Sunday, March 22, 2009

Flat Lizzie

About a month ago my friend Audrey emailed friends about a school activity her daughter Lizzie was doing and was looking for takers to help her out, and guess what?I was chosen to help, yea for me! The children were read a story in class about a little boy named Stanley who had been flattened by a truck I believe and the story continues with all of the adventures he had. The activity was to send a "flat Lizzie" to someone who could show her a good time doing different and fun things.

Here is the real Lizzie. I love her eyes and the angelic look on her face. Flat Lizzie wrote a letter to the Cahoon family to introduce herself. See below...

Cute story isn't it? Very imaginative!

After we picked up flat Lizzie from the post office in Montana we just had to stop and take a picture and welcome her into Canada.

Flat Lizzie thought she might want to go to school with Neal one day until she went outside. The thought of standing out at the bus stop was too much for the California girl. She decided to stay home with me.

And would you look at this. Flat Lizzie was able to see the new foal, who at this time was only 1 day old. So so cute! I think she is named Sweet Magic Mocha after her mother, Peppys Sweet Magic.

Flat Lizzie looks very happy standing next to this new momma.

This was as close as flat Lizzie could get to these cows. We went inside the corral but those cows were scary cats and they just ran away.

Cardston has the largest collection of carriages in Canada so we thought flat Lizzie would enjoy sitting in one.

I think flat Lizzie needed this coat when visiting the cows and going to school with Neal. I think the colors look fabulous on her, don't you?

And of course we had to have flat Lizzie sit on a John Deere tractor! This part of the country is big into farming as well as raising cattle. Look at the wide open space behind her. I wonder where flat Lizzie would like to live, here or sunny California. Maybe California in the winter and up here in the summers. Now that is a great idea!

We had a great time with flat Lizzie and I think she had a good time too. We sent her home with candy and Canadian toys and I heard from her mom that when everything arrived at school Lizzie could hardly contain herself when jumping in the van after school. She was talking a mile a minute.


Kari said...

Wow! Flat Lizzie has seen more of Canada than ME! I'm jealous of her petting the brand new foal. Just beautiful.

Ashley Dawn said...

That is such a fun school project. You did such a great job of showing Flat Lizzie around. You should start a business of showing people around southern Alberta, especially flat people.

USAUS said...

What a hoot - FLAT STANLEY was one of my all time favourite childhood books and I read it over and over again. I loved your narration of the tour for Lizzie, it took me back to another time and place.

Gina woodhouse said...

Wow, you really showed Flat Lizzie a great time! That is so fun. We did something similar a few years back with the kids- I think we had a stuffed turtle or some other animal. Lots of fun. Wish we had taken pictures like you did to remember.

Audrey said...

Yes Lizzie was very very thrilled about her flat-self adventures. The baby horse was tops for her! She was able to bring the packet home and present all the photos to the family. We made a FHE out of it. She carefully read each photo and passed them around so we could all see. It was wonderful. THANK YOU!!! for making this such a great adventure for her. You are great.

mama jo said...

what a darling idea..and you were such a good hostess..she's very lucky...