Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Together At Last!

The last picture taken of the 4 children was back in the 70's, I know, I know. With Susie being autistic and living away from us in Santa Rosa, along with David living back east or in Texas, me living in Ca. and Lou Lou living in Saskatchewan, it had been nearly impossible for us to get together. We are a little closer now with David in CA. The picture was taken in San Fransisco during a mini Hatch Reunion. My father and Gail were there along with David and his wife Mary-Anne and their son Jake.( don't ask me why we did not get a group photo)Chris and Mark were not able to come and somebody had to hold down the fort! We did the usual sight seeing, rodeo at the Cow Palace, shopping, eating, and visiting. We all had a great time, but I think Lou Lou and I had the best time of all, just being together!

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David & Mary-Anne said...

Truly a wonderful time was had by all... Memories you can live with!