Monday, November 26, 2007


San Juan del Sur is a famous surfing and tourist hot spot in Nicaragua and we're going to be there on Saturday, yea! We take off tomorrow morning to fly out of SLC early Friday to spend the week in Nicaragua. We are all so excited to pick up Bradley from his mission that we can hardly stand it. Two years can go by pretty fast. He says it is the cool season with rain and temps being in the 80's. Ummm, right now at 9am it is -7C. I think we can handle some "coolness". We will be back December 12th with our boy along with some fun photos to share and a tan. That reminds me, I need to find my Maui Babe suntan lotion, now where can that be?

Hold on, before you go I need to comment on Dancing last night. I liked the results. Marie was destined to go with that last dance she did, what was she thinking? I kept waiting for "the doll" to really get in the groove and after it was over I wondered what I had just seen. I thought it was just weird. Mel B was the best, but I was very happy about Helio and Julliann, they're just so cute. Now on to Dance Wars in Jan. Still don't know what to think about it, but if it reality TV I'm there. I love watching people, airports are the best.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have the best husband in the whole world! Let me explain.....or maybe i don't even need to. I think you have all figured out by now that we are living our lives in a manner that we were not expecting. Does that make sense? " yah, let's to move to Canada and live in the basement of the house you grew up in with your mom upstairs, it will only be only for 6-9 months and then we will be in our new home". "Oh, and one more thing...I want all the baseboards and trim done and every single light switch cover in place". I know, you are all laughing, but that's ok, I think it is pretty ridiculous too looking back. So to my point.............I have not been on my best behavior at all times. After 26 years of marriage which means running the show of my own home pretty much, I have had difficulty living in someone elses home with someone else in it. I was telling Mark this morning that no woman should ever have to share a kitchen with another woman unless they are polygamists. Am I right? So I have had crying spells, complaining moments, and guilty feelings. And you know what? Mark still loves me! He feels bad and thinks it is all his fault. How is that for a great husband. It is not his fault, he does not need to feel bad or guilty or anything. We are in this together and that is the best part of this whole experience. What if one of us was were not on the same page? Ewe, let's not even think about it. I know he is doing everything he can and working so hard to make it happen as soon as possible. He is the hardest worker I know. Patience is a virtue? Can we just skip that virtue all together? Who thought of that word anyway? If we all cross it off "the list" then can it just go away and then we won't have to learn patience, it's just way too hard!

So in a nutshell, I am very thankful for a husband who loves me for me, no matter what because according to my kids, I am a liitle weird on top of everything else.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Laurel is Home!

It's break time and we are all happy!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Splish Splash

Neal had his first overnight scouting activity without his dad being there and he had a blast! The Deacons Quorum met at the church to load the quads up on the trailer and then drove to the "community pasture" ( back in the day this area was church owned I believe for the use of the ward to use to sustain their cattle and use the land as recreation as well, I think) to unload and get to the campsite before dark. Neal was looking forward to this activity all week and boy was he prepared. He was afraid that the bears might be hungry before hibernation so he brought a whistle, an LED light for the campsite, and a "bear banger", which was a cap gun.......come on, he is only 12! The dollar store was all out of loud horns, darn! He came back muddy and happy, but the best part was the great report I got from his leader. He said Neal obeyed all the rules and showed responsibility with his quad. Whew! Little boys can be wreckless at times. Which reminds me....I bet you were wondering and pondering and thinking how an activity with boys can be without a mishap or two. Wonder no more. Mark went out with the bishop (he has the cute little red cap on. I am trying to get used to men and boys wearing these funny hats that hang down at the ears like girl braids) this morning to meet them all for breakfast and to hang out for awhile. All the boys, at one point were coming up this hill with the leader(a boy)going way too fast. Mark was at the top waiting and watching and was not happy with this boy because he was going way too fast and really got after him when he got to the top. Some of the other kids were then watching from the top, looking to see this double cab truck with this huge trailer, get to the top as well. But this one kid (same one as mentioned above) was still on his quad, going full throttle, backing up and BAM! right into the back side of Marks truck! Mark saw the whole thing and this kid didn't even look behind him, just thought he would go for it . Those of you who know Mark knows he is pretty mild mannered, but I guess he layed in on him good. He didn't even get an apology. So now the bishop has the unpleasant task of approaching his parents about payment and the behavior of their son, I hope he doesn't wear that little red funny looking girl braid hat!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sneak Peak

We picked up our cabinets yesterday, whoo hoo!! We ordered them through HD in Kalispell for almost half the price and with $150 delivery anywhere in the US how could we go wrong? We met the truck about 10 miles from the Babb PO pretty much just off the side of the road. When the gal called to confirm the delivery date she mentioned that a truck would be in our area........I thought, "uh, I don't think so, have you looked at your map?" The cabinets came from Denver and after our delivery, the truck was headed to Billings, is that in our area? I guess so? It's all relative I suppose.

