Friday, April 25, 2008

Cahoon Family Update..

Laurel is home from school and just completed her second year at BYU-I. Her summer theater job starts in early May so she is just hanging out and quite bored at times. "Yah, I know Laurel. Soon you can paint your new room. Mustard color".

Brad drove home on Monday from BYU with the red truck which we left on the US side so we could get paperwork lined up in order to import it. Yesterday Mark and Brad drove to the border to pick it up. Since we had the red truck on our list of things to follow when we moved here 20 months 9 days and 17 hours ago, we didn't have to pay to bring it across the border. Brad was also a very lucky dog(dawg). There was about 2T of oil left in the engine after his quick 8 1/2 hour drive from PROVO to CANADA! Let's not even think about it.And... Brad has left his mother once again. For the summer. His cousin Kyle has started his own pest control business in Virginia and Brad is going to sell for him, make $60,000.00 and buy a Mazda with deep silver paint and black rims/wheels. Sounds good to me except for the black rims/wheels. He will be back during the summer months to see Laurel in her plays.

Last night we all piled in the truck(not the red one) and drove to Lethbridge and got a start on our food storage. With the gas prices up and some food item prices rising daily,we thought we better get going. We went to the Storehouse and bought in bulk quite a few items like rice,carrots,oats,beans,apple slices,and most important. Hot chocolate mix. They were out of wheat,potato pearls/flakes,and flour. We will have to go back next month and finish up. Did you know that you don't have to can or ouch your food from the Storehouse? If the food is for long storage like 20-30 years then it is much easier and economical if you buy items in bulk. You just have to make sure you have no mice problems and a cool area to store them in.
We then went to Costco and pick up some Travertine for our house and then we went to Dennys for dinner. We really don't mind Dennys once in awhile. Where else can you get breakfast whenever you want? We then dropped Brad off at his cousin's house so they could get an early start with their drive(not the red truck)back east.

Clark is toying with the idea of attending BYU Provo this spring and summer. He just finished up his finals at BYU-H and is wanting to spend time with some friends, save money on rent, and be closer to us. So we will see what he figures out. And I suppose the next time our WHOLE family will be together again will be the end of the summer before the kids start back at school. Ho Hum!


Kari said...

Hey! What a great bunch of pictures, especially the food storage one with the plastsic caps on. Fashion statement, anyone?
Your cabinets are fabulous. White ceramic looks SO SHARP on display in there!!!!!!!! (Well, your one piece does...guess you'll have to take another picture when it's all on display...) Welcome home, Laurel!

Marilou said...

You have such happy kids....and to be together like that are very fortunate. Loved the pictures.
Next time you come to Lethbridge to do the canning thing you can come to MY house and I will make everyone breakfast!

stone's eye view said...

I love the cannery. Looks like ya'll had a fun time there.