Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Logan Pass

Last week we decided to take a day and spend it as a family before the kids started going in different directions. A quick update on them:

Clark has been here since the end of July after finishing up spring and summer terms and is off to study at the BYU Jerusalem Center fall semester. He will then head back to BYU-H.

Brad has been in Virginia selling pest control and will be returning to BYU where he was excepted into the business program there. Yea Brad!

Laurel took another semester of school this summer and then was in Calgary for EFY as a counselor for both sessions. She is finishing up her last year at BYU-I with a degree in Art Education and a minor in Art History.

Michelle will be living in Provo and commuting to SLC to attend the Salt Lake Center and then transfer to BYU as soon as she can. Right now she is with Brad on a road trip from Virginia. She flew out to DC and they will be hitting the church sights on their way back to Provo.

Neal has had a great summer break doing all things he likes-helping the neighbors, playing with friends, fishing, and helping his neighbors. I'm telling you that boy gets around! He will be starting 8th grade......time flies!

We decided to take a drive on Logan Pass which is just over the border into Glacier Park. It was a perfect day temperature wise and alot of fun. It is still amazing to me that we live such a short distance (an hour) to such beautiful places. Why would I want to move back to California? It is so nice to be content.

I know this looks like a skinny white bear, but it is a mountain goat.

Glacier Park has these neat tour busses that take you around the area.

Clark and Laurel standing on a trail ledge! My kids are growing up, whats up with that?

Clarks cool camera lens!!!

Just a crazy photo op!

This photo was taken looking up at the shear wall.

La Dee Da!!!

Crazy Laurel!

Did you notice the latest family picture? Look at the cars in the parking lot. Our Acura is on the left and our little red truck is on the right. Nope, we didn't plan it, it just happened!


USAUS said...

You sure got a beautiful clear day! So glad you got to enjoy this precious time with kids. David has proclaimed Glacier as THE mother of all parks! Logan Pass is amazing!

Jan said...

I tend to forget how beautiful it is there and only remember how doggone cold it gets in the winter. It's a lovely area - -and I am so lucky that I worked 2 summers in Waterton/Glacier and was able to see so much of it.

Kari said...

Beautiful, beautiful area! And I love Laurel's hair long like that. I bet the EFY kids loved her.

Audrey said...

WOW!! Absolutely beautiful photos. Even that cute white bear. :) Neal is in 8th grade??? He sure looks like a local in those mountainy places. What a great trip, & congrats to all your kids on their pursuits!

Jolyn said...

looks like a great day...can't believe you only have neal at home!

Michelle said...

Wow mom, You've really outdone yourself! That was a fun post to see since I haven't seen those pictures yet...Which reminds me! I never showed you my pictures from the road trip. What's up with that? Looks like you guys are going to have to make another little visit to provo! Love you mommy!

name: Laurel said...

1) my minor is history ed. :)
2) i can't believe you put that picture up, you know which one i'm talking about!
3) i want to see your pictures michelle!!!
4) i think it's time for another immediate family reunion?
5)you should figure out a way to send me all of the pictures from the two weeks i was there this summer.

Cher said...

So that's what we were missing! When we drove home through Logan Pass is was so COLD and FOGGY that we couldn't see 5 feet in front of us. We missed the thing but still thought the rest of GNP was so beautiful. We're coming back that way!