Saturday, November 17, 2007

Splish Splash

Neal had his first overnight scouting activity without his dad being there and he had a blast! The Deacons Quorum met at the church to load the quads up on the trailer and then drove to the "community pasture" ( back in the day this area was church owned I believe for the use of the ward to use to sustain their cattle and use the land as recreation as well, I think) to unload and get to the campsite before dark. Neal was looking forward to this activity all week and boy was he prepared. He was afraid that the bears might be hungry before hibernation so he brought a whistle, an LED light for the campsite, and a "bear banger", which was a cap gun.......come on, he is only 12! The dollar store was all out of loud horns, darn! He came back muddy and happy, but the best part was the great report I got from his leader. He said Neal obeyed all the rules and showed responsibility with his quad. Whew! Little boys can be wreckless at times. Which reminds me....I bet you were wondering and pondering and thinking how an activity with boys can be without a mishap or two. Wonder no more. Mark went out with the bishop (he has the cute little red cap on. I am trying to get used to men and boys wearing these funny hats that hang down at the ears like girl braids) this morning to meet them all for breakfast and to hang out for awhile. All the boys, at one point were coming up this hill with the leader(a boy)going way too fast. Mark was at the top waiting and watching and was not happy with this boy because he was going way too fast and really got after him when he got to the top. Some of the other kids were then watching from the top, looking to see this double cab truck with this huge trailer, get to the top as well. But this one kid (same one as mentioned above) was still on his quad, going full throttle, backing up and BAM! right into the back side of Marks truck! Mark saw the whole thing and this kid didn't even look behind him, just thought he would go for it . Those of you who know Mark knows he is pretty mild mannered, but I guess he layed in on him good. He didn't even get an apology. So now the bishop has the unpleasant task of approaching his parents about payment and the behavior of their son, I hope he doesn't wear that little red funny looking girl braid hat!


USAUS said...

maybe the little red hat would diffuse the tension! Sorry about the truck Mark... Neal sure looks confident!

lou lou said...

I love seeing pictures of Neal. He is always so cute and happy!