Friday, June 6, 2008


Last night was Cardston High's graduation. Early huh? It only seems early to me because school doesn't get out until the end of June so it seems funny to me that they would have the graduation ceremony weeks beforehand. As you can see I put my personal touch into it. Because I graduated in Hawaii way back when, and because at a graduation in Hawaii you get leis from family and friends, it just seems empty to not have a lei around a graduates neck. So Michelle and I whipped these up yesterday for the occasion.
These are my nephews, Taylor Cahoon and Kody Wood. Taylor is Grant and Marie's son. Remember when they lived in Rascons house? It was around 1994 I think. Taylor and Michelle were in the same pre-school class with Mrs. Waingrow. Kody is Mark's sister, Karen's son.
This silly picture is up because, well........I don't know...I guess I like it. Michelle is reading this over my shoulder and she just said, "good one". She didn't say it," yah that's a good one post it". She said it like," uh, ok, mom, good one." Know what I mean? Anyway, Karen wanted a picture of the lei maker gal with the graduates. Yah, that's why I posted it. Whatever!!!


Marilou said...

Those leis are very nice Lee Lee and Michelle. So when Caleb and Seth graduate somewhere in Lethbridge they can expect a very cool lei like that too?

Marilee said...

you betcha lou lou!

becca olsen said...

I love those pictures. Wow, I can't believe they are graduating.. Nice work on the Leis, they are beautiful!

Jan said...

I just think the pics are cute -- love the leis!