Thursday, April 30, 2009


Here they are, finally! We had a really good time enjoying eachother and the weather. Clark was in between semesters so it was perfect timing for us to be there. Laurel was also in between semesters so she motored over there a few days after we arrived. These college kids really need a break big time and we were happy to help them out. I also need to add that Brad was not able to join us because of finals at BYU. We missed him! Hi Brad:)

Matasumotos Shave Ice.... you gotta try it!

Clark took Michelle to some happen'in place on the North Shore where they had these Kava Kava drinks which I guess are delicious. On the way home they stopped at Foodland to pick something up and guess who they saw? Jack Johnson. He lives there, but still. (read the first comment from Clark to clear up a couple of blunders I made)

Neal's loves this hat he got at the Aloha Stadium swap meet along with this sweet remote control car. He still has the car, but the hat is at the San Fransico airport sitting on the floor where Neal was hanging out in between flights. He is hoping Clark will go back to the swap meet and buy him another one. Maybe Neal, just maybe.

Family picture at Electric Beach near Waianae on the west side near Ko Olina. I never ever,ever would have ventured near this beach while living here in high school. No way! It was more of a "local" place that haoles didn't venture. It had some great snorkeling WAY out there. Neal can tell you about it sometime.

My old stomping grounds near Sandy Beach.

We spent Easter with Becca (Mark'sneice), Mike and their baby Bentley. On the beach behind us is where we had an Easter sunrise service with Clark and some of his friends. Every year they get together and read from the scriptures while the sun is rising.

Three Tables near Pupukea Beach. Last time we were in Hawaii Michelle found a $100 dollar bill underneath some coral while snorkeling. It was pretty deep so Max grabbed it for her and they split the money. (see photo below of Max and Michelle)

The Hannemanns had an Easter egg hunt for all the little kiddies.

This tide pool is right below and behnd Clark's house.

Seth's little boy was turning 1 so they had a birthday celebration. Seth and Clark grew up together and are good friends. Seth was the perfect daddy heading up the party with games. Momi did a great job with the food and decorations.

Not sure I need to comment on all of these photos because a lot of them speak for themselves. This was taken at Blowhole. Look at that water!!!

This is at Waimea Bay on the North Shore. The waves were crashing on the shore and Neal and Clark thought that was great fun.

Neal loves to dig holes in the sand and look what was hiding. This was not your usual cute little sandcrab you find in California. Somebody showed us how to properly grab and hold it so a lot of the kids on the beach took turns.

We met a very nice family from Northern California who we saw most everyday at Turtle Bay. Michelle and Neal are making a mermaid out of George!

See, this is what Neal does at the beach. He could be happy 24/7 in Hawaii. I could too for that matter.

This was taken from Clark's lanai ( patio, porch, deck) at his place. He lives right on the point in Laie, walking distance to the Laie shopping center where the Leonard's Malasada truck stops every once in awhile. The truck comes from Honolulu and stays in Laie for 1 whole week and we were lucky enough to be visiting at he same time. The chocolate cream filled ones are the best, even better than the coconut and I love coconut.

Seth is a cubscout leader and I bet he is the funnest cubscout leader ever. Momi, Sol, Seth and Clark.

Look who was in Hawaii the same time as us? well, there were quite a few of us from Cardston there, but these guys are in our ward. Let me tell you the connection we have with them because when you live in southern alberta there is always a connection. Larry was the plumber for our house, Carolyn is our RS president with whom I serve as secretary, Clark dated their daughter a couple of years ago, Mark is their home teacher and Mark is also partners with their son Blake for another family. Oh yah, one more. Carolyn and I were at BYU the same time, living in the same apartments at BYU but never met. The only thing we don't have in common is geneaology. You heard it right, we are not related. Ok, maybe we are a touch, way way back, but then most everyone is around here. Larry's last name is Leavitt and Mark's grandmother's maiden name was Leavitt, but that is way back and we don't really claim them claim them as true relatives, but we do claim them as good friends.

