Monday, September 17, 2007

Marriage Tag!

Jolyn tagged me!

Where did you meet your husband?

I met him at my apartment...he came over with his roomate to "meet the twins" with the urging of his roomate....he had just broken off an engagment......we were in the same ward at BYU in the summer of 1980. He had seen me at church while sitting with his then fiance, so he knew who "the twins" were.

What was your first date?
Nothing very romantic....BYU 13 Stake Fireside with Mark E Petersen....when he called to ask me to the fireside I really wasn't sure " which Mark" it was....I was glad when I opened the door.

Where was the first kiss?
I don't really remember our first kiss and it bothers me. It might be in my journal but it is packed away. I would imagine it was on the door step of my apartment at The Regency, apartment number 103 I believe.

Where did you get engaged?
In my apartment at BYU! It was Valentines Day 1981. We met in September of 1980 and by November-ish I knew I loved him....a miracle for me because I never dated a boy longer than three months.....I would tire of them or they would do something that bugged me and that was all it took....He came by with two a typical VDay card and the other was a VDay card with a special question inside. I had a feeling he was going to ask me on Valentines Day so I had previously been thinking and praying about it so I would be ready! He had been looking at rings earlier but didn't get one until we could go together, secretly I wish he had the ring with him at the proposal.

Where did you get married?
We were married in the Hawaii Temple on June 27th, 1981.

How did the reception go?
It was the cultural hall of the Hawaii Kai was a luau complete with the kalua pig, lomi salmon, and all the fixings....had musical numbers, hula dancers, and the Hawaiian Wedding Song....I just love that song. Mark's parents, 1 brother , 3 sisters and an Aunt and Uncle came over, along with some of my small extended family. A wedding in Hawaii is a great reason to take a trip...I hope some of my kids get married there! Mark loved getting up at 6am the day of his wedding to get that pig in the ground!

How was the honeymoon?

Honeymoon was nice. We stayed our first night in Waikiki at the Royal Hawaiian....a friend of the family had connections...we stayed the remainder of the time on the North Shore at Kuilima, which is now Turtle Bay. We met up with Mark's family at the PCC one of the days but mostly went to the beach.....we only stayed there for 2-3 nights. Then it was off to Alberta to live with his parents in the basement ( yes, where we are right now) for the summer before heading off to BYU.

I tag my niece Stephanie! You're it!


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I love that picture of you and Mark. Such a great "meant to be" story. You guys are great. and the house is looking great!! It is really taking shape.

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that's a fun's great to hear..and your'e back in your first apartment!

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh... Love does make the world go round...

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Oh we go!