Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Getting There

The roof trusses are on and this week we sheet it. YEA!

Cleaning Treasure

I found a treasure in Neal's bed sheets. I had been wondering where all of his socks were and why the lunch snacks dissapeared so quickly. With Neal being the youngest you don't think much more than, "whatever". You just wash the socks and throw out the garbage. Oh, and I will give Neal a little talking to when he gets home from school!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!

Hope you guys are having a great time celebrating Memorial Day. I know what you are all doing, those of you who live in the United States, because our family did those same things for 20 years..............beach, barbeques, and pool parties!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Grab Bag

I know why I like to look at blogs, especially of my friends because you never know what you are going to get, just like a grab bag!! So today I went for a walk, well more like an exploration due to the trees, and barbed wire fences, and long pasture grass. This I saw......the cute little Robin in the branches was not so cute today. I was near her nest and she dove at me a few times. I felt like I was in the movie, "The Birds". Have you all seen it? A total clssic for sure.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

All I Want To Do Is Get My US Mail

Yep, I am getting alot of use from my passport since moving here. Before I leave the house I need to make sure I have my passport and my mailbox key. If I am mailing a package I can't have it sealed because customs just might want to take a peak to see if I am telling the truth about the contents. I have my passport ready and my sunglasses off as well.(They like to look into your eyes for clues I guess) They ask me where I live, where I am going, and if I have packages to mail of a commercial nature. They zip my passport through a machine and say, Thank you, have a nice day". When I come back from getting my mail it is basically the same thing except they want to know if I am bringing any firearms, alcohol, tobacco etc. If I bring back a parcel then they want to know what the contents are and what the worth is. Now if I on-line shop smartly then I space my purchases out so I never cross the border with more than 50$ total. If I do, then I have to park my car, bring my parcel into customs, they look at the packing slip for a price and then check to see where the item was made. China? more duty. The USA? Not so much. Oh, and if I have a parcel that can't be delivered at the post office then it goes to a little A-frame cabin/house where Ann lives. Ann has a business. You go to her back door and she opens it up to a room full of deliveries from FedEx and/or UPS. Anyway, you tell her your name, she checks her list, she hands YOU the package and you give HER 3 bucks! Whatever!

I Just Don't Get It..............do you?

It was a good thing I decided to take my camera yesterday, you never know when you will see something. These are not Canadian pictures but American. Do you think the people who live in this house feel stress? I bet not! And if they need tires for their car they know where to find them. Now about the colored ties on the trees. I am betting it is some kind of Native American thing since Babb is so close to a reservation in Browning, Montana. But what does it mean?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Just Wait a Day....

See what I mean about the weather? Do you see those pretty mountains anywhere? That is because it snowed this morning! I hope the new little baby robins ( different nest) are warm enough.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Spring Time!

When you see bird nests in the yard and get your garden planted you can pretty much figure that Spring has arrived and Summer is not too far behind. This nest was discovered by Neal yesterday. The nest is built in an old partial tire that is up in a tree near the house. Smart robin!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

History of Leavitt

If you click on the picture of the sign you can read what it says.....

I know most of you, maybe even all of you, are wondering why we chose to move to Alberta, namely Leavitt. This is where Mark grew up, we have always enjoyed our vacations here, and a change of pace is always good. Leavitt is very small as you can see, but there is history here that our family can claim. Thomas Rowell Leavitt was Mark's great great grandfather on his Grandma Broadbent's side and Francis G Broadbent was his great great grandfather on his Grandpa Broadbent's side. Mark's dad's family homesteaded in Leavitt as well. It is always nice to "go back to your roots" and I guess we have done that literally, for now anyway.

The thing about Leavitt and the small town of Cardston though,which is about 5 miles away, everybody knows who you are, even before you move here and a ton of people are related somehow. When Michelle starts dating she will need to pass the name of the boy by us to see if they are related. Yah, I know what you all are thinking," Wow, the Cahoons really do live in a small town". The other day when we were out working on the house up on the scaffolding I mentioned to Mark, " Even though we live in the middle of no where, do you feel like everyone can see us? It is the opposite of being in a big crowd and feeling alone isn't it?". Mark had to agree.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Now THIS is Farm Living!

You can learn alot from living in the country that is for sure and Neal has been educated! He has seen puppies being born and baby mice bundled up in grass cuttings in a hole on Grandma's from lawn, but going to a branding party beats them all. They do more than branding when they have those calves in the shoot.....hormone shots, ear tags, de-horning and castration. You watch and kind of cringe for those cute little calves. Neal had a great time corraling the calves(seperating them from their mammas) and rounding them up on a quad, and of course, riding a horse. And no, we did not eat any "prairie oysters", but the dogs hanging around were were very full at the end of branding.

Together At Last!

