Thursday, February 7, 2008

More "Nica" Pictures

Brad (Elder Cahoon) was loved by so many people on his mission which was so evident when we would visit "his families". The cute little boy in the picture has a nickname, as does a parrot and a dog. It is "Cahoonsito", which means little Cahoon. Yep, Elder Cahoon will live on in Nicaragua.
Laurel and Michelle standing on the rooftop of the oldest cathedral in Central America. Look at that view!!
Did you EVER think you would see a "pooped out " Neal? We did a lot of traveling by car and plane on this trip and I guess it fianlly caught up with him.
The girls are sucking on sugar cane. We went to visit the primary president in one of Brad's areas and she was very quick to offer this to us. We followed her to the back yard, she got out her machete and cut a piece off the sugarcane plant just like that.
This is a funny picture. This is the day that Brad and other Sister and Elders were getting released from their missions before heading home. We took Brad and these two Elders with us to McDonald's while waiting for the mission president to interview them. Laurel brought out her Ipod and these missionaries were flabbergasted at the technology. This is a classic picture and don't you love their mature hairlines?


.caroline armelle. said...

hi. thanks for the comment.
they are twins, but their names are amy and ann. i actually have no idea why they named it lou and lee? funny though!

USAUS said...

The gift of a great mission - it keeps on giving and giving doesn't it mom?

Kari said...

Aawww...what a great picture, of Brad with that family. I never have tasted sugar cane.

mama jo said...

great pictures...i didn't know neal ever looks like the girls are playing the flute...looks like a great trip..

Audrey said...

I love seeing pictures from your trip!

name: Laurel said...

can anyone tell me how on earth i became soccer-mom-hips and why michelle gets to be the cute skinny one? ridiculous. and i'm glad you noticed our flute impression jolyn!