Tuesday, July 1, 2008

O Canada!

Today is Canada Day. Cardston always has a celebration with entertainment,food,and jolly jumps which means it is a fun family event. And at 11 pm the fireworks go off.

Here are a couple of videos of some native dances. Cardston borders the Blood Indian Reserve so they are involved in a lot of festivities. The first dance is the Jingle dance because this young girl has jingle type things sewn onto her costume.

The next dance is the hoop dance which is depicting the creation. I only posted the ending of the dance. At the start of ther dance the dancer lays out quite a few small hoops and throughout the dance he picks them up with his feet and adds to the others. It was pretty interesting.

Now for a special treat...........Laurel is singing one of my favorite songs. It reminds me of my mother although I am not quite sure. It just takes me back to a happy time during my youth I suppose. I have a lot of songs that do that to me.

Summer theater opens tomorrow night so the full time cast performed some numbers from each of the three shows. I'm telling you, these productions are great with talent that is amazing. Every show is great and there is something for everyone. I think you should plan a trip up here and see for yourself.

Sorry you have to kink your neck to see this correctly. There was a man up front, totally in the way, and I didn't want him in the video.


Jan said...

Loved the videos - the hoop dance is amazing, isn't it? And Laurel has a lovely voice!!

Marilou said...

I have seen those hoop dances and they really are amazing. Especially the one with all the hoops that get picked up with your feet.
I love that song too that Laurel sings. I agree with what you said. It takes me back somewhere but I can't put my finger on it either. I can't wait to see all the shows at the theater.

Kari said...

What a fun celebration day! I like watching the dances, and learning what they mean to the different tribes.

USAUS said...

We enjoyed our Canada day celebrations in Vancouver - wished you were here though!

Christie said...

Laurel has a GREAT voice. Hurrah!