Wednesday, May 23, 2007

All I Want To Do Is Get My US Mail

Yep, I am getting alot of use from my passport since moving here. Before I leave the house I need to make sure I have my passport and my mailbox key. If I am mailing a package I can't have it sealed because customs just might want to take a peak to see if I am telling the truth about the contents. I have my passport ready and my sunglasses off as well.(They like to look into your eyes for clues I guess) They ask me where I live, where I am going, and if I have packages to mail of a commercial nature. They zip my passport through a machine and say, Thank you, have a nice day". When I come back from getting my mail it is basically the same thing except they want to know if I am bringing any firearms, alcohol, tobacco etc. If I bring back a parcel then they want to know what the contents are and what the worth is. Now if I on-line shop smartly then I space my purchases out so I never cross the border with more than 50$ total. If I do, then I have to park my car, bring my parcel into customs, they look at the packing slip for a price and then check to see where the item was made. China? more duty. The USA? Not so much. Oh, and if I have a parcel that can't be delivered at the post office then it goes to a little A-frame cabin/house where Ann lives. Ann has a business. You go to her back door and she opens it up to a room full of deliveries from FedEx and/or UPS. Anyway, you tell her your name, she checks her list, she hands YOU the package and you give HER 3 bucks! Whatever!


Kelly said...

sounds like a LOT of work. I would think you'd be on a first name basis with the guys at the checkpoint by now. maybe you should bake them some cupcakes.

mama jo said...

yea, i'm surprised they give you such a hard time...but, they probably have nothing better to do.

stephmodo said...

Ann has herself a nice little business it sounds like. Is it legit?