The last picture taken of the 4 children was back in the 70's, I know, I know. With Susie being autistic and living away from us in Santa Rosa, along with David living back east or in Texas, me living in Ca. and Lou Lou living in Saskatchewan, it had been nearly impossible for us to get together. We are a little closer now with David in CA. The picture was taken in San Fransisco during a mini Hatch Reunion. My father and Gail were there along with David and his wife Mary-Anne and their son Jake.( don't ask me why we did not get a group photo)Chris and Mark were not able to come and somebody had to hold down the fort! We did the usual sight seeing, rodeo at the Cow Palace, shopping, eating, and visiting. We all had a great time, but I think Lou Lou and I had the best time of all, just being together!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Picture Perfect

Since we experience the 4 seasons here, there are plenty of opportunities to get some great photos. After Christmas when the snow had no intentions of melting too soon I figured I had better get on my boots and get some photos taken, perhaps for future Christmas cards.

A Fish Tale

There are things you can do in the winter that can't be done in the summer and one of those is Ice Fishing!. We have a great neighbor, Lawrence, who is over 80 years old and no kidding, goes fishing almost everyday whether it is summer or winter. Duck Lake is just over the border and Lawrence has all the gear you would ever need so he invited Mark, Clark,and Neal out over Christmas break.

Beach Boys Concert

In October we saw the Beach Boys in concert just 45 minutes away in Lethbridge. We had a great time thanks to Randell, our good friend from CA and to think he is now one of the Beach Boys, crazy. He sounded just like the original Beach Boy who sang, Help Me Rhonda. He got us front row AND center seats, plus a back stage pass to meet Mike Love. It was pretty excitng for sure. Michelle and I were too shy to get up on stage but we had fun watching the action. Sorry Randell, thanks for trying though. My favorite song of the night was not even a Beach Boy song. It was by the Mamas and Papas, California Dreamin'. The wind was blowing that night and was SO SO cold that I wished I was in California!

Blowin in the Wind

Well we had one of those bad southern Alberta winds in October and it was a doozy. We had some of our plastic wrapped, tied down pallets of foam block that were protected by trees blow through the trees, across a pasture and into the next row of trees. One piece of foam block sailed through another row of trees and 20 feet up in a tree and that piece is there to stay!

The House that Mark Built

In the story of the Three Little Pigs, they tried 3 different ways to build their houses...........straw, twigs, and bricks. The story is outdated because we are building our house out of styrofoam and cement! It is a new way to build homes so they are more energy efficient in the winter and summer and will with-hold the force of strong, and I mean strong winds here in southern Alberta. It is an interesting way to build a home, it is almost like putting Lego pieces together. You build up the walls, reinforce with rebar( that is where I come in) then pour the walls with cement with a 5- 5 1/2 slump. I am learning a lot living up here! When we put in our triple pane windows and I think we will be set for any weather condition.

When We're Helping We're Happy

When you build your own home there are visions of the family working together and being happy. I think we are doing that for the most part. Mark is working side by side with Dennis, our contractor, and I am working down at the house as well doing different tasks, hard tasks at times (cutting, bending, tieing, moving and lifting rebar is hard work for sure). I make lunches for the guys as well, now that can be work to come up with something different. Sometimes we "go to Mexico or Asia" and they seem to enjoy it. You sure don't have to ask Neal twice to be a part of things and when Michelle and Laurel are around they pitch in too.

Bus Ride to School

So one of the great things living here is that school bussing is free! Neal's bus picks him up at 7:25 am and Michelle's bus comes at 8:15 right next to the mail box. Neal loves his bus driver, Rod. Every morning he looks out the big living room window to see if Rod has left his house yet and when he gets to the corner where the church is Neal walks out the door with an "I love you" and off he goes. I love not having to drive the kids to school although in California I didn't mind it so much, it was just one of those routine things we all do there. THIS kind of change is good!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Our Missionary, Elder Cahoon

Bradley is serving in the Managua, Nicaragua Mission. We enjoy his letters each week and the phone calls on Christmas Day and Mother's Day. He loves teaching the people about Christ and the Plan of Salvation. We do miss him and he says he misses us but loves serving in Nicaragua and would rather be teaching and learning at this time of his life. It is not a sacrifice to serve, but a privilege to serve the Lord.

Enjoying the Outdoors

Southern Alberta has always been the vacation spot of choice for our family. We have been coming here every summer for over 20 years. August seems to be the best month for guaranteed best weather. There is fishing at the creek, hiking, boating, or horseback riding in Waterton National Park which is only a 40 minute drive from here, lots of cousins to play with during reunion time, gophers to shoot at the old homestead, quading in the hills, and tons of stars in the night sky. Crossing the border on July 17th gave us alot of time to do these fun activities before school started and before we started building our home.