Saturday, March 29, 2008

Costume Time Again

I have been sewing up a storm these past couple of days. Mark and I were asked to be Tribe Leaders for Moroni's Quest, a stake youth activity they are having this summer. It is a 3-4 day activity where everyone involved wears costumes like this and the youth will witness re-enactments from the Book of Mormon. We sleep in tents in the middle of nowhere and wear no makeup. Low maintenance will be the name of the game for sure.

The reason why I have these sewn up already is because we have a Tribe Meeting tomorrow night and all of us involved, excluding the youth, have to be dressed up....... or dressed down.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What You Have All Been Waiting For

Lou Lou and I really do have alot more in common than genetics. We have been known to give our parents the same greeting cards which might make sense if we lived near each other and shopped at the same stores right? But no, it has been when we have lived miles and miles apart and even different countries. We can sometimes read each others thoughts and finish sentences at the same time with the same words. We even married Canadians and I think that is odd and alot of other people think that is odd too.

I met Mark at BYU, we dated and married (1981), lived in Provo for a year before graduating then we moved to Drayton Valley (1982), Alberta for 5 years. (oil boom time) Clark and Brad were born there.

We then moved to CA in 1987 then of course got pregnant right away before we had health insurance and since we still were on Alberta Health we decided to combine a family reunion, a horseback trip with family for the guys, and having the baby (Laurel) back in Alberta, all in one month (1988). It worked out perfectly. Back to "twinisms".

So anyway, when Clark was born (1983) Lou Lou flew from Hawaii where our family lived to be with me, her twin sister. Chris, her husband, worked with Mark at Amoco and saw our picture on Mark's desk and wanted to meet "the other twin". "Oh you are in luck Chris because she is coming up when we have the baby". They were together 1 day, she flew back to Hawaii, they wrote, he visited, he got baptized, they got engaged and they were married in 1985.. Oh, where you ask? The same place Mark and I did, the Hawaii Temple. We really do have alot in common huh?

There was one thing we did not have in common though. Boys! We never, ever, ever were attracted to the same boys while dating. I'm not really sure why. You would think that it would have happened at least once. Nope. I really never liked the boys she dated, maybe I was jealous of the time she would spend with them and not me. Whatever. I do like Chris though,for her,not me. He doesn't get bothered and bugged and irritated with Lou Lou when we talk on the phone and it can be ALOT. Probably everyday. Mark doesn't mind either. It just comes with the package, you get one of us and you kinda get the other one too. Mark says that he hears everything twice. Once from me and then again when I tell Lou Lou. I tell him that he should just be glad we are not triplets!

So you want to know more?

LOU LOU AND HER FAMILY ARE MOVING TO ALBERTA! Chris got a job at LCC (Lethbridge Community College) as Director of Physical Facilities. WooHoo!!!! So now we have even more in common. Double WooHoo!!!! And only a 45 minute drive. Triple WooHoo!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Just awhile longer....

I hope the big announcement will be today. I can give you a hint though..I am not pregnant, thanks Laurel for that terrifying thought at the age of 47. No we are not moving into the house today..painting will be finished today though and the mudding and taping downstairs starts today. Nope, Clark or Brad are not engaged either. While you are waiting though you can visit Pioneer Woman (PW) because she is always entertaining and has lots of fun posts and I really mean that, her blog is totally the best ever. In fact, I think I am gonna go check her out right now. Hopefully she has more pictures and commentary on her remodel.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tired of seeing myself when I boot up my, here's Neal!

What? I was in the office at the computer when I saw something from the corner of my eye. At first I thought it might have been the dryer steam but realized the dryer was not on. What? Snow? It's snowing? I am telling you this southern Alberta weather is wierd. I know it is March and all, but it just took me WAY off guard. Don't ask me why. This is what Neal does in the snow, fun yah?

I think I want to be like Pioneer Woman and, not a contest, something HUGE on Monday. Something pretty unimagineable, suprising, wonderful, great, fantastic and way super duper! Aren't you just dying?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Contribution

Can you guess who I am? Last night was our Relief Society Birthday Party. The theme was service and so we had different women dressed as women, duh, portraying women, double duh, who had served others. We had Eve, Esther, Mary, Emma, Ann Eliza Leavitt Baker (she was a midwife years ago here in Leavitt where she delivered over 800 babies, never losing a baby or a mother), Mother Theresa, a Bishop's wife which was Mark's mom,(her husband served as Bishop of the Leavitt ward for 12 years), and a modern day mother. One by one we stood up and spoke in first person in costume. I really never turn down something I am asked to do. Well, that is not entirely true I suppose. The Bishop asked Mark and I to speak in Sacrament Meeting over a year ago and we said no...sort of. It was 6 days notice for one thing and I was preparing a RS lesson for the same week. It is not just not right to teach a lesson on the same day you are giving a talk right? I guess Mark scared the Bishop off when we said we would like 2 weeks notice as well. Back to what I was saying.....Most of you know that I really would rather not dress up and pretend to be somebody else AND talk in front of people if I had the choice. But I figured why not, I'm not real busy and I need to branch out so I said yes. It was not bad at all. I had my page of info. memorized which did add to the drama, but I did fine. I stood up tall and proud, looked from side to side as I spoke, remembered every word and felt the spirit. What more can you ask for right?

Oh, by the way, I am Mary. When I was a young women I was visited by an angel of the Lord and told I had been chosen to......

PS. The quilt behind me was made 47 years ago to raise money for the ward organ and piano when the chapel was being built. That would be in the year 1960, the year I was born.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Clark a Quilter?

No way. His friend, Macey's mom was at BYU-Hawaii particiapting in an Entreprenuer Conference on a panel, "Using the Web to Market Your Business and Product" She has her own quilting website (which I cannot link to) and she was giving away t-shirts.

Her site is worth looking at if you are interested in quilting. It is

Interesting eh? on the picture to enlarge and enjoy!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Hundreds and Hundreds

Mark and I have been pretty lucky when it comes to seeing Elk. Last night we went for a drive just before sunset and low and behold, right on the side of the road, we saw Elk. Lots and lots and lots of Elk.
Don't mind the noise in this video, it was a bit breezy, but you can totally "get the picture" of how many Elk there were. It was crazy!