Thursday, May 17, 2007

History of Leavitt

If you click on the picture of the sign you can read what it says.....

I know most of you, maybe even all of you, are wondering why we chose to move to Alberta, namely Leavitt. This is where Mark grew up, we have always enjoyed our vacations here, and a change of pace is always good. Leavitt is very small as you can see, but there is history here that our family can claim. Thomas Rowell Leavitt was Mark's great great grandfather on his Grandma Broadbent's side and Francis G Broadbent was his great great grandfather on his Grandpa Broadbent's side. Mark's dad's family homesteaded in Leavitt as well. It is always nice to "go back to your roots" and I guess we have done that literally, for now anyway.

The thing about Leavitt and the small town of Cardston though,which is about 5 miles away, everybody knows who you are, even before you move here and a ton of people are related somehow. When Michelle starts dating she will need to pass the name of the boy by us to see if they are related. Yah, I know what you all are thinking," Wow, the Cahoons really do live in a small town". The other day when we were out working on the house up on the scaffolding I mentioned to Mark, " Even though we live in the middle of no where, do you feel like everyone can see us? It is the opposite of being in a big crowd and feeling alone isn't it?". Mark had to agree.

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name: Laurel said...

wow, mom! it looks like you really have been busy with this thing! i think you beat me in the number of posts (i ran out of ideas but i guess you never will as long as our house keeps going up). that picture of the plaque thingy is really cool, i never knew that it was thomas rowell leavitt that settled leavitt and i had no idea and francir broadbent was involved in leavitt, too. anyway, keep up the good work!