Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cattle Drive

I haven't been riding for quite awhile due to the holidays and the really really cold weather so when Dixie called to see if I wanted to help drive cattle today, I of course said yes! Since I am just a beginner rider we go to the agridome where it is warm and safe for me. But if there is ever a chance to ride in the wide open spaces I never turn down the offer.
Dixie's dad has quite a few cattle, but this herd needed to be moved to another pasture about 4 miles away, closer to home because they will be "calving out" soon and it is easier to keep an eye on them and feed them. See the big bail of hay up ahead? It is on the back of the truck and the idea is to have the cattle follow the feed and then Dixie and I just follow up in the rear to make sure they don't turn back for whatever reason.
Just so you know, yes, it was as cold as it looks in these pictures. If the wind had been blowing like it has been for the past weeks it would have been unbearable and I would not have helped, but today was fairly nice.
These cows work hard. Can you see the steam rising from their backs? Lucky for them they are almost home and will get to eat some yummy hay instead of the grass on the side of the road.
Home Sweet Home little mamas. They will be having their calves in the next few months and I understand when that time of the year comes you don't get much sleep. Some of these cows are not too experienced at having their calves so you have to watch them and be there to make sure you don't lose a calf. Because when you lose a calf, you lose money and that is not good for a cattle rancher.
See this mama cow? She is just about ready to have her calf so she needed to be herded into the barn by the house. It's tricky business to herd just one cow, but Dixie did a fine job all by herself no thanks to this inexperienced ranch hand. Ah, I had so much fun today!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

We celebrated New Year's Eve with a sleigh ride, games, food, and good company! Dixie, my horse trainer(sounds official doesn't it?)and her family invited our family to join them for New Year's Eve and it was one of the funnest.

Ryan Olsen brought his team of Percheron, which are classified as work horses, for our sleigh ride.

Yah, it was as cold as it looks. After three rides my finger tips were hurting. I would not have made a good pioneer at all.

I love this picture! To think that we have neighbors with animals like this is still so cool to me after 2 1/2 years!

See the cattle in the background? We went through their field where Neal had to dodge their frozen cow pies which sometimes weren't frozen solid.

Christmas day Lou Lou's family came over and we went to Waterton to do some tobogganing. It was pretty nice weather despite this cold looking picture. The air was calm and at least the temperature wasn't -20. It was more like -10. It's all relative when you live where it snows.

Our annual family photo.

And Lou Lou's family. Her oldest son is living on Victoria Island working at a resort in Tofino so he wasn't able to be home for Christmas.

We have had a nice holiday season that really started before Thanksgiving. It's been so nice to have family and friends visit, but the best part is having Lou Lou live less that an hour from me. Ok, her family too. You know what I mean!