Monday, February 18, 2008

House Update

Here is our trim. We are manufacturing it ourselves. We like the simplicity of it, yet the edges have detail work which we like. We are doing 4" trim around all the doors and windows and a 5 1/2" baseboard which we are doing ourselves as well. We didn't plan on doing that, but we couldn't find anything out there that we liked with the dimensions we wanted.
Here is one of the windows in the nook. Look "outside" the window, don't you love the view? I am so looking forward to sitting in my home and looking out the window for hours on end. Ok, well maybe not that long, you know what I mean.
Here is a sample of our flooring. We have searched high and low for just the right flooring as well and have settled on this. It is a three strip which means one plank has three strips to it so the install will go faster. We wanted the plank flooring but couldn't fnd the right one to match our cupboards.
Can you believe I allow this M-E-S-S in my home? I can't either. You know how one things leads to another and before you know it your house is "the shop". We should be painting early next week so this sawdust, lumber and equipment will be gone shortly.


name: Laurel said...

i like your new picure, mom. you should put all the pictures that you switch off of onto your side bar so we can enjoy them all year long.

Audrey said...

Wind or no wind, your header pictures are postcard perfect! I love the casing around your windows, and your floor is really pretty. The variations it it will look so nice with your cherry cabinets. Hopefully you won't be too comfortable staring out your windows for hours on end, that you won't want to still visit California.

Kari said...

I can look for hours on end at your beautiful views...keep taking pictures! Painting next week--that means you are getting so close. (I know, not soon enough for you, but you know...) Excellent.

cmeagan said...

Nice lee lee! It's all coming right along. Will "my" room be ready soon? I like Laurels idea about putting all the pictures on your side bar.