Monday, October 1, 2007

Still Like the Billionaire

Another week with the dancers...let's see....well first off, the hand on the chest with Marie was a bit too much for me and a lot of leg stuff goin on there too. She is safe for sure. My least favorite guys are still my least favs, the model and soap opera man. I really liked the race car driver and I really like his partner, she is just so good. Cheetah Girl was very very good again. Wayne? I think he might just go home, but will for sure be in the bottom 2 with the billionaire. They never give billionaire man good scores and I am not sure why. I liked his dance tonight, and the song? I really liked it. Jane is just so pretty isn't she? 56 years old? I liked her style of the mambo tonight, she has her own elegant style no matter what dance she does. Spice Girl was good too. Jenni Garth seems just like a normal mom so I enjoy watching her too. She might be in the bottom three. I think billionaire man is going home.......but I loved the song. I think they need to market the songs on a CD. I would buy one. How about you?


Jan said...

Oh, I'd buy a CD too. Fun, fun music, I think. I think Wayne is going back to Vegas. And I"m not sure why Mr. Billionaire doesn't get the scores either -- I know he had a hip replacement not long ago and when he comes down the stairs you can see that - -but wouldn't you think that might give him a little sympathy vote? You and I agree on all this. I love this show.

PS -- I don't know a Royden Erickson in Mountain View but odds are that we are related somehow. My dad has 7 brothers and sisters and they are all over S. Alberta.

And I love reading your blog - can I link you on mine?

Danielle said...

Orlan just told me about your blog today. It was so fun to read about your family. More of our family should blog. It makes it easy to share news. I am fairly new to it but if you go to you can see our newest addition.

Audrey said...

Mine is on the DVR, and I haven't even watched yet. For shame. They will be talking about it at Jazz tomorrow for sure, and I'll find out whose off before I even watch. Darn. How is the step class?

Marilee C said...

Jan- yes you can link me on, thanks for asking and linking.
Audrey- my step class is good, just what I needed!