Monday, April 6, 2009

KJ's Wedding

A couple of weeks ago, Brad's cousin was sealed in the Cardston temple to Shayla. Clark knows Shayla even though she is from here. I guess it is no real surprise, but then to me it kinda is. Her cousin is Clark's roomate in Hawaii so when Clark comes for a visit a bunch of kids get together and Shayla has always been there. But not KJ. He wasn't part of that group. In fact, KJ and Shayla grew up in the same stake (he in Spring Coulee and her in Magrath) but didn't know each other until after his mission. Shayla knew of KJ and in fact, took flute lessons from KJ's mom at KJ's house when she was younger, but never saw KJ at the house. Funny how things turn out. Clark missed the boat but at least Shayla is in the extended family.

Here is Loye Olsen. He is in our ward and has a team of horses and a neat-o buggy. He happened to be at the temple for another wedding party and gave us rides around the temple block. The day was perfect for the 6 weddings scheduled that day. It was about 60 degrees with no wind. WOW! But then just hours later, it was bad! A storm moved in and that was that, back to snow and cold temperatres. It warmed up again and then bam, more snow. That is the way it is here.

We love it when our kids come home for a visit. Brad was able to come up for the wedding and brought two other cousins with him. One of them was Kody, the brother of the groom. He received his mission call while at school and opened it up the night before the wedding. Los Angeles Mission Spanish speaking. I'm thinking that he will be in the heart of LA which could be challenging. His area also includes Santa Monica which is on the ocean so I don't feel too bad for him. It will be a great mission!

KJ and Shayla!

Here is the Wood side of the wedding party. KJ is Mark's nephew which makes his mom, Karen, Mark's sister. Just trying to get the connection for you all. Oh and Kyle, KJ's brother, he is on the far left, owns a pest control business in Virginia where Brad will work again this summer. My brother and his family are just minutes away from Kyle so Brad can visit them whenever he wants too. Nice huh? Just another connection for you. They are all over the place aren't they?

Brad, Katie (KJ's sister who is Laurel's age), and Cole. Brad, KJ and Cole hung out every summer growing up and also went to Spanish speaking missions.

The wind is blowing today, but the snow is melting so the wind is welcome, I think. All I know is it doesn't matter too much for us because we are going to Hawaii on Wednesday and when we get back it will be summer, the grass will be green and I will be able to keep up with my tan:)


Jan said...

How fun to see those Cardston pictures! Made me homesick -- but I'll be there in about 2 weeks so I'll get my Alberta fix then!

Kari said...

What a nice family weekend! It's good that we have these big events, to get to see people occasionally.

Ashley Dawn said...

I'm sad I missed that wedding. They looked wonderful. You know, Jarett and I crossed paths a million times growing up too and we just never connected until I had graduated from high school. Bruce was actually my bishop when I got baptized and I remember being 8 and walking through their house for my interview. Little did I know that my husband-to-be was upstairs reading Hardy Boys or something. It's amazing how things work out.

USAUS said...

6 degrees of separation - LDS style! There are no coincidences - just a divine plan with lots of surprises from a Heavenly Father who is patient with impeccable timing... it all works out in the end, the way it is meant to... even with detours!

Audrey said...

What a beautiful wedding & I love the horse and carriage rides. Very romantic. Mahalo! & post lots of pics. ps. how did Neal get so tall?