Monday, June 23, 2008

It's Just Life in the Country

"I was just in my pasture with my baby eating the lucious green grass when all of the sudden these people on their horses took my baby from me".
"Can somebody please help us here? All we want is to be with our mommys. We're getting thirsty".
"Oh yah sure, you said it wasn't going to hurt. Uh, I don't think so".
"Um, I think there is something in that bucket that belongs to me". "Did I hear someone say the stuff in the bucket is cheaper that oysters"?

It is that time of year again when the branding irons come out. My friend, Dixie, has 19 calves and they needed to be branded today so Neal and I went to watch. Neal helped and I took pictures. And I have to tell you that I kinda felt like Pioneer woman with my camera. I am sure everybody there was wondering why this girl from California was taking pictures, but I didn't care what they were thinking because this kind of stuff is pretty entertaining, but the real reason is I wanted to blog it so you all could be entertained as well.

It is a small world in this little community. No suprise right? The girl with the red bucket (btw, she is carrying a box of salt in the other hand which is used to heal the "wound". "Sting a Ling", is what I say. Or "Ouchie Wa Wa".) was on Neal's baseball team and she is the cousin of my friend Dixie. Really, I think everybody is related to each other here and I still find it so weird!


Marilou said...

That's a fun day. Daddy would be proud to know that you enjoyed that. he'd probably say, "finally, after all these years". Where did I go wrong?
PS Glad that I am not a boy cow!

Susan, Susie, Suz said...

Since I can never get enough of PW, I am very happy to have your blog!!

I can't believe you are really livin' the Pioneer Woman life!

Well---the camera's side of it. I bet Neal LOVED it all.

Audrey said...

Thank you for showing me something different today. I know it is a way of life, but those poor poor cows!

Jan said...

I grew up in the general vicinity -- but I'd be takin' pictures too! Not my world, I'm afraid.

Kari said...

Wow! I knew they DID that and everything, but...I didn't know they really DID that.

So, salt actually helps "heal?" I didn't know that, either.

Kari said...

it was entertaining. thanks! I would be the like you too! With the camera, and all. watching would be good enough for me!

Christie said...

I feel bad for those poor cows. They never know what they're getting into, and you know it's gotta hurt.