Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bling Bling

Bling bling? What does that have to do with this picture you ask? Adding bling means adding some bright and sparkly things to something, usually with jewelry right? Well have we got bright and sparkly for you. See that bubble on the roof? It is a very important bubble. Yes, the bubble sticks up and is visable, but really now, do you super notice it when you look at the house? Not so much right? Clark are you reading this? Is the bubble THAT bad and OUT THERE? Come on, just admit it. You don't see the bubble so much do you?

This bubble is a very important part of our house. It is one of the coolest things, aside from my niche that will house my plants and fountain. You should see this bling of a bubble from the inside.

Look at that bright spot in our house! It is natural light coming through that bubble from on top of our roof. It is called a SolaTube. We had one of these in our walk in closet in CA and one in our vanity area. My sister, Lou Lou of course, who else, was visiting and she could not find the light switch to turn off the light in the bathroom. She was very stumped because the light switch for the vanity lights was turned off and the "light" was still on. It was the SolaTube! How is that for a testimonial? We are going to put one in our mudroom too. Light and bright is what our house is all about.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

MUCH Better!

Man are we hap hap happy we re-painted the upstairs last week. Hallelujia!

The color in the middle is called Pittsfield Buff which we are going to paint downstairs. This is the color that my niece Stephanie has in her home. We saw it and loved it! The color on the left is called Wheeling Neutral which is what we re-painted most of the upstairs with. It is a deep rich gold color I guess you could say with a green undertone thingy happening. The bedrooms, bathroom and laundry room will still stay the same which is ok. Mark's office which has french doors and is off the entry way was re-painted too and boy does it look swell.

See the other two colors on the one board? Those are the colors we almost had to live with. The darker of the two really is not so bad. We have those in the above mentioned rooms. So all is well in the soon-to-be Cahoon home. Yea!

Here are the cabinets in a full view. We are looking into the counter tops this weekend in Kalispell. I don't know if you can see, but the island is at a 45 degree angle which has the sink, dishwasher and pull out garbage cans. (see the front of the island in the bottom corner of the picture below? it gives you an idea of where the island is in relation to the kitchen)

The next picture is the corner of the kitchen which of course has the fridge and a vegetable sink. I am excited to navigate my way around in the triangle pattern.

The pictures really don't show the real effect of the paint color, but just believe me, there is no more peachy undertone. Actually,you can see the color in the background. The lighting in this house is so crazy.

It is not that we don't like a peach as a color, we do. One of our houses in California was peach on the outside with peach and green accents inside and it was very nice. We loved it. But that was waaaayyyyyy back in the early 90's.

The Last One

Can you figure out what Neal is receiving from this Royal Mounted Canadian Police? Clark, Brad, Laurel, and Michelle each received one of these as well in the 6th grade. A DARE graduation certificate. That stands for Drug And Resistance Education. He also got that humung-oid teeshirt as well.

Mark and I were not able to attend this momentous occasion again because we were in Utah having the get away trip of our lives(almost). So Laurel, being the greatest big sister ever, took Neal and boy was she ecstatic when she walked into the classroom! To see an RCMP so close up and all she really was "all a dither". Really she was. I know I wasn't there, but she told me all about it so I can safely say that. She was "all a dither".

Now look closely as this next picture. It's just Neal and the girls! There are only three boys in the class and I guess the other two couldn't make it. Neal doesn't look to broken up about it does he?
You want small town? I will give you small town. In this crowd of kids I see the daughter of the Avon lady, the daughter of Neal's math teacher, the daughter of a RS counselor in our ward, the daughter of the guy who built our stairs,and another daughter of the RS secretary in our ward. Yep, small town for sure.

Anyway, does Neal Cahoon not look so proud to be a D.A.R.E graduate?No drugs for this boy. Ever!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Entertainment For a Saturday

Laurel and Adrianne singing a song from Little Women at the opening of the Silk Purse. (see post below)

If only I had been sitting on the other side. I have never heard Laurel sing this and I have a feeling there are a ton of other songs up her sleeve.

More Entertainment

Friday night was the official opening of the Silk Purse. It is a multi-purpose building that is connected with the theater. It will be used for dinner parties, performances, and hopefully ballroom dance lessons. In the back is where all the sets are made and stored for the theater productions. People who were involved with the building of the Silk Purse and making this facility a reality were invited to it's grand opening. Because Mark and I are proud parents of a summer theater gal who performed that evening we were invited as well. Here is a rough clip of part of one of the songs.

These kids have only been practising for a couple of weeks and with 4 shows to learn in just over a month and a half just imagine what this will sound like along with the whole Beauty and the Beast production.

Some More Entertainment For You

Just so you know, it has been raining straight for over 4 days now. I don't remember rain like this in California and if it did rain like this in California I would not have water dripping on my head while sitting at the computer. I am just sayin'.

