Friday, June 27, 2008

Twenty Seven Years!

This is my favorite picture of Mark. It was taken at Turtle Bay on the North Shore a few years ago.

Homecoming dance at BYU in 1980. Mark was the Finance VP so we got some VIP treatment which is always nice.

Just happy to be together!
Our last family photo taken just days before Brad left on his mission.

Yep, Mark and I have been married for 27 years. It sure doesn't seem that long, but when you look back on our lives it all adds up. What I love about Mark is that I know that he loves me. And our kids know that he loves me.


Monday, June 23, 2008

It's Just Life in the Country

"I was just in my pasture with my baby eating the lucious green grass when all of the sudden these people on their horses took my baby from me".
"Can somebody please help us here? All we want is to be with our mommys. We're getting thirsty".
"Oh yah sure, you said it wasn't going to hurt. Uh, I don't think so".
"Um, I think there is something in that bucket that belongs to me". "Did I hear someone say the stuff in the bucket is cheaper that oysters"?

It is that time of year again when the branding irons come out. My friend, Dixie, has 19 calves and they needed to be branded today so Neal and I went to watch. Neal helped and I took pictures. And I have to tell you that I kinda felt like Pioneer woman with my camera. I am sure everybody there was wondering why this girl from California was taking pictures, but I didn't care what they were thinking because this kind of stuff is pretty entertaining, but the real reason is I wanted to blog it so you all could be entertained as well.

It is a small world in this little community. No suprise right? The girl with the red bucket (btw, she is carrying a box of salt in the other hand which is used to heal the "wound". "Sting a Ling", is what I say. Or "Ouchie Wa Wa".) was on Neal's baseball team and she is the cousin of my friend Dixie. Really, I think everybody is related to each other here and I still find it so weird!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Learning to Tile

This is Michelle's bathroom tile. Mark and I watched a Home Depot tiling dvd and decided we could do it ourselves so that is what we did. I helped with the fiberboard part, Chris(LouLou's husband) helped with putting the tile down and Mark and Michelle did the grouting.

Don't you love this picture? I do! Alot!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


"A new study shows that people take shorter strides while walking in rubber slippers to keep them from flying off, which could lead to lower leg and feet problems."

"One of its recommendations — that slippers be thrown out every three to four months —also runs counter to a Hawai'i culture accustomed to people wearing the same pair for years and even patching them with duct tape."

I read the online version of The Honolulu Advertiser once in awhile and this topic was addressed. In the article it noted that a study is being done by a graduate student in Alabama to determine if slippers, thongs or flip flops can really cause leg and foot problems. I personally don't buy it. I wore slippers every single day for 4 years while living there. When I was a dental assistant I had to wear shoes and that is when I had foot problems. I think my feet are happier either in slippers or barefoot.

And about taking shorter strides in slippers? Maybe if you don't wear them a lot and are not expert in the art of slipper wearing you might walk a little different.

I absolutley love slippers and I would wear them all year round if my toes wouldn't get frostbite!

Take the survey. I want to know what you all think about slippers!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Fun Fun Fun!

You are seeing this picture right. Neal is sitting in the mud. Michelle had some friends over and said they were only going to go puddle jumping. The next thing I knew they were having a full on mud fight.
Can you even see Michelle through all of this mud. They had so much fun.
Neal had his friend Wyatt(the bus driver's son) over too and boy did he get muddy. Just look at this face.

Here is Laurel's room color. This picture does not show you the true color, but picture this. Conentrated orange juice. Yah, it is that intense, vibrant and eye popping. She does have a vision though. Dark mohagany laminate plank flooring, white trim around the windows and a white on white very dimensional wall paper border and a chandelier. I think it will be very cute. The other day Neal told Laurel that he didn't like her room and that he would not be visiting her in her room. Laurel was ok with that.
These are the theater kids. They hang out alot and have fun whenever they do. I was a little leary leaving these guys to paint Laurel's room and you can see why. I gave them the instructions and paint materials and left. Michelle went down to the house to take pictures and this is what she found.
This is Adrianne. She is a wonder of a talent. She has been going to school in Edmonton majoring in theater. This fall she will study in Scotland for a year and come away with a masters. Yah, she is that talented. She will be Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Lou Lou....and me too!

