Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Release Date!

We got the official call from SLC with Brad's release date of December 3rd. It looks like Mark and I will leave here on the 30th of November to get him, stay a few days in Nicaragua then head straight to California so he can report on Sunday, December 9th. We can't wait to have him home again!

If you look close enough you can see one of the girls doing "bunny ears" on her sister. It seems that all kids, no matter where they live, are exactly the same.


Mary-Anne said...

What a beautiful photo of Brad and the lives he is effecting - 'at the waters of Mormon'??? It is easy to visulaize in such a grogeous surrounding!

lou lou said...

Wooo hooo!!

Suz said...

Ah, can we say he is such a handsome missionary? Just asking! He is living a dream in that beautiful country.

David said...

I thought the same thing as Mary-Anne...surprise surprise. How gorgeous and wonderful that shot is.
Believe it or not, I just ran into a dear sister while in Utah this week who I visited often during my mission. I also taught her daughter in preparation for her baptism at 8. A tearful reunion and oh so sweet.