Thursday, October 25, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I know halloween is a few days away but now it feels like it. My swap package came in the mail today and I love it. Look at the fun things Lisa from Sprinville gave me (not the pumpkin of course, but the stick in accessories. We will carve the mouth next week). I cannot wait to try the Screamin Yellow Popcorn recipe she sent. It is a family favorite and I have a sneaky feeling it is going to taste like Screaming Yellow Zonkers!


Lisa Kendrick said...

I'm glad you like your goodies! I completely spaced taking a pic of what you sent me and I've eaten all the candy, used the carving tool at a YW activity, and I'm wearing the socks today!! =)

I love that Halloween book. I have one myself and want to make an attempt to create that tablerunner with the bats.

Hope you have a great Halloween!

lou lou said...

Cute Halloween swap! I would LOVE the recipe for the screaming yellow popcorn. Have you seen the white pumpkins out there? They are ghost pumpkins. They have them at Extra Foods 2/5.00. Although they rang up at 3.99 each but the sign said 2/5. I had a gas coupon too so each pumpkin cost me 1.04 each! They have less seeds and are easier to carve so Seth says.

Lisa Kendrick said...

I use butter popcorn, and unfortunately I haven't measured out the popcorn. Let me know how it turns out for you!!