Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Beach Boys Concert

In October we saw the Beach Boys in concert just 45 minutes away in Lethbridge. We had a great time thanks to Randell, our good friend from CA and to think he is now one of the Beach Boys, crazy. He sounded just like the original Beach Boy who sang, Help Me Rhonda. He got us front row AND center seats, plus a back stage pass to meet Mike Love. It was pretty excitng for sure. Michelle and I were too shy to get up on stage but we had fun watching the action. Sorry Randell, thanks for trying though. My favorite song of the night was not even a Beach Boy song. It was by the Mamas and Papas, California Dreamin'. The wind was blowing that night and was SO SO cold that I wished I was in California!

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chris said...

one of my favorite bands! LUCKY!