Laurel was invited to sing the US national anthem last night at the Reigning competition at the agridome where all the rodeos in town happen. Reigning is a specialized event where a rider shows off his horse by doing different movements. It is hard to explain, you kind of need to be there to have someone like my friend Dixie explain it to you while viewing. Anyway Laurel sang a solo and then her and two other girls from the summer theater cast sang the Canadian anthem as well. Laurel did a really good job but I was too far away to get a good video. Sorry, maybe next time. BUT I did get a little video clip of this.

You know who that is on the horse? Of course you don't. It is Neal and Michelle's bus driver, Rod. He trains horses as a profession and he was donating this horse with all proceeds going towards the South Country Reigning Organization. And you know who that is doing all that fast talking? It is the auctioneer I missed hearing at the ward auction a couple of weeks ago.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

First Of All.......

I was shocked last night! Am I the only one? I would have bet money on David Archuletta being the next American Idol. With 97 1/2 million people voting he surely got his share of votes for sure, but I think I know what happened. I bet a lot of Sayesha's votes went to David Cook which does make sense to me. All along though I was thinking that it could have gone either way so why am I so shocked?

Thank you everyone for checking in with me. I know you didn't do it only for the candy, but it certainly adds a little pizzaz anyhow. I didn't know my niece Kristen reads my blog, and I have recently connected with other relatives on Mark's side as well. Some of you always comment which of course I love. A friend of Lou Lou's has even been reading my blog. That was a very fun surprise. I don't know her but I have met her dad a few times. He is the one who made my willow chair I had in my little tropical garden in California.
My plumeria tree is dormant in this picture so it does look a little bleak. But believe me, all around the chair is total tropical-ness.

Not everyone entered though. I still had three more regular visitors to my blog that didn't enter and you know who you are Audrey, Jolyn, and Kari R. That's ok. I can't expect everyone to read my blog all the time. All I can say though girls is that you missed out on a yummy international experience.

I do have bad news and good news about the candy give away though. Since pretty much my whole life centers in this room (bedroom) due to basement living, we have a lot of stuff in every corner and no good place to store anything. The bag of candy is stacked along with my scriptures, house information, magazines, food storage info., dryer balls, a phone book, books, and Neal's homework stuff right next to the bed so can you guess what happened? The opposite of outta sight, outta mind. So I have definitely eaten my share and then some of the give away.

The good news is that I went to the store yesterday before Neal's baseball game (BTW the game was tied, they played the local rival team, Raymond) and replenished the pot so all is well. I have decided to put everyone's names on a piece of paper and have Mark pick the winner. I figured that way even #1 and #15 would have a chance because really, who picks the first and last number in draw where you have to pick a number between ? and ?.

So here is the winner.........

Lucky Girl! Email me with your address Danielle and I will send this off in a jiffy. Not sure if I will send this US or Canadian, but I am thinking it will be Canadian so in that case look for your winnings in about a month. Just kidding, maybe 2 weeks.

Now just because this contest is over please don't stop checking in on my blog and COMMENTING. You know how I love it so. It keeps me connected to the big wide world out there. I even get excited when I hear an airplane over head here in my small part of the world.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


I love reading the comments that you all make from post to post and some of you are very faithful. I love that. I do wonder at times though, who else and how many people read my blog. I wish you would comment. It is not scary and hard and nobody is going to track you down, I promise. But I am pretty curious and I can think of only one way to find out.

It is GIVE AWAY time. I have noticed on other blogs that as soon as you post a give away people come out of the wood work so here goes. !CANADIAN CANDY!

I love most of the candy up here except for one thing. The red licorice. It is strawberry and it just isn't right. Red licorice has to be cherry, it just has to be. Mark became a United States citizen two years ago which is so great to me. He says he feels more American than Canadian and that is great to me too. But he does have one little bitty problem. He does not like the American red licorice. What? How can you not? I don't get it. I really just don't get it.

My very first Canadian candy bar was Sweet Marie. My favorite for a long time was the Caramilk. After moving here almost 2 years ago I tried the Coffee Crisp and loved that too. Mark's all time favorite is EatMore. Mark's mom loves her Oh Henry bars and whenever she gets to town she stocks up and hides them in her room so nobody will eat them.

All you have to do is leave a mention in this post along with your name and how you found my blog. It is very simple. I will close the give away Wednesday,May 21 at midnight then I will announce the winner on Thursday. I am going to be very old fashioned and have my son Neal pick the winning number. I will tell him to pick a number between ? and ? and what ever he says goes. How does that sound?

* there might be a candy bar or two that may not be Canadian, but are new to me so I threw those in too. (toblerone and after eight)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bored Again!

