Thursday, February 28, 2008

You Wanna Piece Of Me?

Jolyn gave me this great idea for a post. Since I don't have my own home to live in, yet, I thought I would make myself feel better by showing you my old home. It was complete, and manicured, and green, which is what I like.
Yep, there is the pool and the sport court. Our kids loved the backyard. We also had a cement walkway that went all the way around the perimeter which was super great for motor bikes and tricycles. See way in the back on the right? That was a sand area with a jungle gym thingy.
This was my favorite part of the yard. This was just inside the front gate entrance. See my fountain? Do you know how excited I will be when I can use it again? My neighbor Sylvia,that lived down the street, doesn't like fountains because they make her want to go to the bathroom. Not me, it transports me to something tropical and wonderful, which is tropical. Yep, tropical-ness is wonderful!
Now this post might not look real great, but it is great. See my banana plant? We actually harvested a few bunches from it and boy were they delicious. They were a small banana but man oh man were they delectible, no kidding. So soft and smooth and yummy. See tha tree that is barren? That is my Plumeria tree and it is dormant. Mark got that for me from a woman's house in Camarillo. He was doing her roof because she was moving and she told Mark my love of Plumerias and she said he could have the tree if he wanted to dig it up. Hello? Who has to think twice about that? So he and a couple of his worker guys dug it up very carefully, put it in the back of his trailer and drove very slowly home. Suprises like this are super great aren't they? It was an anniversary/birthday gift. The sad thing is that last year it froze so the new owner had to trim/cut it way down.

So there you have it... "a piece of me". Should I post interior pictures too? Only if you really want me to, but you have to let me know.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

DooDooDoo Looking Out My Front Door

They usually move cattle early in the morning but Saturday was such a nice, windless day that I guess they thought mid-day would be even better. I agree. (that is our mailbox)
No, I am not following the cattle to see what pasture they are going too. Monday was "Family Day" so I was taking Neal into town to the carnival while I went grocery shopping. He was with lots of families at the carnival, just not his. Well, actually I guess he was with family because half the town is probably related. Ok, maybe not "that related", but very connected.

Monday, February 18, 2008

House Update

Here is our trim. We are manufacturing it ourselves. We like the simplicity of it, yet the edges have detail work which we like. We are doing 4" trim around all the doors and windows and a 5 1/2" baseboard which we are doing ourselves as well. We didn't plan on doing that, but we couldn't find anything out there that we liked with the dimensions we wanted.
Here is one of the windows in the nook. Look "outside" the window, don't you love the view? I am so looking forward to sitting in my home and looking out the window for hours on end. Ok, well maybe not that long, you know what I mean.
Here is a sample of our flooring. We have searched high and low for just the right flooring as well and have settled on this. It is a three strip which means one plank has three strips to it so the install will go faster. We wanted the plank flooring but couldn't fnd the right one to match our cupboards.
Can you believe I allow this M-E-S-S in my home? I can't either. You know how one things leads to another and before you know it your house is "the shop". We should be painting early next week so this sawdust, lumber and equipment will be gone shortly.

Anyone Suprised? Didn't Think So!

It really was a very nice morning yesterday. It was sunny, the skies were blue, but most importantly, there was no wind! And how could I not get a picture of Neal doing one of his favorite things in shorts and a t-shirts?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Phone Calls

Mark called Brad last night to see how things were going. Brad is busy with school, a job, and a girlfriend and so sometimes he doesn't get to bed as early as he should and that maybe if he got up earlier in the morning he would be more productful....."early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise", right. So Mark told him last night that we would wake him up at 6:30 for scripture and prayer. So we did. He didn't think we would do it, silly Brad. After we were done, we had a few minutes before having to really get up when the phone rings. I run to get the phone so it won't wake up Mark's mom and who is at the other end? Rod, the bus driver. " So have you heard the news? It's another snow day!" Wow, another snow day, do you know how great those are for the kids? Michelle decided to turn on the radio to really get the scooop on school closures. Sure enough, the buses aren't running, but only Neal's school is closed. But then a few minutes later there is another update, ALL schools are closed. Michelle is happy!

