Friday, December 5, 2008

More Holiday Fun!

Randy and Brad have known eachother since they were 4 when we moved to Thousand Oaks in 1989 and they are now roomates at BYU. We had two crockpots of the Cafe Rio pork going.

Michelle really does like me. She came up behind me, put her arms around me AND wanted a picture taken. Can't get much better than that!!

Just look at Mark and all these girls! We were looking at old family videos on the laptop and having the best time. Thanks Laurel and Kelly for the entertaining video way back when at the cabin in Montana!

Lou Lou likes riding too! Dixie brought in 4 of her horses(she has about 25)so the kids could ride a bit. Lou-Lou had so much fun that she wants to learn how to ride too. I'm telling you, it's getting contagious.

These boys LOVED riding. The arena looked liked bumper cars with these guys riding all over the place. It seemed there were horses everywhere and they all wanted to try riding different horses. The favorite was Yuno though, the pretty black one.(dave,randy,brad,clint)

Boy were the cameras flashing. Too many pictures to post. Brad was given this hat while on his mission from a rancher in Nicaragua. (clint and brad)

Randy wants to own a buckle, wear a cowboy hat and buy cowboy boots! I'm not even kidding, he loves it all!!!


Ashley Dawn said...

Oh man, I miss Cafe Rio. I'll have to catch it in Utah while we drive down to California next week. What a fun time with all those people in the house. I want the hat, boots and belt buckle too!! Kaia just told me that she is going to marry a cowboy some day, so she can be a cowgirl.

USAUS said...

I miss the hillarity of Brad and Clint together - they are a hoot!!!
The photo with Michelle is gorgeous and how fun to see pics of mothers and daughters... along with the man that got lucky!

Audrey said...

Ohhh Cafe Rio. Great choice. Your kids are just darling and what fun to have them home. I just love to see your horse posts. So do my girls. They really loved horse camp this summer and they agree with you that it is addicting.

Gina woodhouse said...

Lucky you to have such a fun houseful! Life is good!

Gina woodhouse said...

Lucky you to have such a fun houseful during the holidays! P.S. please email me the Cafe Rio recipe. :)

i'm kelly said...

love those pictures of randy. looks like you guys had fun!