Wednesday, September 26, 2007

King of the Road

I just love that song, so because of that I really enjoyed the billionaire last night along with the boxer. His style was different, don't remember the song but I must have liked it as well. I was a little dissapointed with Wayne. I thought he would have been a little more comfortable. He will get better with time I think. My least favorite!!!! the model, ewe!!!! Soap Opera star did nothing for me either and , oh, the race car driver was pretty good too. The "Bewitched " song was different. If it had to be the guys, based on performance it would be Wayne. My least favorite overall would have to be the model...never seen him before and he is not cute. But who will get voted off? It will either be Marie or the supermodel. Probably the supermodel.


mama jo said...

i loved the billionaire and boxer also...i didn't watch on wed. so don't know who's off and who's not

Jan said...

I thought the billionaire had such personality and zing -- hope gets to stay awhile. I thought he was pretty amazing, after a recent hip replacement.

Audrey said...

It is time for a lady to take home the trophy! and I think it could happen. There is definately more potential among the ladies than the men! very disappointed in the men's performances. (fantastic sunrise by the way!!)