Friday, November 14, 2008

Wranglers War Leo (his registered name)

So here he is. Wrangler. Dixie brought Wrangler for me to ride because Shasta was not very responsive to me. Hard to believe I know. Even with the spurs Shasta wasn't performing (doing what I asked her to do) so Dixie had to bring in "the best". A movie star. A celebrity. A World Class Junior Working Cow Horse. Yes sir-ee, I am riding a champion. When Dixie brought Wrangler into the Agridome people were so thrilled. It was interesting to see how they reacted when they actually saw this champion in person. I am lucky lucky to be able to ride him.

He has competed in 25 shows, had 22 championships, 2 reserves, and a tie for third. He not only won the World Champion in 1987, he won by 10 points! It sounds like I know what I'm talking about doesn't it? I'm just reading a paper with all the info. but he has won $35,927.00 in winnings which I do understand. You can win belt buckles, small amounts of money and even a saddle, but thousands? That I understand a lot.

Picture day at the Agridome.

This was after a riding session. And by the way it was the best riding day ever! Talk about spinning. On Wrangler it was very very cool. I also loped with more ease and I did a lead change. Very exciting!

Wrangler was getting ready for a yawn but we missed it. Yawns on a horse are very cool. Think Mr. Ed!
Some day I will inherit, borrow, get a hold of, the Hatch saddle my father made and used when they lived in Montana. It will be so great!

My own saddle, boots, and spurs, oh, and a Dickies "chore coat". Mark is dying over here in Alberta you guys. He never would have even remotely thought in a million trillion years that his wife would go to such lengths.


Jan said...

I love it!! You look so at home in that saddle -- talk about adapting! You're definitely doing it.

Kari said...

How very cool! Great photos. Also the header picture is beautiful.

JAKKS Cahoon said...

Wow, that's SO awesome. What a beautiful (and obviously gifted) horse. That's so neat that you get to ride it.

Monroys said...

How much fun are you having? Your home is beautiful!!! You look so happy and settled in! So good to "see" you on here and to see what's going on in your life. Tell the family I said hello. That's so fun that Brad came home with friends!My mom and sister were just in Hawaii with Clark! I am happy to see everything is perfect!

Christie said...

Wrangler is BEAUTIFUL! And you make the perfect "cowgirl". You are really blooming where you're planted. When I come up there to visit (maybe in 2013) you'll have to teach me some of your riding tricks. Sooooo impressed!