Friday, December 14, 2007


This may seem like a funny post, but I found these signs different and interesting and afterall, isn't that what we do on vacations? Take different and interesting pictures? Inside MacDonalds it looked exaclty like ours, they even had the play area for kids which Neal go for it Neal, we'll see you after we eat.

Daniel Ortega, he won the election again. His billboards were everywhere and he even had a campaign song for his election. Brad has explained why he won, and if the other two candidates (which were basically on the same page) had been united Ortega would not be in power. Hope the church survives, he tends to not be very nice.

Neal was so excited to use the pool and Michelle (ok, me too) was dying to lay out and get a tan so when we woke up one morning to see this sign the kids (ok, me too) were not too happy about this sign outside the elevators. We had a little trouble figuring it out though, but we did. "No swimming after 1:00pm". We comprehended that just fine. Thank you very much.

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Audrey said...

I am loving your photos and travel log. It looks absolutely beautiful. It was so fun to see you last weekend. I was so impressed with Brad's testimony and knowledge of the Book of Mormon. Come back again soon!