Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reading Week

I have to first apologize to our friends and family in Utah for not visiting or even calling while in Utah last week. We hope to never ever do that again, sorry!

Here in Canada the kids have a week off every February and this year we decided to actually do something fun instead of working on the house. Laurel was hoping to come up here that long weekend, but the weather turned bad so we thought we would go see her and then travel on down to Utah to see Brad as well. Oh, and of course, pull a trailer behind us so we could buy furniture for the house.

We all had a really good time being where the weather was a bit warmer and the shopping was better. Except for my favorites stores, Ann Taylor and Banana Republic. Not so good this trip!

Neal and Brad had a great time snowboarding at Sundance one afternoon. Big brothers are the best!

Brad also took Neal to his Political Science class at BYU and said he was just so quiet and attentive. The topic for the day was the positive and negative influences of the media so he found it interesting.

My father and Gail joined us for a basketball game at BYU which is always fun. It took Mark and I back to the days when he was student body finance VP and we always had the great seats by the band and Cosmo. The game was a good one with BYU beating New Mexico.

This is Natasha. She was one of my Young Women in California who is now attending BYU-I. It was so good to run into her and have her join us for lunch and eat the yummiest pizza ever. They had brownie pizza! Yah, it was super good! We're not too impressed with the food choices here in southern Alberta so we love eating out while on vacation. It's a definite highlight for our family. We also had Cafe Rio and Cold Stone with Mark and I sharing our favorite, German Chocolate Cake ice cream in a waffle cup!

Laurel loves her daddy!

Yep,shoe shopping was a must too. Michelle thought her mother was out of her rocker for taking a picture of Brad and Neal by all the shoes. Whatever Michelle, we were on vacation where nobody knows us! Brad is always up for a picture anywhere, thanks Brad!

Michelle and Julia! Julia happened to be in Utah looking for a job the same time we were there so they had lots of time to hang out, laugh, and shop and as always, picture taking is a favorite past time of theirs.

Brad is on a BYU intramural basketball team and he happened to have a game the week we were there. Look at everybody on the team. We've got his two cousins, Taylor and Cody, who are in their first year at BYU, his good friend and roomate from California, Randy, another friend from his stake, David, and another roomate of his, Luke. Michelle was able to keep score for the team so we had to include her in the team photo. We loved watching Brad and his friends play high school ball so to see a few of these boys play together again after so many years was a real treat.

We finally found our formal dining room furniture! I think we saw every furniture store in the SLC area, but it was worth it. We happened upon a consignment shop that had the neatest things. We went back three times! It had new and used items and so much stuff to look at. It will be a place we will always check out whether we need anything or not because I have discovered that when you are not looking for something is when you find the perfect item!

Laurel drove down from Rexburg one day and met us at the Gateway in downtown SLC for some shopping. Michelle was in heaven as she loves to buy, not shop, but buy. Visiting her favorite stores in person rather than over the internet was a definite highlight. I guess you can see that she wasn't the only one to do some shopping by the looks of all the packages in our hands. Mark even bought himself a pair of shoes and a jacket!

Clark, we missed you!!! Transfer to Provo, BYU-Hawaii is too far to drive:)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Neal's Turn

We went into the agridome today to take pictures of my father's saddle that he is loaning me and guess what? I swear I took about three pictures of the saddle on it's own and I ended up with only one and it has a big shadow on one end. I don't know what happened. I'll have to get a good picture of the Hatch saddle another time. Shucks!

I figured you have had enough of me sitting on a horse so I shot this video of Neal riding- on my father's saddle that he built when living in Samoa. Every stitch, he hand stitched himself. I rode on it for a few minutes today and it was nice. And daddy? the stirrups are perfect, no need to adjust them at all.