Ah, the Hannemanns'. (some of them, very few of them actually) They live in a condo at Turtle Bay year round, 24/7. Lucky ducks. They helped us celebrate Clark's 26th birthday on April 16th. Art (on stake business that night) and Peggy always make us feel like family when we visit. It was so good to be with them again. They have 7 boys and 4 of them are the same ages as Clark, Brad, Laurel, and Michelle. They were in our ward when we livied in California and our kids grew up together. Good good family! Peggy brought her yummy banana bread to the party. I love Peggy's banana bread!

Birthday friends for Clark. Clark is the party organizer of all time. A lot of his friends had already either left for home or were working otherwise, believe me you, or is it believe you me? there would have been a ton more. Clark has friends in every city in two countries, no lie!

Neal as a mermaid!

Max and Michelle. Peggy and I were visiting teaching partners together while pregnant with these two. They are 1 month apart.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Snow Snow Go Away......

Our Hawaii photos are coming, but in the meantime, here are a couple of photos that make us wish we were back in Hawaii.

Look what we have been looking at outside our kitchen window the last two days! The ONLY good thing about this spring storm is that Michelle and Neal have not had school for the past two days. We live a little close to the mountains I guess.

And the horses eating their hay? Poor guys, or gals I think they are, are so confused. A few days ago they were eating the yummy green grass underneath all this snow!

The snow was almost gone just a few short days ago. It snows, it melts, it snows, it melts. Poor little car. I think it is here to stay for quite awhile.

Monday, April 6, 2009

KJ's Wedding

A couple of weeks ago, Brad's cousin was sealed in the Cardston temple to Shayla. Clark knows Shayla even though she is from here. I guess it is no real surprise, but then to me it kinda is. Her cousin is Clark's roomate in Hawaii so when Clark comes for a visit a bunch of kids get together and Shayla has always been there. But not KJ. He wasn't part of that group. In fact, KJ and Shayla grew up in the same stake (he in Spring Coulee and her in Magrath) but didn't know each other until after his mission. Shayla knew of KJ and in fact, took flute lessons from KJ's mom at KJ's house when she was younger, but never saw KJ at the house. Funny how things turn out. Clark missed the boat but at least Shayla is in the extended family.

Here is Loye Olsen. He is in our ward and has a team of horses and a neat-o buggy. He happened to be at the temple for another wedding party and gave us rides around the temple block. The day was perfect for the 6 weddings scheduled that day. It was about 60 degrees with no wind. WOW! But then just hours later, it was bad! A storm moved in and that was that, back to snow and cold temperatres. It warmed up again and then bam, more snow. That is the way it is here.

We love it when our kids come home for a visit. Brad was able to come up for the wedding and brought two other cousins with him. One of them was Kody, the brother of the groom. He received his mission call while at school and opened it up the night before the wedding. Los Angeles Mission Spanish speaking. I'm thinking that he will be in the heart of LA which could be challenging. His area also includes Santa Monica which is on the ocean so I don't feel too bad for him. It will be a great mission!

KJ and Shayla!

Here is the Wood side of the wedding party. KJ is Mark's nephew which makes his mom, Karen, Mark's sister. Just trying to get the connection for you all. Oh and Kyle, KJ's brother, he is on the far left, owns a pest control business in Virginia where Brad will work again this summer. My brother and his family are just minutes away from Kyle so Brad can visit them whenever he wants too. Nice huh? Just another connection for you. They are all over the place aren't they?

Brad, Katie (KJ's sister who is Laurel's age), and Cole. Brad, KJ and Cole hung out every summer growing up and also went to Spanish speaking missions.

The wind is blowing today, but the snow is melting so the wind is welcome, I think. All I know is it doesn't matter too much for us because we are going to Hawaii on Wednesday and when we get back it will be summer, the grass will be green and I will be able to keep up with my tan:)