Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Neal is 14

Saturday, September 12, 2009


The weather here has finally smartened up around here and the whole week is suppose to be really nice. Hope the weather man is right. Karen, Mark's sister, is having a birthday tomorrow so she wanted a little get together in Waterton Park today. Cameron Lake was perfect for canoing!

This was taken at the head of the lake which I think is in the U.S. Feel free to correct me if that is not true.

Nice! Isn't Mark funny?

From the dock to the other side is about 1 1/2 miles. The water was calm with a slight breeze, perfect!

This is taken as we headed back to the shore.

Gary, Pam, Kelly, Karen, me and Mark.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Trip to Provo

Last week Mark, Neal and I drove to Provo to drop off Michelle's things for school. Michelle had flown out to DC a week prior to drive back to Provo with Brad while stopping at church sites along the way. They stopped for a night in Ohio and stayed with the Mitchells who used to be in our ward in California. (thank you Terry and Cheryl for letting them stay with you, they had a GREAT time and said you guys are SO fun!)Michelle and Brad had a great time driving together with stories to tell which makes for fun memories. Road trips are fun. Laurel also just returned from a road trip as well, with her roomates to the west coast from Seattle to Oregon to the Redwood forest and San Fransisco where they were able to get super great seats to Wicked for 25 bucks! Lucky ducks!

We love to hear Laurel sing so before she took off for the fall we had her do a mini concert for us at Grandma Cahoon's house. Pam, Mark's sister is always to willing to play the piano for us. It is nice to have a piano player in the family to call on.

While in Provo we stayed at Jamie and Rob's home (Pam's daughter) which was nice. They live right off of 9th east so it was close to everything. One morning Jamie put on her second annual "cousins breakfast" which was fun. She made crepes with all the fixings. The gathering was small this year as there could be close to 30 or so or more or less. Lots of them anyway.

Move in day for Michelle.

Her apartment is on 300 North, away from the hustle and bustle of BYU which is a little farther than we intended,but she has nice roomates(who are a bit older)and the apartment is not too shabby. She has her own room and shares with one other girl.

I think Michelle is going to miss me and I'll miss her too. Little Michelle in college? I still can hardly believe it.