Friday, February 8, 2008

My Mail Run

You need to click on this first picture to get the whole "small town, main street" feeling.Here is "main street", and I mean "main street". On the left with the green sign is our bank and the church bookstore which is just "up" from it....oh wait, that is little old me, California girl talking. I really should have said the bookstore is north of the bank. Whatever. To the right, I mean, west, is the best little dollar store around and south(I'm learning)of that on the right(oh wait, west of that is one of the drug stores. Are you confused because I am. I wish people here would just talk in "lefts and rights".
So this is pretty much what I see when I drive to Babb to retrieve my US mail, pretty sparse and barren and cold and icey and windy. See the drifting snow over the roads?
Almost there, just 4 miles to go! See how far I am from Great Falls? We really are not THAT far away from you.
And there it is! My US post office that "brings the states to me" with bank statements, Costco ads, my Ensign, sometimes a package, credit card applications,Pottery Barn magazines, and the best yet............a parking ticket for my car that was supposedly in Los Angeles on Burmington St. on December 29, 2007. The ticket said it was my car alright, black Acura with even the right CA license plate. The thing is, I have not had a CA license plate on my car (boohoo) since Sept. 06! I don't know where they got their information but that is surely weird!
Home again, home again. This temple even looks pretty in the dead of winter!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

More "Nica" Pictures

Brad (Elder Cahoon) was loved by so many people on his mission which was so evident when we would visit "his families". The cute little boy in the picture has a nickname, as does a parrot and a dog. It is "Cahoonsito", which means little Cahoon. Yep, Elder Cahoon will live on in Nicaragua.
Laurel and Michelle standing on the rooftop of the oldest cathedral in Central America. Look at that view!!
Did you EVER think you would see a "pooped out " Neal? We did a lot of traveling by car and plane on this trip and I guess it fianlly caught up with him.
The girls are sucking on sugar cane. We went to visit the primary president in one of Brad's areas and she was very quick to offer this to us. We followed her to the back yard, she got out her machete and cut a piece off the sugarcane plant just like that.
This is a funny picture. This is the day that Brad and other Sister and Elders were getting released from their missions before heading home. We took Brad and these two Elders with us to McDonald's while waiting for the mission president to interview them. Laurel brought out her Ipod and these missionaries were flabbergasted at the technology. This is a classic picture and don't you love their mature hairlines?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

School Lunches

So today at dinner I thought I would ask Neal what the kids at his school brought for their school lunches. The reason why I asked him was because we had a pretty flavorful meal today and because sometimes one thought leads to another with no rhyme or reason, at least this happens to me, I thought I would ask the question that every mother wants to know. We had caesar salad with chicken strips, garlic toast made with english muffins and a yummy vegetable stir fry with sweet potatoes and butternut squash, seasoned with a touch of curry and a touch of chili powder. It was very yummy and so easy to prepare especially when you can buy the squash already cubed and you use sweet potato fries.

So back to my thought. I think all moms wonder if the lunches they make for their kids is par with the others. I put in the boring peanut butter/honey sandwich, a box drink, (BTW it is SO easy to find 100% juice here in small drink boxes. I love that), maybe a fruit in some way, or carrot sticks, or chips. Nothing too exciting for sure. I could put in those Campbell's microwave cup soups or a frozen "something" which is nice for up here plus Neal's class has a microwave. So Neal told me that the other kids bring microwave stuff, OK, and sandwiches, OK, but then he said something really weird. Maybe not weird for here in this country, but definitely weird for California and most places for that matter. Are you ready for this? A MOOSE! Yah, Neal said that Ben's family hasn't bought their meat "in like 30 years. They don't buy their meat, they shoot their meat". Yup, we live in the country in pretty much the middle of nowhere.