Saturday, September 1, 2007

Laurel's Day!

Laurel turned 19 years old on Thursday! We have enjoyed having her home this summer, she returns to BYU-I on the 9th and we will miss her. I was hoping she would "blog" her day but since she has not, I will.

It was a hard day for alot of people in the community, it was the funeral of the litle girl, Macey, who died in an accident last Saturday. The funeral was very nice and so appropriate for a little girl. The family called her their Christmas Angel because she was born on Christmas Day. The family had heard Laurel sing a hymn in sacrament meeting last summer and remembered how she sounded like an angel so they asked if she would sing at the funeral. The song was written by a woman whose nephew died in a car accident years ago and Laurel really did sound like an angel. I hope she will record it someday, it was really beautiful. After the funeral this little girl was carried in a horse drawn wagon pulled by her grandpas and surrounded by her cousins followed by a white carriage with her parents and grandmas and following them were 20 horses ridden by family members in their white shirts to the Leavitt Cemetary about 1 mile away. It was warm, with a slight breeze, peaceful and quiet and could not have been more moving.

After the funeral we had a scavenger hunt for Laurel where at the end she found her "prize money". Money is a great gift for "a girl who has everything" right? We then grabbed our passports and headed for another country to have dinner. Cardston is not known for their eateries. It was fun and different and AMERICAN!!! The funny thing about her birthday was that as soon as we walked in the door Neal and Michelle went to bed and Laurel went to lay down for awhile, it was so funny. I think with this being the first week of school along with the funeral they were all tuckered out. This birthday picture was taken last night and she even lit her own candles!


name: Laurel said...

haha thanks for the post mom. i feel like a movie star. and i realized how much i love that shirt i was wearing in the picture. annnnd i realized today what i should have asked for for my birthday...but i guess thats the beauty of getting cash, i can just go out and buy it now. anyway...i am definitly buying Funny Face as soon as i find it. so thanks!

lou lou said...

Nice picture of Laurel....that color is great on her!! Happy Birthday Laurel!

Audrey said...

Happy Birthday Laurel!! You are a beautiful girl, and we miss you.