Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sneak Peak

We picked up our cabinets yesterday, whoo hoo!! We ordered them through HD in Kalispell for almost half the price and with $150 delivery anywhere in the US how could we go wrong? We met the truck about 10 miles from the Babb PO pretty much just off the side of the road. When the gal called to confirm the delivery date she mentioned that a truck would be in our area........I thought, "uh, I don't think so, have you looked at your map?" The cabinets came from Denver and after our delivery, the truck was headed to Billings, is that in our area? I guess so? It's all relative I suppose.

We went with the brand KraftMaid and I think we made a great choice. A friend of ours actually did the homework on them. His dad was a perfectionist cabinet maker so he knew what to look for in ordering his own cabinets. Yea, one less thing we had to learn about before going ahead.
We decided on Cherry with a Black Glaze. The cabinets look red in the bright light and more deep brownsih/red when the lighting is darker, a nice compromise. The picture on the bottom is more true to life, but they are even a bit darker than that. You can see the black glaze more in the top picture, it just gives the wood more depth and character. The cabinet is now tucked back up nicely in it's box waiting for the day it can be hung......don't ask!
I know I didn't blog about DWTS this week and I even cheated on Tuesday night. I was on the phone with Lou Lou and she gave me the blow by blow. See? I was right, I knew Cameron would go. I think he deserved to stay one more week, but knew he would go because Marie has such a following. I predict she is next.


Jan said...

Oh, I LOVE the cabinets! They are beautiful! Good choice. And I agree on DWTS -- glad Cameron is gone, but I"m afraid Marie will go next, unless somehow Jennie really doesn't pull it off.

lou lou said...

Nice lee lee! I really like them.

Audrey said...

Cabinets are a big piece of the puzzle, and you made a great choice! They are beautiful.