Saturday, May 17, 2008


I love reading the comments that you all make from post to post and some of you are very faithful. I love that. I do wonder at times though, who else and how many people read my blog. I wish you would comment. It is not scary and hard and nobody is going to track you down, I promise. But I am pretty curious and I can think of only one way to find out.

It is GIVE AWAY time. I have noticed on other blogs that as soon as you post a give away people come out of the wood work so here goes. !CANADIAN CANDY!

I love most of the candy up here except for one thing. The red licorice. It is strawberry and it just isn't right. Red licorice has to be cherry, it just has to be. Mark became a United States citizen two years ago which is so great to me. He says he feels more American than Canadian and that is great to me too. But he does have one little bitty problem. He does not like the American red licorice. What? How can you not? I don't get it. I really just don't get it.

My very first Canadian candy bar was Sweet Marie. My favorite for a long time was the Caramilk. After moving here almost 2 years ago I tried the Coffee Crisp and loved that too. Mark's all time favorite is EatMore. Mark's mom loves her Oh Henry bars and whenever she gets to town she stocks up and hides them in her room so nobody will eat them.

All you have to do is leave a mention in this post along with your name and how you found my blog. It is very simple. I will close the give away Wednesday,May 21 at midnight then I will announce the winner on Thursday. I am going to be very old fashioned and have my son Neal pick the winning number. I will tell him to pick a number between ? and ? and what ever he says goes. How does that sound?

* there might be a candy bar or two that may not be Canadian, but are new to me so I threw those in too. (toblerone and after eight)


Anonymous said...

I'm in!!! HaHa!
This is (Aunt) Mary in Calgary, and I found your blog through a link in Sachie's blog.
Not that I need the candy.... but the grandkids would think I'm wonderful if I win and share.
Re: Neal being bored (previous posts). I think he needs a dog ... a BIG dog. How can a kid ever be bored when he has a dog to chum around with and hunt gophers!

Jan said...

Oh, sign me up. You know I want in on this one!! I've run out of all that I bought on my last trip and I NEED some of that candy! Pick me!!

Marilou said...

What a great idea!! You know how I love candy...and since I have been here in Canada 22 years longer than you have, add the red licorice. I finally got used to it about 4 years ago. Still can't used to those Smarties though.

Anonymous said...

Hey I want some of that special candy!!! From my long lost friend!!! I hope our paths will cross again soon!!
Cheryl M. from Ohio

ec said...

i'm embarrassed that i'm only commenting now, because i've been meaning to do it for weeks.

i found you through sachie's blog.

i know your twinner (hi marilou! i mean, sister eagan;)) because i grew up in regina, but you and i are also kinda related. my darren is a cahoon.

just wanted to say hi.

and please, don't send me that candy. i really don't need it.

USAUS said...

Is that a Crunchie I see there??? and smarties??? - they were part of my staple diet along with the Tim Tams...

Go Nealster!!!

brad said...

hey mom!!! great idea! really pioneer women-esk of you. count me in. hope you're having a great week. love your favorite kid - brad

stone's eye view said...

Unlike the other people I am reading on here, I am totally for the candy. And the whole licorice thing explains a lot. No wonder I never liked it when I lived in Texas. Have you tried Nibs? I think they are cherry, and they are my favorite. I originally found your blog through Becca's blog.

Kari said...

This is very cool--we love candy! But especially the stuff we can't get right here. I'd love to try the new stuff -- most of those names I have never heard of.

(P.S. I second the "big dog" idea for Neal. Isn't that the very best place for a big dog: all that open space, to run and run and run!)

iamclark said...

I really would like to get my hands on some of that Canadian candy. I could use some of that out here in Hawaii. I also wanted to second Aunt Mary about Neal getting a large dog. I think a bull mastiff would be great for him, or maybe a St.Bernard. Just something to think about. Keep up the posts mom. Way to lure my comment in with such a hot commodity such as those rare candy bars. Please help Neal out and don't let him mow the entire lawn with a push mower. I feel bad for the kid. -Clark

becca olsen said...

Hey Aunt Marilee, this is becca, I've been meaning to comment on your blog for a while now, I think I first checked it out when you "went public" with it. I agree, I love that picture of Bentley and Clark.. I'm excited that Bentley will have at least one uncle.. or is it cousin.. to play with at the beach! We are up in edmonton now so I should be seeing you soon.
ps-did you know chelsea is also having a baby boy in june!

i'm kelly said...

wahoo! i'm in. i love candy!

Susan, Susie, Suz said...

Oh yeah! This will make everyone come out of the woodwork!

Nice plan!

I know Marilee's blog because she e-mails all the time, and we are the very best of friends, and so the candy will be mine.

Just kidding...Marilee and I are friends from Cali.......

Anonymous said...

Hey Lee Lee-- I don't want any candy, but I thought I'd do my part and let you know that I enjoy checking in to see what y'all are up to. I'm jealous of the view you have up there!
Love, your niece Kris

Danielle said...

Hi Aunt Marilee,

I just wanted to let you know that Orlan first introduced me to your blog. I have enjoyed reading about your adventures in Canada. I even added a link on my blog, so people can visit your blog easily.

Please let all the family know my bog is

Thank you for your help and visiting with me recently. It was nice to see you again.