Wednesday, August 29, 2007

School Days School Days.....

.....Golden Olden School Days. Does anyone remember that old song? It just popped into my head, weird. Anyways, it was the first day of school for Michelle and Neal and Clark(BYU-H). Laurel starts BYU-I September 12th. She finished her summer with the theater so she is looking forward to catching up and cleaning out before heading back.

Small country schools can be great.
#1 pancake breakfast for the kids and their families on the first day of school.
#2 less thn 15 kids in Neal's 6th grade class.
#3 the new vice principal is Neal's teacher and he framed our house this summer.
#4 this is the sad one, a little kindergartner from our ward and the school was accidently killed on Saturday from a falling swingset so the school is closing early tomorrow for the funeral. Small communities sure know how to help and support each other.

I asked Neal how he liked the first day and he said that it is going to be hard,lots of rules and things to remember, but he also said that he feels more mature!!! Does he not look dashing in his striped polo shirt? Do you know how many years I have tried to get him to wear stripes and now a polo shirt to boot?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Bear...right in front of us!

So Lou Lou and her family were up visiting for a few days last week and one day we decided to climb Bear's Hump in Waterton Park. It is a great little hike- 30 minutes up and 25 minutes down. At the top you can overlook the park and if you remember to bring your binoculars you can even see, according to Neal," the couple floating on a raft in the lake". Anyways, on our way down, Seth and Neal decided to go on ahead of us which is what little boys do, but Lou Lou and I were not interested in catching up with them. I am looking down at the trail so I don't lose my footing and I hear Lou Lou say, uh, there it is, the bear is right there". Uh...........OK!!! As you can see it is right off the trail eating some berries. The ranger said it was probably a cast off and that it was most likely not going to bother us. But what do you do, go past it like it isn't there? Then we realized that Neal and Seth ran right by it and didn't even know it. Maybe that was just as well. We took a little short cut from the trail and now I have a fun story and a great picture on my screen saver!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Best Parade Around

This morning was the Cardston Heritage Days Parade. It has been a summertime family favorite for years. They throw lots of candy and they even throw freezies out, can't beat that. You get a little bit of everything as you can see in the photos. To me the funniest one is the picture of the Elders. Not two, but three! They have an interesting mission here because I saw them at the live summer theater on Thursday, the rodeo last night, and then IN the parade today. Would you say they need some investigators to teach?

Thursday, August 9, 2007

"what does it say, where are you going"?

Last night Daddy and Gail opened up their mission call with all the family on a conference call line. They are going to the Texas Houston South Mission(family and church history department) working in records preservation. They report to the MTC on September 17th. From the information in their packet it looks like they will be getting dirty so they will be able to wear casual clothes( pants and tennis shoes). Sounds like my kinda mission actually. We are all happy and excited for them and now I will be receiving two missionary emails a week. Yea! By the way, Brad was transferred last week to Santo Tomas and he is the branch president!!!!