I am just going to say it..." today is me and Lou Lou's birthday and we are turning 48 years old". I really don't like the sound of that too much. It sounds so old compared to 44 even if they are four years apart because when you are 48 you might as well consider your self pretty much 50 and THAT does not sounds good at all! When you are 44 you are closer to 40 and that sounds pretty good to me right now because it is only 1 year away from your 30's. Now THAT sounds young. But then again 48 sounds a whole lot younger that 58 or even 68. So I guess I am a spring chicken. Yep, that sounds young to me for sure. Spring chicken!

A few years ago I was able to get a hold of our family slides and decided to scan them so I could put the photos on a cd for family members.
Here we are when we were 6 years old and in the first grade. These coats are so cute and look at those lunch pails. No plastic way back then. Metal all the way. I don't know which one I am . I thought I was in the blue, but then I think I am in the red. I could go back and forth all day. I just don't know.
We are sitting under a rattan porch covering so that is why the picture is so stripy. I am totally lost as to who is who. This picture along with the one below was taken at our house on Lakebird Dr. in Sunnyvale, CA. I have visited it a couple of times in the last few years and it is pretty much the same way. No real changes except for the price tag. I think my parents bought it for around $30,000.00 in the late 50's and it is worth well over $500,000.00 now. Craziness.
Here we are with our sister Susie. We must be about a year old I am guessing. I am on the right.....I think.

So Happy Birthday Lou Lou, my twin and best friend! Remember, when you and I are both settled in our houses this summer we are going to take a trip to Montana to shop and eat and have fun. I say let's stay overnight and live it up!

PS. I am on the right!!! No doubt about it.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Last night was Cardston High's graduation. Early huh? It only seems early to me because school doesn't get out until the end of June so it seems funny to me that they would have the graduation ceremony weeks beforehand. As you can see I put my personal touch into it. Because I graduated in Hawaii way back when, and because at a graduation in Hawaii you get leis from family and friends, it just seems empty to not have a lei around a graduates neck. So Michelle and I whipped these up yesterday for the occasion.
These are my nephews, Taylor Cahoon and Kody Wood. Taylor is Grant and Marie's son. Remember when they lived in Rascons house? It was around 1994 I think. Taylor and Michelle were in the same pre-school class with Mrs. Waingrow. Kody is Mark's sister, Karen's son.
This silly picture is up because, well........I don't know...I guess I like it. Michelle is reading this over my shoulder and she just said, "good one". She didn't say it," yah that's a good one post it". She said it like," uh, ok, mom, good one." Know what I mean? Anyway, Karen wanted a picture of the lei maker gal with the graduates. Yah, that's why I posted it. Whatever!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

This and That

Last weekend Mark and I went to Kalispell for another house run. It was very productive. We picked out our granite and will order it this week which is a huge thing. The color we chose is named Giallo Firenze. I guess you can say it has a gold hue, with a hint of green, garnet dots here and there with also some silvery blobs that gives the granite some depth. Our stainless steel sink and brushed nickel taps will look splendid with it. We also decided on the fireplace mantel and hearth, picked up our wood flooring, Laurel's laminate for her room, Neal's carpet for his room, Michelle's tile for her bathroom and finally decided on the flooring for the laundry room and back entry which will be a man made tile called African Slate, Mocha color. Oh, and we picked up our lighting. So we really came back with a heavy load.

While parking our truck and trailer we saw this bumper sticker. We actually saw these all over town. We saw one Obama sign. There are a ton of churches in Kalispell too. You would think you were in the southern states. I know that Clark loves Ron Paul so I really took this for him. You better comment on this Clark.

Neal is playing baseball again and is really enjoying it. I sure hope he sticks with it. I tried to get a picture of his face, but that darn chain link fence was in my way. Last year the weather was fairly nice with only a couple of games where you needed a jacket. Uh, not this year. There have been only two games where you didn't need a jacket. They don't cancel games due to rain so we sat through a game last week with an umbrella the whole time. This picture is was freezing because the wind blew and blew the whole time. But I love watching Neal play and the boys on his team are so nice.

How is this for a sunset? This was taken right outside the front door a couple of weeks ago.

So that is that. Just a modge podge of stuff. I have been painting Neal's room today and finished up tonight which is nice. On to Laurel's room tomorrow. But what I wanted to mention was this. After finishing tonight I thought I would drive down to the church and back to I could see the house at night with the lights on. Weird huh? I was just leaving the gravel road with my hand out the window because I was hot from painting. Anyways, did you know that birds fly at night? Is it something you have ever given thought too? I know bats fly at night but a bird? Well, I know birds fly at night and I know birds poop at night. Yah, a cold wet gross blob landed on my hand and on my pants leg. So gross.