We went with the brand KraftMaid and I think we made a great choice. A friend of ours actually did the homework on them. His dad was a perfectionist cabinet maker so he knew what to look for in ordering his own cabinets. Yea, one less thing we had to learn about before going ahead.
We decided on Cherry with a Black Glaze. The cabinets look red in the bright light and more deep brownsih/red when the lighting is darker, a nice compromise. The picture on the bottom is more true to life, but they are even a bit darker than that. You can see the black glaze more in the top picture, it just gives the wood more depth and character. The cabinet is now tucked back up nicely in it's box waiting for the day it can be hung......don't ask!
I know I didn't blog about DWTS this week and I even cheated on Tuesday night. I was on the phone with Lou Lou and she gave me the blow by blow. See? I was right, I knew Cameron would go. I think he deserved to stay one more week, but knew he would go because Marie has such a following. I predict she is next.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Yeehaw and Giddy Up!

The annual Ward Rodeo was last Saturday (way different than our annual ward beach parties in California!)

It was combined with another ward, one takes care of the food while the other ward takes care of the rodeo events. As you can see there were quite a few horses in the arena will all ages riding. One event was holding an egg in a spoon as you rode around the arena , last one holding the egg won and another where you paired up with each person holding the end of about 4 squares of TP while riding with out ripping the TP. You know, the basic relay events but on a horse.

They also let a couple of pigs loose and all the kids went crazy trying to catch them. Who caught one of them? Neal. They also let three chickens out to catch and guess who caught two of them? Neal again. It was fun to watch and Neal had a blast.
His bus driver, Rod, who trains horses for a living, let Neal ride his horse which was great for him. We keep mentioning to Rod that when he finds a "good old horse" that we can handle to let us know. Somehow I think he might be wondering if city folks can take care of a horse. I think we can, don't you?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

See Jane Dance, See Jane Wave Goodbye

It was time for Jane to go no doubt about it. Next? Maybe soap opera star, that would be my pick. I think that he is better than Marie but I think Marie has more of a following. Can you believe the drama each and every week? I almost want to tune in to see what is next rather than to find out who gets booted.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Oh My Gosh!

Was I sounding not too positive on my last post? I was not meaning to sound like that at all. I was saying it like it is. I am a happy person and really looking forward to my new home sometime next year, as long as we ( somebody) is working on the house I am totally good to go. And no Suz, it is not all the bathrooms, very funny!!!!! We are only finishing five of them, whatever!

Here is an update though....the guy who borrowed our trailer never picked up the windows, the supplier wasn't ready, of course until the minute the trailer borrower pulled into our yard returning the trailer. So he picked it up this morning AFTER he finished framing out our stairs! YEA!!! Then who else showed up today? The soffit and facia guy, YEA!!!! We are totally on a roll. So to celebrate Mark and I are taking off to Kalispell for another drywall load. He will be at Home Depot and I will be at Costco, TJ Maxx, Target, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy( oh wait, take that back, we don't really like Best Buy....way too hard for returns) and Ross. Michelle has a list of books she wants me to get for her, the ones about the vampire.

Well I gotta go and get my temporary crown put back in. The girl said to stay away from toffee so I did, I chewed gum. Good bye!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

See For Yourself

Building a house has NEVER been ANYTHING I have EVER wanted to do.......EVER! But here I am building a house in pretty much the middle of nowhere. I don't mind the living in the middle of almost nowhere, it's fine....for now! ( click the photo to see the white house waaaaay out there)

So there are problems with building a house in the middle of nowhere, such as ....getting help to build your house. Let's see, we moved up here to Alberta July 17th, 2006 and broke ground in early September. Ok good. The foundation is dug, the footings are poured, the basement walls are up, the subfloor is on and then we STOPPED! Why you ask? The wind! Yah, the wind never seemed to let up and then our builder guy thought that it was a good time to stop. What? Excuse me? Stop? Did we hear you right? Yah we heard him right. So by April we are 6 months behind. Our builder guy helped for awhile longer with the roof trusses and some of the framing and then POOF! So here we are trying to basically build the house ourselves with help from here and there.

One guy to do the plumbing, one guy to do the electrical, another guy to build the stairs before the electrician can even start, another guy to pour the basement, somebody to do drywall hanging, another guy to mud and tape, another guy to do the soffit, facia and acrylic stucco on the exterior. Oh sure we have people to call, and call again, and call again. Oh yah, they want to help, but the big question is when? Oh next week? That would be great, see you then. No show. Oh can I borrow your trailer to get windows for another job I am doing? and then I will finish your stairs....still have not heard from him. Not even a thankyou. He just dropped off the trailer and vamoosed it outta there.

So when any of you friends and family from our past life ask us how the house is coming, I cringe inside when I hear Mark tell them we almost have the drywall hung. What is that? It has been 16 months and we are only to the drywall stage? Uh, yah.

Ok, a girl who has been living in her mother inlaw's basement can dream a little can't she? And so if I click my green polka dotted rubber boot heals together three times and repeat, "I want to go home" do you think it will work? Don't answer that!!!