Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I Just Don't Get you?

It was a good thing I decided to take my camera yesterday, you never know when you will see something. These are not Canadian pictures but American. Do you think the people who live in this house feel stress? I bet not! And if they need tires for their car they know where to find them. Now about the colored ties on the trees. I am betting it is some kind of Native American thing since Babb is so close to a reservation in Browning, Montana. But what does it mean?


Lou lou said...

Chris said that he doesn't know about the fabric strips around the trees......decorations he thinks. But he said that the tires on the roof are weights so that if a wind comes up, they won't lose the roof! Clever I suppose....but very unattractive.

mama jo said...

guess they are trying out their style?