When Neal came home from school he was so bored. He called his cousin and friends to come over, but everyone was either busy or not home. He wanted Mark to take him gopher hunting, but Mark and I were sealing windows so that when (if) the stucco guy comes this (next) week we would be ready for him. So Neal hung around for awhile checking his traps and was just SO bored he could hardly stand it. I felt bad for him because kids don't invite other kids over so Neal misses out. That is one bad thing living in the can't just go across the street and knock on your friends' door. Mark and I feel bad about it. After I helped a bit more and sunned a bit more I thought I would go up to the house to the house to see if Neal wanted to go to the movies. And this is what I saw. He makes me laugh!

He mowed the whole lawn with that city lawn mower. It must have taken him almost two hours, but doing stuff like that is fun for Neal. Whew!

After dinner we had a bit of time before the sun went down so we went gopher hunting. The gophers were not interested in popping out their little heads so the expedition was not very fruitful. But Neal did get to drive the truck over and through the fields and even on the gravel road.

When he turns 14 in 16 months (what? am I sure about that? let me re-count that one more time......yep, that's right) he will be able to get his learners, as they call it here. That is hard to get my head around.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Garden Time

Neal was bored on Saturday so he asked if he could roto-till the garden and of course Mark jumped right on it and got the roto-tiller all oiled and ready to go.

Then the best-est neighbor EVER came over today and really got the job done. Neal loves his Uncle Lawrence and his equipment.

Monday, May 12, 2008

My Mothers Day

Just let me say that since moving here our holiday celebrations have not been up to par with the past.....except this one. When I got out of the shower there was this plant (tropical I might add) and this great card from Mark. The plant will go perfect with our interior paint color. You know why? Because we are re-painting! I know, I know......but as you know, or have not even a clue about, is that we don't love the color we have now and what better time than before our flooring goes in. The color is called "wheeling neutral" by Benjamin Moore, which has nothing to do with the color at all.(it has a green side to it) But boy do we like it and the whole feel of the house will be more inviting, I think. And more tropical-ish too..

So back to my day. The kids made me breakfast and it was so yummy. Strawberries that you dip in sour cream and brown sugar along with a real grainy toast and orange juice. At church all the mothers recieved a long stemmed red rose and the YM sang a song. I love hearing an all male choir, there is something so "missionary like" to me. For dinner Michelle made the best hamburgers ever along with a fruit salad and grilled asparagas. Laurel was sick. Neal helped Mark with the barbequing. Clark and Brad called within seconds of eachother and they are 6 hours apart so it was pretty neat. Brad called on line two and ten seconds later Clark called on line one. Clark was getting ready for church preparing his Mothers Day talk. I hope he told good stories about me.

The one thing that was different about this day for the first time in 20 years was that it was the beginning of the end of elementary school Mothers Day crafts/projects/gifts. With Nealster being in 6th grade I guess he is too old for that kinda stuff. But all in all it was a great Mother's Day because it felt like it always has.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Here's Another Idea For a Church Party

Tuesday was another great ward party at the church. For the past few weeks everybody had been busy getting ready for the big fund raiser. Boys made frames, girls made purses and baked goodies and various ward members donated items as well. Now this activity would work in a big city, I guess, but in a small town where you see horses and cows on every "block" our little hamlet of Leavitt was the perfect setting for a professional auctioneer! When I was a little girl I remember going to a cattle auction once or twice, they are pretty interesting and man can those auctioneers talk fast.

"A video so you can get the feelin of it all"

The fundraiser was for the youth program so of course the money went to a good cause. These purses that took one hour to make with two pieces of fabric were going for 30 bucks and a homemade birdhouse that a 9 year old made sold for 50 bucks. A woman in the ward who raises animals donated 35 little chicks and they went for 75 bucks and a jar of homemade choke jelly jam went for, hold onto your boots, 200 bucks! And because this is cattle country the activity started out with a full on roast beef dinner. There was down side though. Mark and I missed it!

We were galavanting in Utah with good friends and family and even saw the LA Galaxy play the Real Salt Lake. Yep, David Beckham played and he scored both points as well. You know what else he did? After the game was over he took his sweaty shirt off and gave it to a girl in the stands then waved to everybody and everybody clapped and cheered. I didn't clap or cheer. Usually after a trip or get away you are ready to go home (sort of), but not this time. Mark and I could have stayed longer for sure. We saw our friends from CA and family that we don't see very often so it was nice to catch up and get to know each other some more. Our friend, Niels Moller turned 50 years old so they had a big bash which included the soccer game which was the initial reason we went to Utah. (not the game, the birthday). And since we have a trailer and a huge need to fill up some space in our new house we did some shopping. We didn't bring home much except stucco for our house and a few odds and ends I bought at Ikea and Bed, Bath and Beyond, but we did order our bedroom set, decided on what kind of carpet NOT to buy and paint colors we want to use in the basement. If they match our upstairs paint color then bingo bongo we are on a roll. Thanks Steph.