Friday, May 22, 2009


Are we crazy? Are we bored? Nope! But if we were smart we would get a job like this and make some serious money.

Our friends, Bob and Deanna, who we have known for 25 years, have a business where they clean buildings and you know what? It is not a bad way to make a living. Years ago, when we were first married and right out of BYU, Mark was recuited by Amoco Canada, where he worked for 5 years. The job was in Drayton Valley, which is here in Alberta just west of Edmonton. Bob worked for Amoco too and the 4 of us soon became friends. Deanna and I worked in YW together and I even babysat her kids when she went back to work. Bob and Deanna also taught us how to play cribbage. Yep, those were the days long long ago. Bob and Deanna happen to live in Cardston now and have a couple of contracts here is town. We offered to help them out sometime if they ever wanted to get away and they took us up on our offer. It has been a fun couple of weeks.

Mark and I split the jobs. I vacuumed and emptied garbage cans which was easy breezy!
Neal is in the Fish and Wildlife office. Is it obvious?
Neal and Michelle have come to help a few times. Michelle thinks this would be the perfect job for a student, high school or college. Neal loves to be busy so what is a little cleaning?
I have saved the best for last. Guess what Marks job was? Sweeping, mopping and BATHROOMS!


Jan said...

We did that too - when we lived in Boise some years ago. I actually quite enjoyed it!

Ashley Dawn said...

hahaha, I LOVE cleaning big buildings - I just hate the bathrooms. Without fail, when I'm doing church or temple cleaning, I'm put in the bathrooms. I guess I need to start changing my attitude.

USAUS said...

You would have to be Mrs. Janitor Canada - no one could look more glam with trash bags and broom!

Audrey said...

I think that is great!! Kevin had his own cleaning company in High School and cleaned country clubs. Very cool you guys!

Side Note: Lizzie was just so thrilled to show us all her "flat stanley" things at the school open house last week. They each made a poster for their locations and I took her pic by it. Too cute!