Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mark + Marilee

Twenty Eight years ago today we said, "yes" and I still draw hearts with Mark + Marilee inside. How about that?

Monday, June 22, 2009


It was a crazy week for animal viewing around here and let me tell you they were everywhere.

For Family Home Evening last week Michelle wanted to find baby frogs so off we went to the homestead. Neal and Michelle found a few froggies and odd pond creatures but you should see what Mark almost drove over and stepped on when he got out of the truck!

He stepped out of his truck and a duck flew away right at his feet. He didn't think anything of it at first but as he looked around he saw a whole nest of duck eggs. 10 of them. The nest is in a hole and the grass just grows around it so it is hidden from all the world. It's a good thing the guy renting the pasture is waiting to put his cattle in there. Lucky Duck!

Then of course these are the usual animals you see from time to time. This deer though, was in our backyard and it's a good thing the garden isn't producing much these cool rainy days. The mountain sheep are in Waterton all the time along with more deer. They just roam the village.

Lou Lou and I were driving to Red Rock Canyon a few days ago and you always always see/pass cars parked on the side looking at something. It is usually a bear wayyyyy up there but we decided to stop for fun and boy were we surprised! The brown bear was on our left and the baby cub on our right. I rolled down my window, sat up on the window ledge and click click click. It was crazy!

Does this guy even realize he has his back turned to a bear, let alone a momma bear with a cub near by? Some people!

I'm pretty sure this is a brown bear because grizzlies have a bump at their shoulders.

Is this not the cutest thing? A little black bear cub with no mamma in sight.

Lou Lou and I hiked up to Bertha Falls the other day for fun. It was only 3 miles or so round trip which really isn't much at all, but if you go past Bertha Falls to the lake it is longer and steeper and worth the climb. I did this hike last year with the upper grade kids at Neal's school and wished the whole time Mark was with me. The lake itself is not very big, but it is at the top of a mountain and very picturesque. If you go at the right time you can pick wild huckleberries. This year we are going to do it!

Anyways, at the falls we decided to take some fun pictures. Twin pictures I guess you could say.

Which is which, can you tell? Actually, don't answer that, it is fairly obvious!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More of Michelle's Graduation Festivities

They do things a bit different here. "Grad" is a combination of graduating, the graduation party, and the prom. When you say "grad" you are talking about the whole package deal. The graduation ceremony is one day, the grad banquet and dance and all night party are the following evening.

This would be Lou Lou, not me. Just so you know.

Julia came to visit last summer and met a few of Michelle's friends so it wasn't so odd that Julia would go to grad with one of them. Rawley didn't have a date and Julia sort of missed out on the traditional graduation activities at her high school since she attended Moorpark Community College this last year.

This was taken at the dance. Tayt and Scott. Such nice nice boys! See the sign to the side? That would be the "grad theme". Michelle was on the planning committee and asked me one day if I had any ideas for the theme. It took me back to when Laurel graduated and that one song, "The rest is still unwritten", by the Bettingfield girl. She took that idea to the group and low and behold they voted on it. Funny.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Michelle's Graduation!

Last night was Michelle's high school graduation. Four down with one to go!
They have Rutherford Scholarships for students who achieve honor grades in their core classes and Michelle was awarded $1000.00 to go towards her schooling. She also was given an award and $100.00 for her achievement in a food studies class. She loves to cook so this was a great award for her.
Don't bother counting , we already did and there are 110 students.

Look who showed up. Laurel and Julia. Julia drove up from Provo and caught a ride with Laurel. Michelle was overjoyed to have her sister and her best friend there.

And of course I continued the tradition of making leis. A graduation with no leis is like, I don't know, candy with no sugar? It's just not right. Michelle has some really good friends. Tayt Low, Avery Leavitt, and Scott Anderson.

Where else do you hang a lei?