Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The time has finally come!
We are doing an acrylic stucco which is nicer than cement because it doesn't tend to crack, is less water permeable, and there are more color choices.

The guys showed up Monday morning and they finished up yesterday, with the scratch coat that is. Roy brought out both of his crews so we could get this finished quickly.(we secretly thinks he is tired of driving past our house and seeing the foam block. It's only been hovering over the hamlet of leavitt for two years now). We let this first coat dry for a few days and then the finish coat with the color will be applied. While it is drying we are starting the rock work in the front.

This is before the scratch coat was applied as you can see the huge difference below.

See? What a difference 2 days and 10 guys can make.

Um, this is the front of the house. Those silly wooden boards that you see are there to hold up the overhang until we are ready to put in the beams and rock work. If you look closely you can see three cement piles where the beams will be.

The lighting isn't the best, but you can see the two different colors of stucco. The lighter color will be where the rock will be and the darker color will be the stucco color.

Can I just tell you how great this is? It's like a Hollywood success story. Work real hard for a good long time and then you become an overnight success!


Kari said...

WOW!! Beautiful, Beautiful!!! I do love rock work on the front of houses...can't wait to see THAT.

But the whole front elevation, and the variety and angles in the shape of the house...fantastic. (I don't know how you've done it for TWO WHOLE YEARS. 6 months with the kitchen/bathroom just about did me in.) What a great payoff for you!

Jan said...

Your house is beautiful!! You must be totally jazzed about it.

Marilou said...

I actually really like the green scratch coat color. But I know the tan color will be really nice too!
It's coming right along lee lee!!

kelseyp said...

That looks sooooo good!

Ashley Dawn said...

WOW!! I LOVE your house. It just looks incredible. Well done!

USAUS said...

Can't wait to see your "Taj Mahal" completed - what a journey of patience and endurance for you - but like all great things in life - it is worth the wait! It is looking just fabulous!

See you in a week!

Audrey said...

Very very cool! I love all the windows in the back of your house. Very smart planning with the views you get. Especially like the one on your blog header. Very nice.