Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Major Accomplishment

We have the oddest thing going on in our house. It is the paint. The paint color changes all the time. In this one picture of the kitchen area you might say it looks peach. But it is not, it is a beige. And the thing is,is that the picture below which is our bedroom is the same color as this kitchen area picture. Weird huh? The house has so many windows and angles and shapes and ups and downs and ins and outs and then add the sunset and sun up, I think the paint is confused too. Cabinets are suppose to be installed, or should I say, started late this week, which really means sometime next week..... hopefully.
The big accomplishment? We (Mark) has decided on flooring and we are ordering it today. No, really we are. Mark promised. We are doing the Kahrs Walnut 3 strip. We know that the wider planks are in these days and we do like it, but we think with the overall look and feel we think, no, we know, that the three srtip will look super great. It has lots of grain and some color variation so it will have some character.

Wow, now that I am looking at this post I can hardly belive the paint color myself. The paint you see in both pictures is really not indicative of what it really looks lkie. I will keep the post up anyhow so you can see the progress, if that is what you call it. Just so you know, in real life the colors do match and we like them.


Audrey said...

progress progress progress! I love the windows, and the paint color makes me smile. Our current family room varies from yellow to brown to greenish depending on the sun and time of day. It is the sign of a good color cause it will match whatever you put in it. Your floors sound beautiful, and can't wait to see them.

USAUS said...

I had the same issues when building my house with the interior paint colors as the walls will absorb all the surrounding colors including exterior roof colors as well as the shadow patterns. You are NOT imagining it!!!!

Go on - admit you like peach :-)