Wednesday, August 29, 2007

School Days School Days.....

.....Golden Olden School Days. Does anyone remember that old song? It just popped into my head, weird. Anyways, it was the first day of school for Michelle and Neal and Clark(BYU-H). Laurel starts BYU-I September 12th. She finished her summer with the theater so she is looking forward to catching up and cleaning out before heading back.

Small country schools can be great.
#1 pancake breakfast for the kids and their families on the first day of school.
#2 less thn 15 kids in Neal's 6th grade class.
#3 the new vice principal is Neal's teacher and he framed our house this summer.
#4 this is the sad one, a little kindergartner from our ward and the school was accidently killed on Saturday from a falling swingset so the school is closing early tomorrow for the funeral. Small communities sure know how to help and support each other.

I asked Neal how he liked the first day and he said that it is going to be hard,lots of rules and things to remember, but he also said that he feels more mature!!! Does he not look dashing in his striped polo shirt? Do you know how many years I have tried to get him to wear stripes and now a polo shirt to boot?


lou lou said...

Neal looks great in that stripe polo!!
He is such a handsome boy. Seth put his stripe polo shirt on and then changed into a t-shirt at the last minute. Shucks.

mama jo said...

can't believe neal is in 6th grade! have fun...

Audrey said...

He looks very mature and grown up, but still has that sweet smile. Good luck this year Neal.