cupboards and granite in Montana. We are lucky that we live so close to the border and have a trailer in order to take advantage of the US prices. My latest discovery is Old have a Montana PO box so we pay no tax and shipping is only $5 no matter how much you buy. Neal's complete school wardrobe is from!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Good Morning?????

My bubble has burst! I know we live north and are in Canada where it seems it is always cold and windy, but after all it is only September 19th!!! My head is having a hard time getting around this.............Boy am I glad we have an adventure planned for November 29th......just purchased our tickets to Nicaragua to pick up Brad............I hope it is super sunny and warm............everything opposite of this!!!!

The forecast for today called for rain with a few flurries.....whatever!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Marriage Tag!

Jolyn tagged me!

Where did you meet your husband?

I met him at my apartment...he came over with his roomate to "meet the twins" with the urging of his roomate....he had just broken off an engagment......we were in the same ward at BYU in the summer of 1980. He had seen me at church while sitting with his then fiance, so he knew who "the twins" were.

What was your first date?
Nothing very romantic....BYU 13 Stake Fireside with Mark E Petersen....when he called to ask me to the fireside I really wasn't sure " which Mark" it was....I was glad when I opened the door.

Where was the first kiss?
I don't really remember our first kiss and it bothers me. It might be in my journal but it is packed away. I would imagine it was on the door step of my apartment at The Regency, apartment number 103 I believe.

Where did you get engaged?
In my apartment at BYU! It was Valentines Day 1981. We met in September of 1980 and by November-ish I knew I loved him....a miracle for me because I never dated a boy longer than three months.....I would tire of them or they would do something that bugged me and that was all it took....He came by with two a typical VDay card and the other was a VDay card with a special question inside. I had a feeling he was going to ask me on Valentines Day so I had previously been thinking and praying about it so I would be ready! He had been looking at rings earlier but didn't get one until we could go together, secretly I wish he had the ring with him at the proposal.

Where did you get married?
We were married in the Hawaii Temple on June 27th, 1981.

How did the reception go?
It was the cultural hall of the Hawaii Kai was a luau complete with the kalua pig, lomi salmon, and all the fixings....had musical numbers, hula dancers, and the Hawaiian Wedding Song....I just love that song. Mark's parents, 1 brother , 3 sisters and an Aunt and Uncle came over, along with some of my small extended family. A wedding in Hawaii is a great reason to take a trip...I hope some of my kids get married there! Mark loved getting up at 6am the day of his wedding to get that pig in the ground!

How was the honeymoon?

Honeymoon was nice. We stayed our first night in Waikiki at the Royal Hawaiian....a friend of the family had connections...we stayed the remainder of the time on the North Shore at Kuilima, which is now Turtle Bay. We met up with Mark's family at the PCC one of the days but mostly went to the beach.....we only stayed there for 2-3 nights. Then it was off to Alberta to live with his parents in the basement ( yes, where we are right now) for the summer before heading off to BYU.

I tag my niece Stephanie! You're it!

Every Little Bit Helps...

We all try and do our part, big or small. Michelle is stapling a plastic barrier between the garage and house, Mark is up on scaffolding with a huge hose blowing insulation into the attic, Neal and Lou Lou are loading up the machine with the insulation, Chris and Sean are preparing for window installs and I am the official picture taker!! See our vaulted ceiling in the kitchen and great room area? Yep, that was a fun drywall experience.