Friday, January 4, 2008

Two down, One to go!

Boy was it sad when Brad left for school yesterday. I suppose it is the post mission thing. Being gone for two years, then home for a few weeks, then off he goes again. He is so anxious to get on with his life, which I can't blame him. His home is in Provo where school and friends are. I think it was hard for him to come home to Alberta where it really isn't home for him since we moved here while he was on his mission.

Clark left last week and Laurel leaves in the morning THEN we can concentrate on the house with no distractions. Kid distractions are good though.

Grandma wanted to take a picture on her camera so I thought I might get a picture on my camera too. Glad I did.

Why does he look so happy when he is leaving his mother again?!


Audrey said...

Are you wearing your flip-flops with socks? I guess that is what a California girl does in the winter. That makes me smile. I am sorry that your birds are flying the coop again. I am sure that he misses you too.

Marilee said...

Yep, socks and flip flops. A little embarrasing for my kids, oh well.

Kari said...

I didn't tell you that the picture at the top of your blog now is absolutely breathtaking. I love it-love it.