Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mrs. Potts and Friends

Cardston Summer Theater is over. The big cast party was last Saturday and now kids are going their seperate ways. It has been so great to have Laurel a part of this group. We have been going to these summer productions for many years and secretly hoped one of our kids would be involved. No suprise that it was Laurel. This year with her playing Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast was a real treat. She even had that English accent just like Angela Lansbury! Her costume is made out of carpet padding. Look at the dresser and clock below. Carpet padding! Belle and the Beast. Here are just a few cast members. I was lucky enough to sneak in before the performance and take pictures on my very own camera. Isn't Rachel the cutest dresser ever? And see the feather duster? Her head piece is made of those scrubbing pads. Marge, the costume designer and neighbor, is so talented. She even made the Beast's scruffy head/wig thingy.
The cast was warming up and I thought it would be fun to record this. Some of the cast was not in the correct costume for this particular song, but I wanted to get a clip of Adrianne singing. Her singing and acting was perfect for the part. And now she is off to Scotland to earn her master's in theater!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We Are In Our Home!!!!

Things have been so busy here, but in a very GREAT way! We moved in on August 1st so everyday has been unpacking, gathering stuff from the grain bin, the quansit, the basement where we have been residing for over two years, and just going through boxes. I pulled out our toaster that for some strange reason was packed with Brad's shoes and you know what? Nobody really recognized it. It was so weird!

We are slowly getting settled although we have so much still to do. Clark is here for 10 days, Laurel is finishing up her summer theater this week and so we are just taking time off from the house and enjoying life. Here are a few pictures of our first week in the house. Can you tell we have missed having our very own kitchen with our very own stuff?

Whenever a friend has a birthday a few of them get together and make a cake for them. This time it is Scott's. He is the one standing up. Tate is leaning over and Avery is standing next to Michelle.

Then a few days ago it was Adrianne's birthday so Laurel and Michelle whipped up an asian meal, complete with a noodle dish and sushi. Laurel can roll a mean sushi tighter than anyone I know.
I will try and be better about posting because I don't want to lose my faithful blog followers.