Monday, May 12, 2008

My Mothers Day

Just let me say that since moving here our holiday celebrations have not been up to par with the past.....except this one. When I got out of the shower there was this plant (tropical I might add) and this great card from Mark. The plant will go perfect with our interior paint color. You know why? Because we are re-painting! I know, I know......but as you know, or have not even a clue about, is that we don't love the color we have now and what better time than before our flooring goes in. The color is called "wheeling neutral" by Benjamin Moore, which has nothing to do with the color at all.(it has a green side to it) But boy do we like it and the whole feel of the house will be more inviting, I think. And more tropical-ish too..

So back to my day. The kids made me breakfast and it was so yummy. Strawberries that you dip in sour cream and brown sugar along with a real grainy toast and orange juice. At church all the mothers recieved a long stemmed red rose and the YM sang a song. I love hearing an all male choir, there is something so "missionary like" to me. For dinner Michelle made the best hamburgers ever along with a fruit salad and grilled asparagas. Laurel was sick. Neal helped Mark with the barbequing. Clark and Brad called within seconds of eachother and they are 6 hours apart so it was pretty neat. Brad called on line two and ten seconds later Clark called on line one. Clark was getting ready for church preparing his Mothers Day talk. I hope he told good stories about me.

The one thing that was different about this day for the first time in 20 years was that it was the beginning of the end of elementary school Mothers Day crafts/projects/gifts. With Nealster being in 6th grade I guess he is too old for that kinda stuff. But all in all it was a great Mother's Day because it felt like it always has.


Marilou said...

First of all. I love the new picture on your header. I love how there is just a bit of color in that forfront greenery. You really should make a Leavitt calendar. Hey, that would be a good idea for next years fund raiser!
Second of all. How cool is that that both Brad and Clark called within seconds of each other. And....I know Clark did a great job on his Mother's Day talk. He really loves you!

Jan said...

Loved the Caramilk bar at your breakfast plate -- I want one! (actually I'll be up there in August and will bring back a ton of them!) Sounds like a lovely Mother's Day to me.

Kari said...

How much fun is that! And, I just remembered how much I love grilled asparagus, when you said that in your blog...why don't I buy that when I'm grocery shopping?

I don't get the name of the paint, but they probably ran out of good ideas... just like they have 130 different names for "off-white." (Not 130 GOOD different names. Just 130 different names.) Great, that you like it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Audrey said...

Glad that you had a great day. Breakfast looks yummy, and I chuckled when you said you were repainting. We have painted this family room 3 times since we have lived here and finally got the color right.

Kari said...

I love the chocolate on your breakfast plate. Get it over with while still in the morning... I told Oscar I'm not the only one that does that!

Christie said...

I love those strawberries that you dip in siuur cream and brown sugar! I could eat a whole case of them.