Monday, October 22, 2007


As you all know, Laurel loves to sing! She was not able to squeeze any kind of choir into her schedule this semester which was very disapointing to her. I mentioned to her that she could join the ward choir..............!
Well, she called last night and was SO SO SO happy............she will be participating in the choir for the Rexburg Temple dedication in February! I know how exciting a temple dedication can be when you live near a temple. I was able to be a part of the Hawaii Temple re-dedication in 1978. I was chosen from the Bishop in my ward to serve dinner to the first presidency on the BYU-Hawaii campus. President Romney needed another napkin and who got that for him? Me! I did more than that, but that was a big deal to me way back then. I remember sitting next to my mother during the dedication and seeing her cry. It was a nice moment. I am glad my kids have seen me cry more than one time, I think it is a good thing. My favorite song to this day is, "The Spirit of God". I love the alto part, I learned to sing alto from sitting next to my mother every Sunday and singing the hymns. Another nice memory. I can sing that song with the book closed, I just love that!
I know Laurel will have the experience of her life being a part of the Rexburg Temple dedication. I am happy because she is happy!


Jan said...

How wonderful for her! I was involved in directing the choir and playing the organ for the Boise temple dedication way back in the '80's -- and that was an experience I"ll never forget. She'll feel the same way, I know.

Lou lou said...

That is very nice for Laurel. Being a part of any area of a temple dedication is the best! I wonder if she will be singing in the Celestial room? The choir here did for our temple. Now THAT would be awesome for her.

Suz said...

What can I say? Good things happen to good people. She deserves this!

Your memory of your mother singing in church is identical to my own experience. My favorite part of those long church meetings was leaning my ear against my mom's shoulder to hear (and feel) her strong harmony resonate with my quieter melody.

USAUS said...

So nice to claim a talented niece...who has voice and heart... way to go Laurel!

name: Laurel said...

awww thanks mommmmm. i guess i was a little bit over-excited when i called. well, i'm still really excited. but thanks for all the nice comments everyone!

so is 2 in the morning right now and i'm writing another english paper. i don't know why i do this to myself but i'll never have to take another english class ever again after tomorrow. anyway- i got side tracked and checked out your blog. i'll get back to my 10 page essay now. goodnight!

Audrey said...

I agree with Susan, Laurel deserves it! What a wonderful opportunity for her.