Saturday, May 24, 2008

Some More Entertainment For You

Just so you know, it has been raining straight for over 4 days now. I don't remember rain like this in California and if it did rain like this in California I would not have water dripping on my head while sitting at the computer. I am just sayin'.

Laurel was invited to sing the US national anthem last night at the Reigning competition at the agridome where all the rodeos in town happen. Reigning is a specialized event where a rider shows off his horse by doing different movements. It is hard to explain, you kind of need to be there to have someone like my friend Dixie explain it to you while viewing. Anyway Laurel sang a solo and then her and two other girls from the summer theater cast sang the Canadian anthem as well. Laurel did a really good job but I was too far away to get a good video. Sorry, maybe next time. BUT I did get a little video clip of this.

You know who that is on the horse? Of course you don't. It is Neal and Michelle's bus driver, Rod. He trains horses as a profession and he was donating this horse with all proceeds going towards the South Country Reigning Organization. And you know who that is doing all that fast talking? It is the auctioneer I missed hearing at the ward auction a couple of weeks ago.


Jan said...

Wow -- fun stuff! I'm homesick just looking at this one.

Marilou said...

Really? Water dripping on you head??? Get out! Just attach a bucket to your head. Har har har.

name: Laurel said...

ok mom, you're too nice to me. everyone: the reason there is no video of me singing the anthem is not because of a bad quality video, it's because i forgot the words! how embarassing! i'm taking it as a sign that i need to move back down to the states, pronto!

Christie said...

Incredible voice that laurel has!! Wow! I'm so impressed.