Saturday, July 28, 2007

Letter to the Editor

The former publisher/editor of the town newspaper saw all three shows last week and loved them! Here are excerpts from the article..." Danny Bullock and Laurel Cahoon need to be commended for their performances, both in Oklahoma and in Suessical. Will and Gertie left a lasting impression as did the mayor and his wife. The laugh and the blue hair will not soon leave my mind nor the mobility of Danny's face as we read his every thought."

" The Taffetas is a must see for anyone over the age of 40. Although I did not sing along, I could have. The tight harmony and the pure singing voices were a pleasure to listen to. Once again those hiring for the summer have done an incredible job of choosing the right people for the job. Collette Aldridge, Laurel Cahoon, Rachel Ryan, and Adrianne Salmon should take this show on the road. They would be well received anywhere and with s little publicuty fill any hall they played."

I wish you all could come see the shows. Live theater has always been a highlight of our yearly vacations to Alberta and to think that we now have Laurel in the shows is a super thrill. Come one, come all!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Up on the Roof Top

Neal LOVES being on the roof! Are you suprised? Didn't think so..... Anyway,Mark needed some help so he enlisted Neal for 10 bucks an hour. So for 2 hours Neal wore the harness, which was the biggest thrill for him,and just passed shingles to his dad. Before going to bed that night he called me into his room and there on the floor were his pants, shirt, shoes and belt all laid out for the next morning. He had me set his alarm too so he would not miss a thing. Oooh he can be SO cute sometimes!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Just a Buffalo

Right outside Waterton National Park is a paddock you can drive through and look at the buffalo. There were quite a few this go around and was glad I had my camera. Pretty cool huh?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Little Laurel Lee

Laurel is really enjoying her summer with the theater. She is in Suessical (the mayors wife) , Oklahoma where she plays Gertie, yep, the one with the annoying laugh, and she plays Peggy in The Taffetas which is my very favorite. I have loved watching her up on stage doing what she loves most but also seeing her act and dance. I sit through the shows and just beam inside and even tear up once in awhile. Laurel knows I do that every time she sings, whether it be in church, school choir, or singing the Star Spangled Banner at an event. I love the poise and grace she has. I love you Laurel!

My Michelle

This is one great summer for "my Michelle". It has been one event after another for her. She got her first job working at a general store a few miles from here, then it was off to girls camp in BC where she sunned for 4 straight days (no requirements from the camp manual this year). Then it was the Cahoon reunion which are always great for the cousins and a trip to Utah for EFY. From there she drove to CA with her best friend's family where she is having the time of her life! Beach, shopping, and great food joints like Baja Fresh and In and Out, but guess what she is doing tonight? Wicked! I am so happy for her and wish I was there. Michelle is a great daughter and so much fun to be around. Have fun Michelle, I love you!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

?Happy? Anniversary!

Well today is the day we crossed the border and started our new life. As you can see our house is coming along, but of course not as fast as we had hoped. This past winter was the windiest that anyone had remembered but coupled with a builder we hired to help build the house, might I add, to the very end, has pretty much washed his hands of us since returning back to the project in April. It has been like pulling teeth to even get him here for 1 full day a week. That has been the stressful part of building the house! Good news is that we now have a framer who has been here three days in a row, woohoo!! There is a such a labor shortage up here and being in a small town does not help at all. Other than that we are doing great, we think.......Kids are doing great- Clark has a girlfriend, Brad is happy happy happy in Nicaragua on his mission, Laurel is in full swing with her summer theater, Michelle is in CA with her best friend, and Neal has a new friend who he can visit riding his Honda 50, way cute!